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Love & Loathe — 04/08/10


* Feeling like I’ve aged about 10 years in the last 3 months.

* Feminine pads. I hate those things and much prefer my Diva cup. But the pads, well, they were a necessary evil for 3 weeks. Trusty old Diva couldn’t handle what was going on, plus I guess when you’re having a miscarriage you really aren’t supposed to be putting stuff up in there. I’m sooo glad I finally graduated to pantyliners. TMI? Sorry, much of my life is about crotch issues these days.

* Being cold. I will never understand why office buildings have to be so cold. When the forecast says it will be 85 degrees outside that day, I feel silly marching into work with a coat on, but I know if I don’t, I’ll be marching out with icicles on my nose.


* My pay check is now direct deposit. Woo hoo! I’ve long wondered why unemployment checks can’t be direct deposited? Maybe because then some people (me, me, me!!!) would never leave the house?

* Having an accountant. With all that’s gone on with me this year so far, I threw up my hands and had a meltdown over our taxes. So, we now have an accountant. If it was just me and my taxes, I’d be cool. But Tony’s situation is just way over my head and I’m glad we now have a specialist to handle it.

* My husband, who rigged up two of my favorite things (Lovey the Lavender Lamb and my cinnamon disk candy). The dude knows how to make me laugh. LOVEY, GET OUT OF MY CANDY!

* You guys. Every one of you.

One Last Thing:

My lap swimming is going … swimmingly. It feels so good to be swimming again, and that I can do so outside? A tiny slice of Heaven every night. Before I was put on activity restriction by my doctor in February, I swam laps non-stop for up to an hour every single day. To have that taken away cold turkey, no matter how good the reason for it, was especially difficult for me, because I use exercise as an emotional and hormonal stabilizer.

The other thing I use as an outlet is singing. For some reason, that one slips my mind until I’m inspired by someone. I mentioned how much I loved Pink’s song, Glitter in the Air, in last week’s Love & Loathe post. I suppose the reason I love this particular song so much, is to me, it’s a song about moments — the good and bad moments — and acknowledging that it’s BOTH kinds of moments that put a person where they are in their life.

Since I couldn’t get the song out of my head, I decided to download the accompaniment track and sing it myself. If you’ve a mind to, go ahead and have a listen. LINK

In the meantime, I’ll just keep swimming and singing…



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