Ownership of Human.

On Thursday night, we were relaxing and watching a movie or something. Maybe a Lakers game. Tony looked over at me and rolled his eyes and started laughing. Not at me, but at what was stretched on the lower half of me.

Look for yourself.

Have you ever seen anything so ridiculous?

LOOK at that, from my hips to my ankles, Tug is like a 30″ long heated blanket.

Relaxed or just really happy, or both. That cat spent all day trying to get on my lap. Meowing when I dared to get up and walk around or *gasp* leave the house to run errands. Oh my!

Here’s a closer view… look at that paw of his, all stretched out.

Right now, this moment, he’s on my lap with his head awkwardly perched in the crook of my elbow while I’m typing. Dude’s got some serious possessiveness going on these days. He’s gonna freak when I go back to work.

Speaking of which, my six months of unemployment pay is running out in a couple weeks. I can’t believe it’s been six months since my position was eliminated. That boggles my mind. I’m guessing there’s some sort of extension or something that I can get, since I can’t seem to get a job? I mean, hell, I had a half price sale on me and I still didn’t land the job. Sheez. I can’t seem to find anything about how to apply for the extension on California’s EDD website and everything in the news about unemployment is all about the extended benefits for the 1.2 million who are unemployed that is running out this weekend. Which I don’t think applies to me, not yet anyway.

That’s been the worry gnawing on my mind for the last couple of days, and Tug’s been doing his very best to squash it with all of his warm fur and neediness and charm me into staying home with him.



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20 responses to “Ownership of Human.

  1. grrrace

    30″? your legs are 30″ long?! jeez. hehe.

    i thought i’d heard that there are 99 weeks of unemployment now or something like that… i don’t know how to go about getting it, though… 😦

    • 34″, actually, but the way he was stretched out made him about 30″ long, I’m estimating. 🙂

      Hmph. The last time I tried to call EDD, I spent all day trying to reach them. All their lines were busy and their phone system hung up on me. I never did get through. Given that 1.2 million people’s benefits run out this weekend, I’m thinking Monday or Tuesday might not be the best time to give them a call. Ugh.

  2. charmed

    That’s what it is he doesn’t want you to ever leave again. lol YOu are his personal pillow top chair lol

    • He was really bugging me that day. I was doing my fish tank changes and he kept getting in the way, or trailing me while meowing loudly, while I was hauling water around. I think I yelled at him about 10 times to GET OUT OF THE WAY or SHUT UP!! When he finally claimed my lap, he settled in and sighed so loudly all the breath left his body.

  3. What a happy cat! That was Jake’s favorite way to lay.

  4. stacey

    i know my neighbor was able to receive benefits for 18 months. that is how long it took him to find a job. i will ask him how he did it when i get a chance.

    • Ufff. 18 months, wow. I called EDD today and their recording said they will automatically enclose an extension request with my last check. Automatic is a good thing.

    • stacey

      yes 18 mos and he has 4 kids. it was very hard on their family. he did call all his utilities and bills and talk to them and everyone gave him big discounts while he was out of work. his wife did find a part time job too. i hope you find something soon!

    • It’s just amazing to me how people are managing to survive in these times. It’s such a struggle. Thank you for sharing your neighbor’s story with me.

  5. The two of you do look like you are having some serious concentration time.

    • Well, HE was. I let him lay there a bit longer, then I got up and left him on the cat flap (the leg support). He wasn’t to thrilled with the empty chair.

  6. Dang, that’s a big cat! Our cat used to meow at Ellen to get in the chair so she could lie on her lap. Now the dog hops up there when he’s lonely.

    I feel for you on the work situation. I’ve been there and it’s not fun. Keep at it, I’m sure you’ll find the right thing soon.

    • He is a Texan cat, they grow them big there, ya know. 🙂

      Man, the thing is, I just can’t seem to CLOSE the deal on employment. It’s frustrating for me. I must have closed the deal before, I’ve worked before and the night I got home from my last day at my last job, I felt like I could handle or do any job someone wanted to throw at me. Now my confidence is suffering and I hate that!

  7. tony

    Tuggy is very funny. He always wants your lap. NANANANA
    love you

  8. grrrace

    34! You are all leg! hehe. I don’t even know how long (or, should I say ‘stumpy’) my legs are. hehe.

    • I knoooow. I’m normal sized from waist to shoulder and then elongated from hip to ankle.

      Stumpy… hehehehe … you don’t buy your pants by their inseam length? That’s how I have to buy mine.

  9. Those are the Sweetest Pictures!! I love that Tug is so connected to you….And I bet he is very very comforting…!
    So sorry you are having all these worry’s about a job and the benefits running out. Obciously, Tug is sorry too….!

    • He is incredibly connected to me. It’s very sweet, but can be annoying when I have things to get done! 🙂

      Thank you for always saying (writing?) the sweetest things. xo