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Letter to our 4 Year 3 Month Old

Dear William,

On March 8, 2016, you turned 51 months old.  You are 45″ tall and weigh 49 pounds (as of 3/14/16). You had a smidge of a growth spurt this past month at some point.

Things We Did This Month:

02/13 – Mountain Cabin
2/20 – bought you some rollerblades; turned a hand-me-down bicycle into a balance bike; let you clean my car

Recurring things: Aerial Arts Class; Awanas; Ice Skating Class; Various Library Story & Crafts

Monthly Interview of Favorite Things:
Color: Brown and red!
Song: Goliath fell down
Movie: Snow White
Food: Meat and red potatoes… and hot sauce. But pretend hot sauce. And what else?
Snack: Crackers, cheese, cheerios… umm, vitamins. Umm, stretchy candy.
Dessert: Mint & chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies!
Fruit: Grapes!
Vegetable: Broccoli and carrots
Class: MyGym. Uh, no, swimming class. Uh, actually, nothing. No one. Nothing. (Said in Eeyore voice)
Me, OK, let’s take a break. A few minutes go by… OK, now, what’s your favorite class? William: Silks.
Teacher: Miss Robin
Store: Sprouts!!
Restaurant: Denny’s
Vacation spot: Big Bear
Toy: Fire truck!
Theme Park: Disneyland
Best Friend: Jesus!! (Has also said Ryan and Uncle Al are his best friends this month.)
Favorite thing to do with Mommy? Copying! Printing!
Favorite thing to do with Daddy? Go to Disneyland.
Favorite thing to do with Grandma? Go to stores.
Favorite Shirt: Catalina Islands shirt.
Favorite Story Book: Pinocchio
Anything else? Ummmm, What’s my favorite fruit and my vegetable… grapes and broccoli, carrots… hey, I see a fish in there. It’s not a real fish. It’s just a little fish. It’s a… see? See in there? There it is, there it is right there. Is that a picture? I hope so. His tail’s not moving. Now you don’t see anything. Ruh roh, we can’t get that fish away… let me drink it. (All this was about a Smart Water bottle sitting in front of him.)


This past month there were a couple nights that you intentionally put yourself to sleep. You unlatched from nursing and asked to be put in bed.  You reached for the blanket, pulled it up over yourself and went to sleep. All by yourself.

Sometimes you do have trouble falling asleep, and you love to talk about what’s on your mind.  Usually, I’ll let you talk for 10 minutes or so before shushing you and telling you it’s time to turn off your brain.  Your thoughts are so sweet and so funny and I just love hearing what’s going on in your brain.  One night you were asking me what angels look like, what God looks like, and when you go to Heaven, will you get to meet Rachael and Noah and David, because they all seemed like nice people, you said.

Morning Conversations:

“What do you want to do today?” I asked. You replied, “I want to own a cow.  We can keep it in the living room.”  “What will you feed it?” I asked.  “Food.” You answered.  “I don’t think we can keep a cow in our living room.  It’s too big.”  You answered, “We can keep it in our back yard then.”  “Hmmm, well, cows like to eat grass.  We don’t have any grass in our back yard.”  You replied, “We can keep it at the park.”  You were pretty sad when I told you we would have to visit your cousin’s cows, that we couldn’t have our own cow.


Aerial Arts:

All of a sudden you decided that you didn’t like this class and didn’t want to participate. You spent 3/4 of the class bawling and flopping down on the mat, saying “I can’t do this!” and then when the teacher moved to the next activity, you bawled some more because you missed your turn. At my wits end, after two or three classes of this behavior, I dropped the class and emailed your teacher to explain myself. Your teacher emailed me back and requested that I keep you in the class. She reworked her schedule and moved your class to Thursdays (instead of Mondays). She moved her other student to a different class, so you are her only student in that particular class for now. She said she would credit my account, which completely surprised me. She believes you are going through some sort of funk and that you will move through it within the next few weeks and will be back to your normal, happy self. I guess time will tell.

Ice Skating:

You LOVE your ice skating class. Your Grandma D. takes you and I arrive mid-class (due to my work schedule) and every time I arrive, you are happily participating in the activities of the class. You tell me anytime I ask you about it that you want to be an ice hockey player. You love watching the hockey players line up to get on the ice after your class, and you love to wave hello to them. But when they take the ice, you say you want to leave, because watching them on the ice makes you sad… because you wish you were out there.


I am just astonished how smoothly this new Awanas goes every week.  You just love it there & you do so well. You literally race inside to the sanctuary each week, and dance and sing your verses. Even when the Leader says she’s flustered and thinks she did poorly, she is actually doing a thousand times better than your old Awanas. Your “homework” is to hear the accompanying story out of your workbook and learn your Bible verse. This isn’t a problem, as you beg to watch the Cubbie Bear videos online every night. Your new teachers have dubbed your Pastor William because anytime prayers are requested, you verbosely begin praying and thanking God for things; mostly cake or cookies, and I imagine God smiling about that.

One night, after Awanas, your father asked what you had learned. You summed it up by saying, “Tonight’s lesson was on truth. The difference between truth and not truth.”

Always Learning:

Your Grandma D. tells me that time just goes by so quickly, she hardly knows how it gets to the end of the day.  She shared one morning’s adventures, that you two “flew” to Jerusalem together. Wearing your pajamas and using imagination, you started out at “mommy’s airport” (by my work) and flew to New York.  During your “layover” she told you that you better go potty before the long portion of your flight started, because airplane bathrooms are very small. You agreed that was a good idea, so during your “layover,” you used the restroom and changed into your day clothes, and then continued your “flight” to Jerusalem.

You: “There was an earthquake on the newspaper last night. It was in Taiwan. But everybody was OK. There was a rainstorm also, there was hail. Hail, water, soil. Sunshine. Sun. Little donuts…fell down from heaven.”  Your father looked at me and I said, “Uhh, maybe he means manna from the Old Testament in the Bible? Not sure about the earthquake thing.”  Your father replied, “Well, there was an earthquake in Taiwan, maybe your mom read him the story?”  I replied, “I guess he’s mixing his studies at Awanas into modern calamities?”

While at the park, you were playing with some children the “mermaid game.”  You didn’t really know what mermaids or mermen were, so later we introduced you to the movie The Little Mermaid.  Turns out, you like the movie trailer better than the movie itself.

Text from Grandma D. “We’ve been talking about the planets & space. Big news: Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves have now been detected & may revolutionize astronomy!”

You like to attempt to spell things. One night you told us, “There’s dangerous raccoon out there. Very dangerous raccoons, lions and goats. That’s P-I-N, goats.”

Your father was suggesting that we watch a movie, and instead of saying it, he said, “Shall we W-A-T-C-H a M-O-V-I-E?” Without missing a beat, you asked, “Does that spell movie? Because I want to see Pinocchio.”

Things I Want to Remember:


“Webodejo whoop…” You paused, I looked at you weird.  You clarified for me, “That’s the Spanish Buzz Lightyear.”

“Mommy!” you called.  I went to find you and there you were on the toilet.  “Yes?”  I asked.  “Smell, mommy.”  So I sniffed and said, “You sprayed the toilet spray.”  You said, “Yes, I did it right.”  I said “Oh, OK.”  You said, “OK,” and dismissed me by saying, “Now you can go back to your job…”

“Oh no!! My water fell in the water!!!” (Your drinking cup fell in the bath water.)

Going up the mountain to Big Bear, I had forgotten the external Bluetooth speaker. You were using your father’s OneSpace to watch a movie and I said, “The computer is not very loud.”  You said, “That’s OK, I can put the butt phones on.”  Incredulous, I asked, “Butt phones??”  You replied, “Pants phones or is it head phones?  Actually, let’s don’t use phones, I’ll just listen.”  And I’m just staring out the windshield laughing.

