Where’d It Go?

The weekend went way too fast, but don’t they always?

Our mini trip to the mountains went smoothly. We even had a dusting of fresh snow when we woke up Saturday morning. It looked so nice and pretty and fresh, because it covered all the dirty snow. Like a fresh coat of makeup, though it wore off when the sun came up.

Fresh snow…

We had breakfast at our favorite restaurant up there. Funny thing, that. One of the waitresses had seen us in one of the stores up there last November. At the time, I had been looking for dark chocolate covered marshmallow candy in the clearance bin from Halloween. She remembered that incident and found some dark chocolate covered marshmallow candy on clearance from Valentine’s Day and bought it for me the previous weekend, thinking we’d be up there. Well, we weren’t and sadly, the candy didn’t make it through the week, but it made for a pretty funny story.

Ohhh, also, the waitress shared about her trip down the mountain to some sort of gag store where she picked up The Freeloader. What’s The Freeloader, you ask? It’s an expandable fork. How hilarious is this?


Expanded… looks pretty handy, doesn’t it?

Sunday was church, and then went to pick up the husband’s parents at LAX. They were full of stories about their Habitat build and, also interesting, that it had been mid-summer (hot!!) where they had been (New Zealand). Coming back to California, with our rainy weekend, was quite a bit cooler than where they’d just been.

Field of flowers by the in-law’s house…

View on the way home. That shiny ribbon on the horizon? Ocean. Not always visible from this far away.

We had movie night last night and watched a marathon of Ice Age movies. Someone tried microwaving some expired popcorn and the house hasn’t smelled the same since.

Like I said, the weekend went by way too fast.



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20 responses to “Where’d It Go?

  1. grrrace

    I think I need that fork!

    The weekend DID go by too fast… xoxo

    • Of course you need that fork. It should also be engraved with your name! hehehe

      I cannot believe how fast the weekend went. Oh, hey, I just realized I still suffer from my Sunday Night Insomnia affliction. Last night, sleep sucked. heh Here I thought it was a job related affliction, guess not.

  2. Caryl

    Wasn’t me! The popcorn smell, I mean.
    I just do broccoli or garlic. Well, love onions too, but so do you.

    Lucky in-laws. When I was in NZ, they were having a cold, rainy summer.
    Love you,

  3. Redfred

    Popcorn expires ? I thought it was like roaches, the only thing that will survive a nuke!

  4. I always wondered if there was any truth to expiration dates …

    • Yeah, I recently read an article about expiration dates being kind of a non-issue thing, as long as food is stored properly, etc. However, I think anything that’s 4 years past the exp. date may either taste funny or not pop properly.

  5. tony

    We need longer weekends and more like what we had. love you sweetie pie, I’m sorry about the popcorn smell, nanananana

  6. ok, i would like to go down the road from our place and reach palm trees, and warm temps … πŸ™‚

    glad you guys had a restful weekend!!!!!

  7. I need me one of those forks! It would be handy for my parent’s place around the holidays. the table is so long!

    • That fork cracked me up. Someone else in the restaurant thought it was a back scratcher, she was all, “Oh no, it’s much more useful than that!”

  8. Four years expired? Probably means you have been living in that place too long, time to sell and throw away all the food and start anew. Or you could just go through the pantry and toss the expired stuff.

    • Actually, now that I think about it, Tony may have brought it with him when he moved in back in November of 2005. It was this big tub of microwave popcorn that you can buy at Blockbuster, you know? heh Funny you should say that about the pantry, I told Tony there was this chocolate that isn’t really my style and I was gonna discard it. He goes, “Hmmmm, maybe I’ll eat it.” He put it in the pantry. I responded with, “Oh, so in two years I’ll go through the pantry and throw it away at that time then?” He laughed and said, “Probably.” πŸ™„

  9. py

    The next weekend is here soon.

  10. daydreambetty

    I want that Freeloader. I have a feeling, though, that if you and I both had it, we’d be locked in a fierce fork fight and we both know that I’d win (cause I fight dirty). And we wouldn’t want that to happen, right? πŸ˜‰