Love & Loathe – 072109

* Working in an air conditioned office. It’s crazy how hot it’s been, I feel like a sissy complaining about it since I know you Texans and Okies have it much hotter.
* Visiting my friend at lunch because she’s so close.
* S’mores.
* Playing in the surf at the beach.
* Time with family.
* Having a husband to whom I can tell anything, laugh with and who accepts me, imperfections and all.

* The battery in my watch needs to be replaced. This is going to be an expensive project since I can’t do it myself.
* California’s deficit. Hoping we won’t get reamed, but knowing we will. We got notices in the mail that our homes have, again, gone down in value. Now they want to raise the taxes on our lower valued homes. Nice.
* Everyone in the office has been infected with something. They’re all full of phlegm — feverish, coughing, snorting and clearing their throats. The hell? I leave for a week and the plague hits? I wanna go back on vacation!
* While I was on vacation Someone in Authority moved the plant that’s been my joy at work for over three years out of my area. (sigh) It’s their plant, but still… Tony’s response to that was, “That’s just stupid.” I agree.

One Last Thing:
I love both of my dad’s sisters dearly. It’s a long story, but in a nutshell, there was a period of about 15 years that I didn’t see my Aunt Marjorie and about 25 years that I didn’t see my Aunt Donis. Now, I try to get back to see them when I can and when airfare isn’t prohibitively expensive. They’re getting on in years and I treasure every moment I have with them, in person, or even on the phone, e-mail or letters.

Aunt Donis had surgery a couple years ago to remove lung cancer and she appears to be doing well, but it’s always something the doctors monitor and are concerned about. I’ve been a little more distracted than usual because, I learned last week that my Aunt Marjorie has breast cancer. I don’t even know that I should be sharing that on here, I hope I’m not crossing a boundary by doing so, but … I don’t know, I just think that any prayers or positive thoughts you could send would be helpful and appreciated.

There’s a lot going on in my Real Life these days, so please be understanding if I’m not as present in my Virtual Life.



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10 responses to “Love & Loathe – 072109

  1. Your Real Life sounds pretty good–you love a lot of people, and a lot of people love you. That is a blessing, even though we eventually have to deal with the pain that comes with loving people.

    I will pray for your Aunt Marjorie, and for you!

    Thanks for the prayers, really appreciate it. *muwahh*

    ~Jammie J.

  2. grrrace

    i’ve been complaining about the heat, too. hehe.

    yay! i’m so glad you work SO close. πŸ™‚

    stay healthy!!!

    and best of luck to your aunts… wishing them good health. πŸ™‚

    What is with this heat? Ick. I know I say this every year, but really, ICK!
    I love that we’re so near to each other. It’s wonderful to just go and visit you so easily!
    Thanks for the healthy thoughts. So very appreciated.
    ~Jammie J.

  3. You should move here. We’re on a pace for the coldest July ever (averaging 64.1 degrees). I also have difficulty believing you have imperfections.

    Look around about the battery. There’s a jewelry store here that will change your watch battery for about $8 including installation. I can’t imagine there’s not places there with similar prices.

    Definately will be saying some prayers for your Aunt.

    64 degrees? That’s winter weather… brrr! hehe

    Awww, rather than bore you with the list of imperfections that abound, I’ll just say “thanks” and grin.

    Appreciate the tip and can-do attitude re: the watch, but it’s a Swiss watch and is sealed and waterproofed. I’d hate to mess anything up in there.

    Thanks for the prayers for my family… they mean the world to me.

    ~Jammie J.

  4. tony

    I love you too sweetie pie…XXOXOXXOO


    ~Jammie J.

  5. tony



    Hey, look, our skinny grins are back!

    ~Jammie J.

  6. Beth

    I hate having the batteries on my watch replaced as well. I would much rather buy a new one. I buy cheap watches, and besides, it gives me a good excuse to accessorize! πŸ™‚

    I’ll be praying for your aunts. Seems like I’ve been praying for a lot of people these days.

    Watch batteries… eesh. Thing is, this watch is one of the items that I traded the wedding set from my first marriage for, so it’s quite expensive. 😯 It was my way of “symbolizing time passed since I gained my freedom.” hehe

    Really appreciate the prayers. xo

    ~Jammie J.

  7. I understand, my dear…And not to worry….come around when you can.,….Sorry to read about your Aunt having Breast Cancer….I send positive thoughts and prayers her way, and to your other Aunt, as well…..
    It seems like this Heat is very very peculiar and HOTTER than it used to be….It is oppressive, beyond words….It feels like whatever that protective layer that we used to have over the sun–IS NO MORE!

    Take good care of yourself, my dear…..Eat Chocolate!

    Hmmm, good advice… I think I shall eat some chocolate! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the understanding and prayers for my aunts…

    ~Jammie J.

  8. so sorry to hear about Aunt Marjorie. My aunt is a survivor of breast cancer so keep the faith!

    I will… thanks for the encouragement. My aunt is keeping a positive attitude, too, so that’s a good part of the battle, I think. These women on my father’s side, they’re fighters.

    ~Jammie J.

  9. Put on your best cool outfit and the very best jewelry you have (and don’t take Tony) and go to a jewelry store about your watch battery. Flash your jewelry and fling that great hair around a bit. They will think you may be a future customer and give you a great deal on the watch battery replacement.

    I hope things start going better for you. You deserve it. You know, after all these years, I think that’s the first time you ever mentioned the beach. And that’s kinda odd considering where you live. Hmmm.

    Best cool outfit and best smile and hair flinging. Got it! πŸ™‚

    We live inland quite a bit from the beach, so it’s a bit of a drive and the traffic is horrendous. We go, just maybe once or twice a year is all. πŸ™‚

    ~Jammie J.

  10. I’m here if you need to talk…

    I know…

    ~Jammie J.