Going down the mountain, you were watching a movie, and you looked up after you finished and asked for another. I told you we were almost home.  You looked around and said, “This was the short way home… ”  Then you said you wanted something from your snack bag.  I informed you that there was nothing left, you’d eaten it all.  Disbelieving, you asked, “Can I see?”  If there were ever proof needed that movies make a person brain dead, I think this would qualify.

Trying a new toothpaste, you said, “This is weird toothpaste, it doesn’t taste like the picture looks. Maybe I’ll give this to daddy. I think maybe it’s grown up toothpaste.”

Your Grandma D. shared a story about your mustache glasses that you acquired after your last dental visit.  You put them on and looked in the mirror and said it looks like the guy at Weinerschnitzel and, grandma laughed, because sure enough, with those glasses on, you did look like the manager at our local Weinerschnitzel.

I was using my camera stabilizer, which has five legs, and you were fascinated by it. You finally told me that it looks like Mr. Waternoose’s legs from Monsters inc. You were right about that, too!

You woke up on February 14th and I asked you what day it was. You enthusiastically responded, “Valentine’s Day!!” I asked you what valentines day is about. You responded even more enthusiastically, “Eating candy!!!”

You asked if you could have candy for breakfast and I told you that you could have it later. A minute went by and you asked, “Is it later now??” I told you it wasn’t later, and you had to wait longer. You replied, “OK, well if you exist.” (Meaning insist.) I don’t know how you take anything I say seriously, because it is so hard not to laugh at all your responses.

One afternoon, you said, “I want apple, Mommy. Oh no, I forgot my manners didn’t I? Please, mommy, please may I have apples cut up in my cup?” And I pondered that perhaps the manners we are teaching you are getting through after all.

Every night, before your bath, you strip yourself down… lately you’ve taken to throwing your underwear on the floor and telling your father, “That’s a treat for you. You’re welcome!”

I sneezed pretty loudly one night in the bedroom while you were taking your bath. I heard you respond, “Dry Pee!”

You had something on your nose and you wouldn’t let me wipe it off. I shrugged, so you left and then came back and said, “I’m here to fight about my nose again!”

On our way to dinner, you wanted some snack food I told you not right now. You replied, “How could you do that to a little fellow like my body? The body is sad now.”

Overheard driving around, while you played with some toys in your car seat, “This is an actual phenomenon… The whale of the deep, the whale of the deep. Pinocchio movie…”

After our friend’s birthday party, I was consoling you about leaving, and told how you’re all full with good food and cake… and you said, “and joy?”  I said, “Sure, joy, too.”  You replied by singing, “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, where?, down in my heart, where?” song.

While at the party, our friend brought a serving tray out of deviled eggs. You took one of them and took a bite, eating half of a half. You chewed and finished it. I offered the second half, you politely and calmly said “No, thank you, I thought they were cupcakes.”

After showing you the Mary Poppins movie, I dug out my vinyl record and I think Grandma D. plays it for you occasionally.  I know I do.  Somewhere you’re hearing it, because you walk around singing the Chim-Chimney, SuperCaliFragilisticExpiAlidocious and Love the Laugh songs.

You scribbled on the front of a library book with a crayon, Grandma D. told you that she was going to pay for it out of your piggy bank. You immediately ran over and grabbed your piggy bank and ran upstairs with it. Fortunately, Magic Eraser took the crayon markings off the book.

Your father bought you a traveling art packet, it has markers and paper in it for drawing, and we added a small packet of water paints.  You love this thing and one day driving around, you took a piece of paper out and drew a bunch of circles and squares on it.  You put it up to your ear and started talking, and told us, “I drew a cell phone.”

You asked to go to Disneyland. I told you it was too much money. You responded with your solution by telling me, “I will pay for us to go, we can use my piggy bank.”

You love the scent aisle in stores… I know I’ve shared that before.  My last foray into TJ Maxx, we visited the soap aisle first thing, and I told you I would buy you your favorite bar of soap and you could put it in one of your dresser drawers. You took your assignment very seriously and ended up choosing a pineapple bar of soap.  You then proceeded to sit in the shopping cart for the rest of my shopping time, unboxing your bar of soap, sniffing it, and reboxing it.  Repeat for 45 minutes.  We even walked through the toy section and you didn’t even notice.

One morning you were cuddling the cats. You told me, “Tug is my brother and Bug is my sister. Snuggy and Ripper are nothing to me.”

One afternoon we both got on our scooters and were heading down to the park in our neighborhood. It’s quite a ways and you switch which legs you use to push your scooter along. Halfway there, you stopped and turned around and looked back at our house and said, “Look at how many legs we’ve gone!”

There was some concern about a Green Dinner happening this year at your father’s church. This is an annual St. Patrick’s event that we have dubbed “Green Dinner.” When we told you that there might not be one this year, you immediately replied, “If there’s no green dinner, then I will be very sad and starve.” Fortunately, your Grandpa H. has the ear of the coordinators of the event, so one was eventually scheduled.

You love to play hide-n-seek and if your father has gone somewhere, you like to go hide for him to find us in the house.  All the while you are shushing me for snickering about it.  “Shush, mommy, daddy will hear you!” You take this VERY seriously.

You are so gregarious, silly and such a jokester, and can often pull off a joke with a totally serious face.  You will also exuberantly continue with a joke long after other people are done with it, so I find myself being conscious of this and reining you in.  Several people have commented to me over the last couple of months how happy, social and full of smiles you usually are, including your ice skating teachers. As is usually the case with people who have this type of personality, there is also a serious and sensitive side to you that isn’t always readily apparent.  Sometimes I find myself asking you if you’re joking or serious, because I don’t want to misinterpret something as a joke if you meant it seriously.   You have always been an exuberantly happy child, and I’m finding it fascinating to watch the depths of your personality refine itself.

51 months old-DSCN0020

Love, Mommy & Daddy

More pictures from this month can be found here:  LINK


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Letter to our 4 Year 2 Month Old

Dear William,

On February 8, 2016, you turned 50 months old.  You are 44 3/4 inches tall, 48 pounds and wearing the same sizes as last month.

Things we Did:

1/23 – Friend Joseph’s birthday party (Pump It Up!)

–Monday, aerial acrobatics class
–Various days, Library Story Time and Craft; Special Lego building day
–Thursday, Awanas
–Friday, Ice Skating Class

Ice Skating Class Highlights:

Overall, this class appears to be going well.  You have progressed from holding onto the sides for dear life to moving with great confidence across the ice and are able to get up easily, even when you’re nowhere near the sides.   This is something you achieved after the first class, by the way.  So it was particularly exasperating when you were in the practice skate portion of your class and you intentionally sat down on the ice and then lured a couple of little girls to come help you up.  There they were, attempting to pull you to your feet (both on ice skates) and both of them fell.  You looked around for another “victim” and determined it was all up to you, so you put your knee up and got up like it was nothing.

A couple weeks ago during class the teacher showed the kids how to make snow, the idea being an incentive to learn how to move their blades. What did you do? You plopped down on the ice until someone came over to help you up and then you begged them to show you how to make snow.  The couple people who you lured into doing it had a perplexed look on their face as they did your request, and then you smiled, thanked them and grabbed the “snow”, made a snowball, got up and skated off.

When we go to Taco Tuesday at the local bar, there are televisions all around us. Several of them have ice hockey games that are going on, and you watch those games transfixed.  You have told me that you want to be an ice hockey player when you grow up.

