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Weekend Already? Really?

It’s been a good week. Idyllic, even. I took some vacation time this week to hang out with my mom and make sure that her needs were met. We’ve been going swimming every morning, it’s been hot during the days but at that time of the morning, the temperature is just perfect for a swim outdoors.

My mom and I hung out at home today, she worked on paperwork and I got through the stack of paperwork that I’ve been ignoring for who knows how long. I’m pleased with myself for that. Between that and the hour long nap I took, the other thing I managed to do was upload pictures from our jaunt in San Francisco, which can be found here: LINK

I made some more of my ACV rinse (apple cider vinegar, aloe vera & a stalk of rosemary) this afternoon and left the bottles sitting on the kitchen counter — they’re really kind of pretty. Tony saw them tonight and commented that there’s a plant growing in my bottles. For some reason that made me laugh.

We had dinner tonight with Grace and her family. When Tony and I got married nearly four years ago, Grace and her husband were a special part of our wedding. Her husband photographed the event and Grace was, for all intents and purposes, informally my Maid of Honor. Or technically Matron of Honor, I suppose. My mom wasn’t able to attend our wedding in person, so she attended via telephone and Grace was the one who held the phone during the ceremony. Tonight was the first time my mom and my friend were finally able to meet each other.

I took my mom over to the train station yesterday so she could go visit my brother. Watching that train leave with her on it made me terribly sad, even though I knew she’d be back in just a few hours. So I went to the grocery store and bought her some fig newtons — I know she loves those things. It made me feel better and they made her happy later that night.

On Wednesday, Tony’s mom took my mom shopping — I think it’s very cool that our mommies get along so well that they can spend a day shopping together. I’m guessing they could probably spend a lot of time together and not even notice that it was passing so quickly. During that time, since I wasn’t needed at home, I went into work for four hours. That night, we met some longtime family friends in Downtown Disney for dinner. It made for a long day for us, an even longer day for them (they drove up from San Diego county to meet up with us), but it was so worth it and we all enjoyed it.

My mom even got to meet my Fish Whisperer — in a surprise visit, he stopped by to drop off some spirulina (fish food) and pick up some tank dividers that I’m no longer using. She’s heard so much about him and he saved her grandfish, it seemed pretty cool that she got to meet him.

Our little birdy loves having someone here all day. She chirps and chatters away to express her happiness. Snug has been creeping out and actually let my mom pet him today, I think, which is really sweet. We had a hummingbird sitting on our string of lights in the back yard for six or seven hours today. At one point, I even opened the slider door to get a better picture and the hummingbird just looked at me and didn’t even care. My mom worried that maybe the hummingbird is sick, do hummingbirds normally perch somewhere for that long? I hope so, because I don’t want to find a dead hummer in one of my plants back there.

We have family time tomorrow, Sunday I take my mom to the airport and then more family time Sunday afternoon. For once, I wish this week could be replayed, or at the very least I wish I could just press the pause button on time for a few more days.

I wish you all a Happy Weekend!



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