Movie Time!

Movie time! Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Also, they left me alone with the popcorn…

(I would share this on FB, but I am still disabled.)


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Romance month

The Husband and the Child decorated the house for Valentines. I tease them and call it Nonsense, but I really do think it’s so sweet. Even the shrub in the front yard got in the spirit and bloomed just in time. A little romance never hurt anyone. 🙂

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Cat Car!

Yesterday morning, the Husband notified me that two of our cats had managed to crawl into my mom’s car parked in the garage through the window that had been left open just enough.

In my head, I’m imagining Sunset going first through the window, getting stuck because his belly is so big, and then Figaro booping him in as a favor. No good deed goes unpunished, of course, so Figaro would have fallen into the car after him. Haha. I really have no idea how they both decided it would be a good idea for both of them to go in there. But by the time I went out there, they were done with their imaginary ride.

Bless the Husband, though, for knowing I would like to get a video to memorialize their debacle!

Note: No cats were harmed and I let them out moments after the video ended.

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Found: Yogurtland

One of our favorite places! There is one being built a little more near to our home and I’m very excited!! Right now they have a strawberries and cream flavor that is amazing!

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Figaro’s House

Figaro moved his house to the middle of the kitchen today. Made quite the ruckus doing it, too. After he was done, I went over to inspect his work. Then, he came out to inspect what I was doing. 🤣

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What did YOU learn today?

Every night, the Husband asks the Child what he learned that day in school. The Child’s response is usually stilted and not very forthcoming. He would rather not talk about his school day… it’s just not his favorite.

Yesterday, though, the Child excitedly went and got one of his schoolbooks and proceeded to read his father a paragraph from it. Because he learned about the bowels. And poop.

My people, we have almost attained 12 year old boy status over here…

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It’s been 2 weeks since Facebook disabled me…

14 days since you saw me there… or something like that. Facebook disabled my account. No warning. They say they need an Identification. Which I provided to them. Once, twice, thrice… more than that, actually. Multiple IDs, multiple times. All of them rejected.

I’ve read their criteria completely and followed their instructions precisely.  I’m stuck in automated system hell.  Submit ID, receive acknowledgment screen, receive rejection email (none of them are all that well worded, by the way), rinse, repeat.  I even used Facebook’s chat feature, and they refer me back to the FAQs.  Not helpful at all.

If I was trying to be anonymous, that cover is blown by now. None of my IDs are good enough for them. I mean, I can travel the world with one of the IDs, I can get into theme parks, check out books from the library and drive a car.

But I cannot login to Facebook.

I supposedly have 17 more days to find some sort of ID that will be accepted by their automated system. But realistically, I think the 15 years of my life I’ve memorialized on Facebook is gone.

I didn’t lose any pictures, but those little stories… the one or two liners that made me laugh that I posted on the fly? Those things… gone. All the interactions with my friends… gone.  A lot of my friends and family use Facebook, but not any other social media platform, which is also a bummer.

Moral of the story: Don’t be lazy like me. If your memories mean anything to you, back your posts up. If your friend list and their contact information is important to you, back that up, too.  Facebook can, and will, yank your stuff right out from under you with no recourse.

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Made it home

Flying in, i swear I could feel the cold through the walls of the plane. I could see that the roadways were white in the glow of the street lights. This morning, our lawn glinted like a million diamonds had been dumped in our front yard. Icy. Beautiful. Cold.

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay – birds

When your airline cancels your flight home due to weather, and you can’t leave for 2 more days, it’s best to go to Busch Gardens and feed the birds.

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

When your airline cancels your flight home due to weather, and you can’t leave for 2 more days, it’s best to go to Busch Gardens and ride some coasters.

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