Aerial Arts Class Highlights:

You love to tell Ms. Robin about everything.  After our weekend in Big Bear, your father told you to tell Ms. Robin about what you did that weekend.  So when Ms. Robin asked you where you went that weekend, you told her you’d gone to Europe.  Guess that’s what happens when you work on geography in the morning between the weekend and class time.  Your imagination really takes you places!

One of your classes Ms. Robin canceled this past month because she was sick. You did a makeup in the beginning aerial arts class (instead of the Kinder class), there were 6 other students that Ms. Robin was working with, leaving you to your own devices much of the time… miraculously, you did your skills with confidence and a great attitude.  More confidence than either Grandma D. or Ms. Robin had seen before.  Yet, when you went back to your Kinder Arts class the following week, you were flopping on the floor and crying.  I’m not sure where to go from here; sometimes parenting is confounding and confusing.  But what I know is that you like Ms. Robin; you enjoy the class; you can do these skills; and I didn’t want you to give up.  You weren’t acting out, you were imploding within yourself and your self-talk was full of “I can’t.”  So I threatened and pushed and encouraged you to finish the class,  (1) because I want you to know that “hard” things are doable, (2) choices have consequences and life doesn’t wait for you, (3) you only have try to do your best, learning takes time, (4) tough days and classes happen,  (5) I wanted you to be able to say that, whatever else you did or didn’t do, you at least finished the class.  Because sometimes the only good thing about a bad day is the fact that it’s done.

Awanas Highlights:
The “new Hawanas” (as you call it) is going well.  You are thriving in the class and you don’t even miss me when we’re there. One of the nights this past month was Carnival night, and you were given “Awana Bucks” for learning your verses.  You were thrilled to pick out toys and spend your money, but mostly you were thrilled about the bouncy house that was there.  You also told the balloon artist that you wanted a sword, so he made you one… and as we walked away from him, you said, “That guy made me a sword, like a Philistine’s!”

You love snack time, even though the snacks are seriously ridiculously easy, like animal crackers and a cheese stick.  You don’t care, you’re just happy to get a snack.  Although, you get so involved in story time that you often miss the set up of the snacks and you’re the last one scrambling to find a seat.  It’s been good for you, because it’s teaching you to be flexible and to understand  that you don’t get the same seat every single time you go to the tables.  One night, I was across the room talking with the Leader, and after everyone had eaten their snacks, you said, “Uhh, excuse me, but my mommy needs a snack, too!”  Apparently you realized that everyone had eaten something but me, which was kind of funny because I really didn’t want a snack that evening.

Doing your craft at Awanas the week prior to Valentine’s day, there were a ton of cut out hearts you were supposed to affix to the paper with glue.  As usual, you were narrating your way through the craft and one of the things you said as you applied the twentieth heart was, “All these hearts remind me of Valentine’s Day.”

Then, later that night, instead of toy play time, one of the assistants came up with another craft.  Everyone sat down and you were gluing sparkly things to a paper.  You asked, confounded, “My goodness.  How many crafts do they have tonight, anyway?”

Morning Conversations:

“OK, I just want to talk. Ask me if I had a good dream…” “Yes, I dreamed of being a doctor and I fixed everyone. I dreamed of being Cubbie bear and growing and growing like a plant. I even dreamed of Spirit and I was riding him, and we JUMPED!!”

You told me the entire story about Jack and Jill and then ad libbed elaborate details into the story, about how they had friends to help them collect the bucket.

One morning after you woke up you said, “So I want a little cake.”… When I told you we didn’t have any little cakes, you replied, “Ok… so, how about some big cakes then?”

I told you one morning that my alarm clock had somehow been turned up really loud and it scared me when it went off that morning and that I was afraid it had awakened you.  You replied, “It was Tinkerbell.  She did it.  She turned up your alarm volume because she is *mis-cher-vous!”

*Phonetic mispronunciation.

William’s Prayers:

“Dear Lord, I do not thank you for this snot!”

“Dear Lord, please let there be more birthdays soon. Amen.”

“Dear Lord, please let me dream of Peter Pan and, Lord, let me be Tinkerbell in my dream. Thank you. Amen.”

“Dear Lord, I don’t thank you for this stuffy nose or for hail. Amen.”

“Dear Lord, please put a bubble around my bed and keep the bad dreams away. Amen.”

“Lord, please help tomorrow be a mommy & daddy day…. and if not, please put a bubble around my bed and keep the bad dreams away, and help me to dream of Tinkerbell or chalk drawing or mommy and daddy days tonight. Amen.”

Things I want to remember:

This past month I pulled out my Disney Story book that has 55 classic stories adapted from Disney movies. I read you one in the bath tub each night, as well as a mommy/son devotion. You love it and I love it. You ask for specific stories, and I always check the page count, some of them are quite long. But I’m thrilled that you love my Disney book.

Pretend play is a huge thing. You wait for Peter Pan in the mornings and say that you’re sure he’s hiding because I’m in your bedroom.  Any noise you hear is Peter Pan coming back to claim his shadow. When at the park, you run and put your arms out and say you’re flying to Neverland. You make up stories, and anyone who comes over gets to see a puppet show of an odd assortment of characters, while you stand in the hallway upstairs that looks over our living room.  Your current puppet choices are a Monster puppet, a pig and wolf.

You learned recently that I carry one of your flossing sticks in my purse.  Apparently, you’ve been getting stuff stuck in your teeth when you eat and then dealing with it.  But now that you made that discovery, you have no hesitation asking me to floss your teeth whenever or where ever we happen to be.

This month you have started running your fingers gently through my hair.  When I  look at you questioningly, you tell me, “I’m trying to brush your hair.”

I ordered a small, handheld, rechargeable vacuum cleaner to help keep the rogue cat fur tumbleweeds and the bird’s seed droppings under control.  When it got here, I told you it was your vacuum cleaner and that it is your job to clean up those things.  The $50 I spent on that vacuum cleaner has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  It has given you the freedom to clean when the mood strikes and even at the slightest mention of it, or if I claim the vacuum for a second, you come running to take over!

You take the health of Tug (our cat) VERY seriously and gives him regular check-ups with the doctor kit your father gave you for Christmas. From all appearances, Tug appears to be in good health.  You kindly informed your father that if any more of his cats die, that you’ll let him have one of your cats, either Tug or Bug.

We went to our mountain cabin this past month and it had snowed pretty heavily.  You told us on the way up that “I love Big Bear and I love sleeping!”  What went unsaid was that you love Big Bear because you get to sleep with mommy… and watch movies… and play in the snow.  We built a family of snow men  Even funnier, after our visit, we were halfway down the mountain, you said, “I’m going to tell you a really big joke.”  What’s that?, we asked.  You replied, “Let’s go back to Big Bear!!”  You saw a truck hauling a load of snow in the truck bed and you said, “Look!  That truck is carrying white!”  Whenever we ask you what you like best about Big Bear, you reply, “Fireworks!”  I guess last year’s 4th of July sojourn up there is stuck in your mind as a good memory.

Eating a snack in the car, “I need my water, please.”  I hand it to you, you drink, hand it back to me.  A few minutes later, “Water, please?”  I hand it to you saying, “Whaaaat?”  You reply, “I want some water. It’s healthy!”  Then again, you say, “I need my water, please?”  And then in a high-pitched, silly voice and a grin on your face, you answer yourself, “How many more times do you need to drink water anyway?”  There’s a slight pause and you answer yourself again, “Until I drink it all gone!”  And then you fake sneeze, “AIICCCHHHOOOOO” and it rains all over me and you burp, hugely, and add, “Say that’s not nice and you need to say excuse me!”  And I’m left wondering exactly how these manners we’re teaching you are being applied to your life.

