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Love & Loathe — 07-07-09


*Wasabi peas.

*Rice snack mix… I knew it was gonna be good when the cashier checked me out and muttered under her breath, “Oh, this is good.” Like my purchase just reminded her exactly how good it was and on her next break she probably bought her own bag.

* Search engine results. I’m gonna have to do another post on it. June’s were hairlairious!

* The views from the new office. Also, that my car is parked in the shade all day, no more sun aging and no more stupid window flyers. (I’m trying, here, folks!)

* I am so, so, sooo glad that I didnt’t have to go to Los Angeles for any reason today.


* The work week before vacation.

* Commuting in traffic on freeways. Why are they called freeways when you’re clearly NOT free to move.

One Last Thing:
I was thinking recently, as I bought a huge 18 pack of toilet paper at Target for cheap, how there used to be various colors of TP available for purchase. Anyone else remember toilet paper in blue or pink? It’s been a few years, I guess, and it just quietly stopped showing up in the stores, so I hardly even noticed. I remember someone saying a few years ago that they never buy dyed toilet paper because of where it’s used…

I suppose, if it were really important to me, I could probably buy it somewhere on the Internet… but, well, why spend extra money for something you’re just going to flush down the drain?



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