Southfork Ranch

It was a beautiful day, one of the best days! We caravanned eastward with some friends and spent the day at Southfork Ranch. Famous for being the place where portions of the show “Dallas” was filmed. There was a gun show going on in the event center there, so we walked through and checked it all out. I ended up buying jalapeño almond toffee… at the gun show. 😂 So me!

Then we took the tour of Southfork Ranch. We had a great tour guide and a wonderful docent. Such interesting stories about the place. If you want to drop $2k, you can spend the night in the mansion. I was surprised to find out a couple years ago that the ranch was actually not all that far from us. I especially loved their miniature donkeys and miniature horses. I know I said it already, but what a beautiful day!


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