You love birthday parties, and one of my friend’s son’s birthday was this past month.  You were excited for about a month beforehand, almost as if you thought it was your own party.  The day of the party, we went to the park and you were inviting every kid you were playing with at the park to the birthday party that was that evening.  As if they passed the fun factor, so they get to go to the party with you.  Then, at the party, you were so surprised that you were given a goody bag, and all the way home you were telling us, “Joseph gave me a goody bag because I was so good at the party!”

You have started the silly arguments of, I’ll say “You did, too!”  And you’ll reply, “Didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t!!”  Meanwhile, I’m interjecting, “Did, too… Did, too…Did, too!”

Mid-January a traveling horse show started setting up enormous white tents off the I-405 freeway.  They are huge and quite the vision.  One day I came home from work and was talking to Grandma D. about the show, and how ridiculous the ticket prices were.  You interjected into the conversation, “I could see the tents from the show from the awesome park today.”  The next time we were at the awesome park, I looked that direction and, sure enough, there were those tents.

At the awesome park, I sat myself down at the bottom of one of the slides.  You were running around and you took the time to come over and assure me, “Just call if you need me and I’ll come right over. OK, mommy?”

At the park there is a black chain obstacle course, and you like to climb on it and say, “I’m a happy spider!”

We are always pretending that we’re going to nibble you and one evening, your father told you, “I will sneak in your bedroom and nibble you because you ate pancakes for dinner.”  You replied, “And I’ll wake up and say. Dude! Go away!”

Always learning:

I asked you, “Do you know what Easter is about? It’s about Jesus rising again!”  You replied, “Nope! it’s about eggs. In the bushes, on the ground…”

Grandma put  4 items on a tray. She took  one away, two away, etc. Now you do it with other things, like when she puts food back in fridge.  Then I came home and we were talking about eating imaginary cookies. I asked, “So, you have four cookies, you give one to me and one to daddy and one to grandma.  How many do you have?”  “One!”  You replied, looked at me and said, “I guess I don’t want Grandma to have a cookie, because I want two.  But you and daddy can have yours.”

Drawing in the bathtub, I asked you to draw a person and you said, “OK” and then drew it like it was no big deal and as if you didn’t refuse to do it just 6 months ago. And everything had to have a dress on, and a hat. And the police man was also a daddy.

“I’m making bath crafts.” With your bath crayons, you drew people… and narrated, “That’s the son, the mommy and the police man.”  Turns out the police man is also the daddy and they wear dresses. “I like rainbows. God did something really special when they got out. He made a rainbow. Excuse me I need to draw the boat. Cuz the police man was in the ark right?”

Going on and on, you were giving details about toys that you wanted to go to Walmart and buy, “a bicycle with a bell and handlebars that go right and left.  A firetruck with a shiny ladder and a siren.”  I asked where you heard about all these toys, and you said, “From a book Grandma read me.”

I read you a book about various types of stones and you asked, “If you can have granite counters, can you have pomegranate counters?”

One Liners:

In a narrator voice, channeling Toy Story, “Welcome to Pizza Planet, with the new monitor and the T-Rex!”

When your father did something you didn’t expect, you said, “You’re fired, daddy.”  Aghast, your father asked, “Where’d you pick that one up?”  Deadpan, you replied, “At Walmart.”

After your iPod time with your Bible stories and favorite games, you informed me, “Playing candy games makes me want a treat!”

When it’s time for clean-up in the bath tub, I tell you, “Give me your feet!”  Laughing hysterically, you give me your hands.”  I then instruct you to “Give me your hands!”  You turn over and stick your butt in the air.

At lunch it took an inordinate amount of time for our order to come and you informed me sadly, “I’m over here waiting and waiting and no cheeseburger comes.”

We went shopping at TJ Maxx one Sunday, and after an inordinate amount of time in the soap and lotion area where you were twisting off lids and sniffing everything and then carefully twisting it back on, your father asked you hopefully, “Do you want to go see toys??”  As if you were doing your father a favor, you replied in a dismissive tone, “Oh, sure, daddy.”  SNIFF  “Just as soon as I finish smelling all my good smells…”

You had some real issues with hiccups this month, I think we’ve figured out that it is due to you swallowing air?  Your Grandma was quite concerned about you….  I’m not sure, but burping seems to help you.  We will continue to monitor you.

Text from Grandma one afternoon:  “William moved his trampoline over between the table & the kitchen. While jumping on it he realized his head was bopping up in the mirror & he is totally laughing at himself…peek a boo.”

We drove past an enormous furniture store one afternoon.  They were holding a tent sale in the parking lot to clear out inventory and they had various “rooms” set up under the tent as a display.  You asked what it was, and I explained the situation.  You replied, “This looks like a big house.”

You found a Pez dispenser that had Sally (from Cars movie) on it.  You informed me, “This is a Cars elevator.”

We have two bottles of Kid’s vitamins that you get to choose from each night.  One is Cars and the other is Frozen themed.  You’ve been getting these for about a year now, and I finally figured out that you intentionally alternate which one you get each day.  One day you choose Cars, the next day you choose Frozen.  I was astounded when I realized that was the crux of your problem some days when you take extra long to figure out which one you want, you’re trying to remember which one you had the day prior.  I think we solved the issue, though, because I came to the realization that you get to have two vitamins now because you’re 4 years old, so now you get one of each.  Your understanding of the resolution, in your own words, despite what I told you is, “I get two vitamins because I’m 2.”  I guess in your mind you’re forever 2 years old.

When anyone asks you how old you are, you immediately hold up 2 fingers and say with a huge smile, “I’m two.”  I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion, you know very well how old you are.  Personally, I think you believe it’s a great, big joke, because you like very much to make people laugh and, given your size, telling people that assures you a laugh and a conversation.


Love, Mommy and Daddy

(More pictures from this past month can be found here:  LINK)


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Letter to our 4 Year 1 Month Old

Dear William,

On January 8, 2016, you turned 49 months old. You are 44 3/4″ tall and weigh 48 pounds. You are wearing boys XS pants and shorts, and boys 6 in shirts. You are wearing size 7 in footed pajamas and size 13 Wide in shoes.

Things We Did:
Recurring things: KinderCirque; Library and Awanas

12/11 – Fashion Island
12/12 – Medieval Times Tournament & Show
12/19 – LegoLand Christmas
12/21 – Queen Mary Chill Event
12/24 – Christmas Eve with Grandparents, took pictures of the full moon
12/25 – Christmas Morning at Home
12/25 – 12/27 – Big Bear Weekend
01/01 – New Years Morning (watch Rose Parade on TV)
01/01 – New Years at Grandparent’s house
01/02 – undecorate from Christmas
01/07 – Awanas (1st class at new church, changed church)

Favorites this month:
Color: Blue and Red!
Song: Mack song from Cars
Movie: Aladdin
Food: Chicken strips
Snack: Popcorn
Dessert: Ohhh, peanut butter! I can’t do this, because this candle thing is all around… Oh!  Gingerbread!
Fruit: Grapes and apples! And oranges!
Vegetable: Carrots
Class: Ohhh, ice skating class and Miss Robin’s class
Teacher: Miss Robin
Store: Target!!
Restaurant: I can’t say it!  (pause) All of them!
Vacation spot: Big Bear and Nebraska
Toy: Big Buzz and Big Woody
Theme Park: Disneyland
Anything else? I like candle light and snowman and Frosty!  And snow angels and snow ball fights!  Magic carpet!


