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Love & Loathe — 04/01/10


* Fart fans in bathrooms. I hear our neighbor’s fart fan through the wall. The Farty McFarty’s they must be, because it runs a lot.

*Stanley Steemer trucks. Our other neighbors have them out once a month, it seems like. The thing is, once you have your carpets cleaned, you’ll always have to have your carpets cleaned. The spots will return in the same exact places forever.


* Glitter in the Air, sung by Pink. I watched her sing this at the Grammy’s and it yanked my heart out. I’d stayed away from her music for some odd reason, never even listened to her. But watching her that night, I re-evaluated my stance. Now I can’t get enough of her throaty, raspy, powerful voice. And I love the lyrics of this song… (link to YouTube video) I play it over and over again, to the point that Tony has started teasing me about it.

* Green bags. I still love them, they still work great for preserving veggies, bananas, etc. But, I have found that they don’t work so well for “wet” veggies, like tomatoes or cucumbers. Also, my love for them was validated by an article in Reader’s Digest about them. Nothing validates a person more than Reader’s Digest, right?

* The irony of having received five calls on my resume in the last two weeks, one from a resume submission I made last November — FIVE MONTHS AGO. Where were all these jobs when I needed them then?

* I found some newspapers from 2005 under my filing cabinet at work. I love old news… one article highlighted a developer who was building high rise towers off the freeway I travel every day, with the byline of “the economy is so booming, they expect to sell out in a matter of days.” Fascinating, given the state of things today.

* Oh, Disneyland, with your magical candy concoctions, how I love thee. At two inches thick, I don’t know how anyone else gets the first bite into one of those things, but I used a hammer and a knife.

* My Easter egg fingernails.

* Easter goodies at Walmart.

*My car passed its smog test tonight. This is a good thing.

One Last Thing:

Last night, Tony and I went for a walk around our neighborhood. We’ve been doing this walking thing when I can’t swim due to “lady problems.” Usually, we hold hands as we pace along together. It’s a nice time to reconnect with each other after having been apart all day.

So last night, we had a couple silly conversations (which I tried to recapture and deleted because they weren’t as funny as having been there), and suddenly we found ourselves skipping together, and giggling like two goofy kids, down the long stretch of sidewalk alongside a very busy street. The more we skipped, the louder our guffaws became. We found ourselves laughing so hard while exerting ourselves, we were having trouble catching our breath.

There were some teenagers on the other side of the street, a 4-lane street, who noticed us two very tall adults skipping, and they started singing loudly at us, “Skip, skip, skip to my Lou, my darling!” And then Tony started singing it back at them, just as loudly.

It was funny. A funny reminder to me to never forget that laughter is good for me, and that as adults, we don’t skip nearly as often as we should. Skip, skip, skip to my Lou, my darling.

Happy Easter.


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