The holidays and our long weekend in Big Bear have messed up your sleep this month.  You are kind of a night owl, I think, just like your father and I.  You like to stay up late and hang out with us.  With one of us being home with you for two weeks, your bedtime inched later every night and you were sleeping later in the morning and waking up on your own.  Which was glorious for us, however…

Since you were naturally ending your sleep, you were having dreams, and apparently NOT good ones.  The last two weeks, you have been scared to go to bed because you were afraid to have bad dreams.  At present, you haven’t had a bad dream since we’ve been back to work (when I wake you before your REM sleep), but every night you say in a wailing voice, “Oh no!  Tonight I’m going to have another bad dream!”

You have a good appetite and are adventurous in your culinary exploring.  I’m grateful that you are such a fun person to eat meals with.  The Silly sometimes takes control of you and we often have to remind you that we’re eating dinner and not having a race around the house, and that you can do most anything as long as your bottom is on your chair.  So, for those days when you don’t feel like eating much, I remind myself that tomorrow will be a new day.  Also, you have quite a sweet tooth and love anything that has sugar in it.  I predict, if you’re anything like me, that this will be a life long love.

In fact, you have recently discovered that if you take a lemon and rub sugar on it, that you quite like it. So now at restaurants, you take our discarded lemons from our iced teas and mix your own concoction.  I guess, not knowing you put sugar on it, it probably looks quite funny to see a kid sucking on a lemon.

One evening, you had eaten your dinner and were satisfied.  We had eaten leftovers and your father didn’t have any, so on his way back from running errands, he stopped at Weinerschnitzel and grabbed some food and came home to eat it.  He put it on the table and went to take care of something.  Nonchalantly, you walked over, looked at it, sat down and said, “I feel like eating a second dinner.”

Side note:  You do not like broken candy canes.  No way, no how.  They are an insult to you and you take it quite personally if they’re broken.

Things I want to remember:

This month you have really had extreme emotional reactions to things not working the way you want them.  I think you have a bit of a perfectionist gene in you.  I have NO IDEA where you got that from.  Neither your father nor I are perfectionists, nope.  Ahahahahaaaaaa!  For example, one evening, you flushed the toilet before the toilet paper was in there and you cried at yourself, “WHYYYY DID I FLUSH THE TOILET SO SOOOOOOOONN!!”  I had to remind you that it wasn’t a big deal, we would just leave the toilet paper in there (not wasting water).  The next person who used it could flush it down.    Or when you ask for something and the answer is no that you can always ask, “Are there any other options?”  Just because the one thing you asked for isn’t available doesn’t mean it’s a HUGE NO TO EVERYTHING YOU WANT, it just means it’s a tiny “no” to one thing and there are likely other options.   I realize this will probably backfire on me when you’re a teenager.

Last week I was in the trunk of my car preparing to go inside a restaurant. You were standing beside me waiting, when all of a sudden you reached up and pushed me on the behind and yelled, “BUTT MASSAGE.”  I was so shocked, I’m not certain where you got THAT from.  Your Grandma D. tells me that you’ve been doing that to her, too, so now we’re working with you to not do that.  Seriously, where DO you come up with this stuff?

When in your aerial acrobatics class, there are other classes operating in the gymnasium concurrently.  One of them is a gymnastics class with your former dance instructor, Ms. Ofi.  I took you to one of your aerial classes and you ran over (with Ms. Robin’s instruction) to get your water.  On your return to Ms. Robin, Ms. Ofi walked in front of you.  You froze, your water in your mouth and locked eyes with her and then silently kept walking.  A few seconds passed, you got back to Ms. Robin and Ms. Ofi said loudly, “I saw you, William.  I saw you!”  It was such a funny social interaction.  I think there’s still a little bit of horror inside of you over your dance classes.

On the flip side, when you saw Ms. Robin at the first class after the holiday break, you politely asked her how Thailand had been for her (that’s where she went over Christmas), and she replied it had been awesome, and asked about your break.  You erupted giddily with a description of your new toys and Big Bear, that you went ice skating up there and fell down and it took your butt FOUR DAYS to heal, and ice skating at the Queen Mary, and you want to take an ice skating class but she has to hold your hand and teach you.  That you had a new Buzz and Woody doll and your favorite movie is Polar Express, and… on and on you went.  She was surprised and laughingly told you that she doesn’t ice skate very well and looked at me and said, “I guess he was saving it all up for me, huh?”  I told her that the timeline was a little mixed up, but she pretty much knew everything he had done over his Christmas break.  I’m not sure if she ever realized just how much you adore her, but if she didn’t, that should have told her.

Ms. Robin is so good with you. During one of your aerial classes you were her only student, and half way through you finished practicing something and you flopped on the ground. Instead of admonishing you or picking you up, she took note of your posture and said, “Oh, you need a break?  Good idea!”  And she casually chatted with you for a minute and then asked if you were ready to get back to work.  You were, and the class proceeded smoothly from there.

Our Awanas adventure continues… several of the meetings in December were canceled or didn’t occur because of the church’s Christmas activities.  The one that was supposed to occur, the leader texted me that they were repeating a lesson that had already been done.  Then we showed up for the meeting on 1/6 to find out it had been canceled that afternoon. You had worked hard on learning your verse, you were amped up to do your craft, and when the person said it was canceled without notice due to the commander not being able to make it because of traffic and rain, you dissolved into sobs.  I crouched down and held you, rubbing your back, telling you I was so sorry.  When you reached the end of your grief, I asked if you wanted to look at other options, maybe another church. You said you did.  So we drove to another church, not to attend that night, but to check it out.  The next night (Thursday, 1/7) we attended a different Awanas.  It was like night and day. The teachers were so prepared, so kind, so warm, so welcoming, so loving and all the kids were so engaged that they were very nearly telling the teacher the lesson instead of the leader teaching them.  After that experience, we will be changing Awanas.  I’m sad for the other church, I wish we could find a way to make it work with them, but I’m not willing to sacrifice your happiness for their growing pains.

Something endearing you have started doing is that you kiss my cheek in rapid succession and your voice gets higher and higher as you say, “Muwah, muwah, muwah, muwah!”  And then I’m supposed to say “POP!” as I explode because I’m so full of love. You love it when I do that back to you, and then sometimes you put your hand on the top of my head and tell me you’ve locked my popper and I have to whoosh it out of my mouth!

Shortly after I had decorated your room with Toy Story bedding and wall decorations, I asked you if you wanted me to decorate your bed with your Christmas bedding.  You politely declined, saying, “No, thank you.  I’m fine with Toy Story.”  I continued with, how about wall decorations? You replied with, “No, thank you. I’m fine with Toy Story.  But, uh, uh, you can put Christmas decorations above it!!”

After your birthday party and all your presents, you declared, “I ABSOLUTELY want to do this night again!”

Your Grandma D’s friend, Beth, came to visit her this month.  She hung around with you and Grandma D. and you really enjoyed her visit.  You made up a song about Beth being out in the rain and sang it to her.  You were very sad when she left, but you hope she comes back to visit.

A week after our friend, Sonia, let you into Disneyland for your birthday, saying your bedtime prayers you added Sonia to your prayers that night, “Dear Lord, I pray for Sonia that she would have a good day at work tomorrow because she’s a nice person.”  It was so sweet and so spontaneous.  I just love asking you if I missed anything in prayers, because I never know what you’re going to say.

On leftover dinner night, you asked for “the mac-n-cheese I got for my birthday from Flo’s Cafe, please?”

Some mornings, after we nurse, you fall back to sleep.  When you wake up an hour or so later, you’re always so sad that I’ve left.  Grandma D. reported that one morning you woke and she heard you say, “Oh dear, oh me.  Mommy’s gone.”  She said it was so sad and so cute.

One night for dinner, I pulled out a huge vegetable tray and a huge tray of shrimp to snack on before dinner was served. Your Grandma D. was staying for dinner and you danced your way over to the table saying excitedly, “Look grandma! We’re having vegetables! And shrimps!! Sit down!!  I need some potatoes, too!”  Grandma said she’s never seen anyone so excited about having vegetables.

One afternoon, you were trying to remember a word and you asked me, “What is sillytarry!?”  Confused, I clarified, You mean military?”  You frowned and said, “I don’t think so, where do you bury pets?”  I replied, “Oh, you mean the cemetery?”

When we went to the Medieval Times dinner tournament, you were adamant that you wanted iced tea instead of water.  I shrugged, because I’ve offered you sips before and you’ve never cared for it. The tea was pretty weak there, so we gave you a mug of iced tea.  You took a sip and declared, “This isn’t iced tea!  This isn’t good at all.”  Despite your father and I reassuring you that it was indeed iced tea, you were having none of it.  Hilariously, 4 weeks later, you asked your father if a drink at a restaurant was the same drink from the Medieval Times… when he said it was just water, you drank it.  I guess, given how much your father and I love iced tea, it apparently failed miserably to your expectations.  Sorry, dude.

With the opening of the new Star Wars film this past month, there has been a lot of Star Wars talk.  One evening your father decided to go to an evening showing of it.  Normally you are upset if your father leaves when you’re in your bath, or even if it’s after your bedtime.  That particular evening, however, you asked him, “Are you going to see the new Star Wars movie, daddy?”  He replied, “Yes.”  You said, “Oh, OK. That’s fine.”  Apparently the Star Wars movie, even though it’s a grown up movie, is an acceptable reason for your father to miss your bedtime.

The next week, you started closing the shutter and turning off the lights.  I asked you what was going on.  In response, instead of answering me with words, you went over to the side of the couch and pulled out your father’s light saber, turned it on and wielded it and said, “It’s time for a light saber battle!”

One afternoon I decided to let you in on a secret and I told you, “Did you know that there are mommies and daddies who go on vacation without their children?”  Your response was immediate and dramatic, as you inhaled sharply and said, “Huh??  That is TERRIBLE!  Vacations are for children, too!”

Over the break, I had a sinus infection that when it drained, I lost my voice.  I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics.  A couple days later, I told you I had my voice back.  You said, “Yay! Yay! Yay!  You can sing me to sleep again!”

You were sick, too, over the holiday. You’d been struggling with a stuffy nose and sneezing for a couple weeks.  But one night around midnight, you woke up trying to cough but unable to get a breath.  After I calmed you down, you were able to breathe and cough, but you were kind of freaked out.  I was freaked out facing the holidays with you being sick and didn’t want a repeat of last year’s sick, so I so I took you in to see the pediatrician.  The doctor said that one of your lungs wasn’t clear, and that you had pneumonia and that she was really glad I had brought you in.  The next day, after one dose of antibiotics, you said, “My nose is not stuffy!”  Surprised I asked you, “Really?”  You coughed and sniffled and said, “No, I’m just kidding.”

One of your favorite things to say is, “I love you, but… ” and then finish with a request.  Like, “I love you, but can I have more apple?”

You really loved Christmas and having mommy or daddy home with you every day for two weeks.  Daily you were telling us, “Christmas is so fun!  I love holidays!”  I couldn’t agree more!

On Christmas, I was tutoring you to remember your gratitude and even if you weren’t thrilled with your present, to say to the person who gave it to you, “Thank you so much!”  I went down a list of examples, like what if you opened your present and it’s a piece of yarn, or what if it’s socks, or what if it’s a toothbrush, or what if it is a toy you already have?  And the correct answer was, “Thank you so much!”  Because it’s not about the gift, it’s about someone loving you enough to give you something.  So after all that, one of your Grandma D.’s presents was a pair of fluffy socks.  You immediately walked up to her and said, “Remember your gratitude, Grandma… say thank you so much!”

A conversation that was had while driving up to Big Beare, and there was a traffic jam (as usual) on the freeway.  We heard you in the back seat saying, “Excuse me, could you turn off the music! I’m trying to talk to you! I hope there’s not an accident! So, falling off your chair, bonking your head, peeing in your pants and car crash… those are all accidents. Accidents should only happen on summer days, not on Christmas.”

You said, “I want to be like daddy when I grow up!  Then I can eat daddy candy!”

Your interest in ice skating has continued since our jaunt at the Queen Mary.  So we went over to the local ice skating rink to get some information and scheduling, I told you in advance that we wouldn’t be skating that night.  You were so excited to go check it out.  There was an ice hockey game going on, and you were so excited to watch them.  Then you got more and more quiet and finally said, “Can we go?  This is making me so sad because I really, really wanted to do it. And I can’t right now.”

One day you were begging for a movie and I told you that you need to go play with your toys!  You were balking and I suggested that if you didn’t want to play with them, you could go through them and pick some toys to give to children who don’t have any.  You went over to your toy box and I heard you saying, “Oh, I forgot about this toy … This is fun!” No toys were chosen, but at least you weren’t watching a movie!

One day, you yawned a huge yawn.  I glanced askance at you and you said, “I’m not tired.  That’s just a gingerbread yawn.”

I love to ask you what you dreamed about, because despite your one night of bad dreams, you usually have some really interesting ones.  For example, one morning you told me you had dreamed about Halloween, and the pumpkin cooked your dinner and you were a baby bat.

On Christmas eve we went looking at people’s decorated homes.  One that we visit every year had a display on his driveway with moving laser lights (among other things).  There were probably 7 or 8 kids running around chasing the various colors of lights that were swirling around, and you enthusiastically joined in the running.  You were so excited and ran up to a girl who was probably 6 or 7 years old and breathlessly told her, “I stepped on the red light!  I got it!”  In a dismissive, irritated tone, she told you, “If you step on the red light, that means you’re out.  You’re NOT supposed to step on the red light.”  You stared at her for a second and then said, “So let’s play the you’re out game! Let’s step on the red lights!”  And you ran off to step on more red lights.  She stared after you, shook her head and went back to her method.  Child of ours, I hope you always continue to blaze your own path and create your own games.  Don’t ever let anyone quell your joy, take your breathless wonder, or steal your exuberance for life.   Always, always look for other options.

DSCN9571 49 months 1

DSCN9573-49 months 2

More pictures from this month can be found here — Link

We love you forever,

Momma (and Daddy)

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Letter to our 4 Year Old

Dear William,

On December 8, 2015, you turned 4 years old. You are a smidge below 45″ tall and weigh 48 pounds. You are wearing 5T pants and shorts, and boys 6 in shirts. You are wearing size 7 in footed pajamas and size 13 Wide in shoes.

I’ll give fair warning here that this has been a Very Big Month for you. So if you’re here for a quick read, you may want to either skip to the end for the picture link, or grab a bottle of water and settle in. This is a long letter. 🙂

Things We Did:
Recurring things: KinderCirque; Library and Awanas

11/14 – Day out With Thomas (Reminder for next year to me, BRING YOUR THOMAS USB THUMB DRIVE!!! The photographer gives a $10 discount on pictures & will load them on the drive!)
11/20-11/22 – Weekend in Big Bear
11/22 – swimming w/ Mommy
11/26 – Thanksgiving with family
11/28 – Sea World for Grandma D.’s Birthday
11/29 – Breakfast with Grandparents and a birthday party for family friend
12/05 – Your birthday party
12/06 – Your first performance as an aerialist
12/08 – Disneyland

Favorites this month:
Color: Red, blue, yellow and brown
Song: Siamese Cats
Movie: Frozen
Food: Chicken strips
Snack: Sea World snack (little crackers)
Dessert: Cake
Fruit: Cherry
Vegetable: Carrots
Class: Miss Robin’s class (KinderCirque)
Teacher: Miss Robin
Store: Target
Restaurant: The one with the planes at the hall (Ruby’s at the mall)
Vacation spot: San Francisco
Toy: Big Buzz and Big Woody and Big Jessie and their hats and Big Bullseye and the stand
Park: Awesome park
Theme Park: Zoo and Disneyland
Anything else? Rock, truck, car, restaurant, stop sign… trains, street.


You have been sleeping with no issues this past month. Falling asleep easy, and despite how you tease me in the evenings (saying, “I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night and call and call for you and tell you that you forgot to do my nose spray and I have a stuffy nose!”), you are sleeping through the night until I wake you in the morning.

You are now of an age where, if we’re doing something exciting the next day, we can’t tell you because the anticipation gives fuel to your imagination and you can’t fall asleep, and then you wake up early and then you’re tired for the exciting thing!

You have a good appetite and a sense of culinary adventure. You have no issues eating. In fact, one night, you dipped your chicken nuggets into your chocolate pudding. Gross! Your grandma D. tells me that she serves you most of your leftovers cold, which kind of icks me out, but she says you eat it fine. So I shrug and say, “Whatever works!”

Things I want to remember:

How you love sticks and can entertain yourself happily for hours outside with just a stick. I never knew sticks could possibly have so many uses. From being a “digger” to an “ice poker” to being a “shooter” to who knows what tomorrow!

One morning you told me, “I’m going to go upstairs to wake up daddy.” I said, “You can, but you know he’s going to snuggle you.” You replied, “Oh, that’s OK because I like that. But I can’t right now because I’m finishing my hot chocolate.” A few minutes passed, you got up and said, “OK, I’m going upstairs now.” I say, “OK, have fun.” You said, “OK, but I better take my froggy because daddy’s going to try and snuggle me!”

Miss Mary, your Awana leader, has nicknamed you Pastor William because when asked if anyone knows their Bible verse, you blare it out as loud as you can. I admit that I role play with you for the entire 10 minute drive there, just because I think it’s funny to hear you say the verse so loudly.

I took you swimming the evening we got back from Big Bear. It was 5:45 PM when we got to the pool, the sky was already dark and the moon high and bright in the sky. You exclaimed over the wonder of it, and a couple of times you stopped swimming and were staring vacantly and I asked you what was wrong, you said, “Nothing’s wrong, but the moon is following me!” The moon has been coming up in the afternoon, we see it sometimes as early as 3 PM, and sometimes it’s still wandering the sky in the morning. You have determined that the moon is lost!

You told me the Monday morning before Thanksgiving that you weren’t going to enjoy Thanksgiving, that you’re not going to eat turkey or mashed potatoes or ANYTHING at Thanksgiving. Later that day at KinderCirque class you told Miss Robin that Thanksgiving is fun and turkey is your favorite thing to eat. I laughed and laughed when your grandma D. told me that!

You can be a little bit of a contrarian sometimes, One evening, I told you we were eating leftovers for dinner and asked you what you wanted from your leftovers. You replied, “I want broccoli, steamed broccoli. Also, some hot dog that daddy made. And some apple, cut up. Please.” So I go gather these things for you and you say, “I don’t want any of these things. What I really want is a cherry popsicle.” I would be very annoyed with you, except your outlandish requests are couched in such sweetness. As it is, I simply told you that I spent 15 minutes putting all these things together at your request and you need to tell me thank you and my appetite has changed. May I have one or two bites of these things and then have a cherry popsicle, please? See, the thing is, I’ve dealt with “food issues” and “appetite changes” every day of my own life. I understand that sometimes something that seemed appealing 15 minutes ago maybe isn’t anymore. But I’ve learned that showing gratitude before changing my request can make a world of difference to the recipient, so I hope to teach you the same thing. Also, the cherry popsicles are homemade, so they’re just as healthy as the rest of it. And sometimes, we all just want to eat dessert first, because often times I’ve found with you that if I serve your dessert with your meal, that you’ll eat it all at the same time with no issues.

Watching Toy Story 3 over the weekend, you exclaimed, “Andy’s hat is red, just like Jessie’s hat!” The timing of that observation by you is striking because I had just the week prior emailed your father a link to a theory about Jessie’s owner being Andy’s mom, and one of the primary pieces of evidence of that theory is the red hat!

How in the mornings, one of your favorite things to do is to lie in the middle of the walkway and say, “Oh no, there’s a speedbump in your way!” And then you laugh and laugh when we faux trip over you. And then the speedbump moves and we have to trip over it again, and more laughter. Sometimes the speedbump gets really tall as you bear walk, and other times the speed bump gets really long when you stretch out on the floor.

Saying prayers one night, I prayed for Miss Mary at Awanas. You interrupted to clarify, “Excuse me, mommy, we have TWO Miss Marys. One at Awanas and one at library.” I said, “Yes, we’ll pray for all the Miss Marys!”

One morning, you pulled all your toys out and they were strewn all over the living room. I told you I was going upstairs to get dressed and that I would love to be surprised when I came back down to find all your toys put away! About 3 minutes after I was upstairs, I heard you screaming and crying. When I came running down to check on you, you were kneeling on your knees and leaning on the lid of your toy chest. I gathered you up and asked what was wrong, you pointed at your toy chest and said, sobbing, “It won’t close!! They don’t all fit in there!” Oh, dear child. I told you if that ever happens, it is OK, to please just call me and we’ll figure it out together. And I showed you that, if it doesn’t fit, you could just pull something out and set it aside, as long as it’s not in the walkway.

Then when I was going upstairs, you stopped midway to pet the cats. I told you I was going on up and you could come up when you were ready. You acknowledged me and then again 3 minutes later, you were crying because I left you petting the cat. Goodness!

How you love to dance (but NOT in a class) and most of your dancing consists of walking with the crown, like you did in ballet class. Also your KinderCirque training is showing up when we dance, you love to jump up and circle me with your legs, then go upside down, and then legs together and to the floor. You call it “our trick.” In fact, we went to a birthday party for a family friend and there was a live band and lots of people were dancing. You, literally, dragged me out to the dance floor so you could do “our trick!”

At the birthday party, after a particularly rousing dance you went back to the table to take a break. You got up and went over and looked at all the mini birthday cakes that had been set out. After your inspection, you came back, sat down and declared, “I need a beer before I dance again.” I’m guessing you overheard someone say that.

You are also very into “saving food for later.” I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been out somewhere and you don’t finish your food and you tell us, “That’s OK, we’ll just put it in the fridge and save it for later.”

Your Grandma D. couldn’t find her camera for one of your aerial class practices. Unbeknownst to you, I lent her one of mine. You arrived at your class and you told your Grandma D., “You can’t find your camera, I don’t have to do well today!” Grandma D. pulled my camera out and said to you, “I have your mommy’s.” You stared and said, deflated, “Oh.”

At one point during that practice, you declared yourself “tired.” So instead of letting you flop on the floor, Miss Robin escorted you over to sit next to Grandma. She told you that when you were ready to work again to come back over. Your “rest” lasted about 30 seconds and you tore off after Miss Robin and listened a bit better after that.

Miss Robin challenges you to do the things in her class by yourself. You struggle, but you keep trying and I’m grateful to her for encouraging you and keeping you interested, even though it means that sometimes you flop on the floor. I encouraged you to do your TA DA!! when you land. For some reason, that has gone by the wayside in the last few months.

Every morning, after you’ve snuggled awake, you ask me< "Is this a mommy and daddy day?" I've learned that when it's a work day, I simply tell you that we have to go to work, and you cry. If I answer that it's a grandma day, then we go down a path about how you don't like Grandma (although you love her to pieces and you say that you're her sweetheart) and that you don't WANt a grandma day.

At breakfast one morning, your father was talking to his dad and you were trying to talk to your Grandma H. who is a soft-talker. You politely interrupted your father and said, "Excuse me! You're talking to him and I'm talking to her, but I can't hear her when you're talking, so you need to be quiet while she is talking, please."

When we went to Big Bear, there was still some snow on the ground from the week’s prior storm. You had a grand time walking around in the back yard with a stick, digging holes in the snow. We left for the day and came back that evening and there were dog tracks in the yard. We examined them for a minute and you said, in the perfect intonation of a private investigator, “Someone’s been walking in our snow! Who was it?”

We have found that it's really important to pay attention to you and what you're saying. You are really good at entertaining yourself and you generally tell us what you're doing, whether we listen or not. For example, at breakfast one Sunday morning, you were bending over your chair facing your father's direction. He was busy talking to his dad, who was seated on the other side of him, and you were repeatedly saying, "Pbbb pleb pooh! That's disgusting!" You would finish your routine and take another bite of eggs from your plate, and then do the same thing. A lady at a table across from you gave us the side-eye. Curious, leaned around your backside to look at your face. I couldn't really see, I could just hear you, so I nudged your father and asked him what you were doing. He looked at you, not expecting anything, after all, you were playing peacefully. Turns out, you were creatively spraying egg bits all over the floor. "Pbbbb Pleb Pooh! That's DISGUSTING!"

The morning when we got up to go to Sea World, you exclaimed, "I'm William the whale speed bump!" You then told us that you were going to bring your small bucket and you were going to take Shamu home in a bucket. When we told you Shamu was too big to bring home in a bucket, you told us, "Then I'll bring baby Shamu home in my bucket." I had to tell you that even baby Shamu was too big to bring home in a bucket.

Your grandpa tried to tease you by placing your underwear on your head after you went to the restroom. You emphatically told your grandpa, "My underwear goes on my butt, not on my head!"

Driving around, your father was listening to his music. You said, "Excuse me, I want William songs, like Lightning Lost or something, please?"

Talking about Thanksgiving, you explained to us, "So my birthday is way far away, all these other things have to happen first."

One evening you found my Bible sitting on a chair. You made off with it and I asked you where you were taking my Bible. You corrected me and told me it was GOD'S Bible and you needed to read God's word.

You stood on a chair, reached into the bag to pull out dry erase markers and proceeded to write on the white board. You told me, "Mr. William is the teacher today, you are Miss Mary. I am drawing words right now."

Listening to tractor tipping song, you exclaimed, "Frank ate the old William and now you have a new William!" Surprised, we asked, “We have a new William??" You replied, "Yes! Absolutely!"

In Big Bear, you discovered the play kitchen (that your Grandpa made probably 40 years ago) in the storage room under the bunk beds. You spent at least two hours playing with that thing and were sad that we had discovered it the last day there.

You put a pair of sunglasses on and then over it some party glasses. You informed us that you were wearing some "Watch where I'm going glasses and sunglasses."

One evening I was reading a book and you told me, "You're concentrating away from me, I need you to concentrate on ME!"

In Big Bear, you were sitting on the toilet and you exclaimed, "This toilet seat is not very loud." I realized you were banging the lid against the tank and because it's a padded seat and lid, it wasn't making any noise. I then also realized that you bang the toilet seat against the tank a lot at home. I never noticed that before.

At the bar for Taco Tuesday, they have many TV screens. You were watching them and all of a sudden you exclaimed, "That's the Nutcracker!" Sure enough, an advertisement had come on for an upcoming showing of the Nutcracker Suite

After Taco Tuesday, there is a sidewalk that you like to run down. The week prior, your father had freaked out because the sidewalk ends and it's the street. I knew you would stop, as you and I have discussed it many times, but your father did not. So this time, you took off running running and turned back and reassured your father, "I will stop at the end, daddy!"

Going to the bathroom, you intentionally locked the door. I unlocked it to check on you and you ushered me out of the bathroom and told me, "I don't need you in here." Then you locked it behind me. This has it's benefits, because when I'm going to the restroom, you will ask if I need privacy and if I say yes, you turn and leave.

We took you to see the new Peanuts movie. The previews and advertisement were endless. After about 20 minutes, you got up and went to the opposite side of the theater and said, "That's it, I'm going away from you advertisements!"

One of the previews was for the upcoming movie called, The Secret Lives of Pets. You thought that preview was hysterically funny and now you ask to watch it over and over again. You always get my attention before the weiner dog massages himself with the kitchen mixer because you know that’s my favorite part of it.

Speaking of previews, one of the things that you love is to watch the shorts that come on the DVDs of your movies. Recently, after watching Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron, you asked to watch one of the behind-the-scenes shorts. Your father suggested that maybe you wouldn’t enjoy it, but you insisted. So, we sat there and watched how they drew Spirit, and the artist gave a tutorial on how to draw the horses. Halfway through it, you stood up, went to the table, asked for your school supplies and you sat down and started drawing circles on the paper. You then asked for help to draw a horse from the circles, just like you had seen in the “short.”

Driving along in a train, you pretended to stick your hand out the window. You said, "I won't fall out, I'm not like Mr. Potato Head or something."

One morning you went out in the hallway. I could hear you talking to someone and giggling. When I asked you what you were doing, you told me, "I don't want to tell you!" I assured you that if you told me, you wouldn't get in trouble. You looked at me, taking my measure, and then replied, "I'm messing with the bird."

Sitting on the landing of our stairs, where all the cats congregate and our bird cage is hung, you exclaimed in your best narrator voice, "Welcome to Pet Land!"

About a month ago, I bought a Keurig on clearance at Walmart. Now whenever you hear it, you come running and ask for hot chocolate, in your whale mug, with two ice cubes, a lid and a straw. You gather everything that you can reach and group it on the counter so that it's all organized and convenient. How can I turn that down??

From Halloween, you still have tons of candy. You get a piece every day and you get to pick it. You saw the lollipops when they were given to you and I think they're horrible, so I threw them away. I'm silly for doing that, I know, but I can't help it. You still ask for them every day and the way you say "lollipop" is just the cutest thing ever. I'm glad I tossed them, because I would give them to you if I had them anymore.

You say some pretty deep things sometimes without provocation, and I'm always shocked when stuff like that comes out of your mouth. This month, the one that took me aback was when we were Watching the opening scene of Lady & the Tramp, you exclaimed over the cuteness of Lady as a puppy. The scene changed to the night time and Lady being put to bed all alone and the commentary by Jim Dear about being a master and training the puppy from the beginning, and then he locks Lady in the room. Watching all this, you exclaimed, "He locked her in there!!" Then you said, "The thing about being a master is… it's not about locking someone away, it's about loving them." I'm guessing that it's because in Awanas one of their core teachings is that Jesus our master loves us… Plus, you have been very much into loving our pets. Apparently, the way the movie's script is worded triggered this in your mind.

On the eve of your birthday, I put 3 year old to bed. I feel immensely blessed to be able to hold you in my arms as you fall asleep each night. There is some sort of magic that happens when your eyelashes flutter against your cheeks in trust as you fall asleep. On the cusp of sleep, your eyes close slowly, open, close slowly, open, I hold my breath… and your eyes drift closed, your hand twitches, your leg moves, your breathing deepens, your body relaxes. One thousand four hundred and sixty times you have fallen asleep in my arms at night. You say it makes you feel loved and safe and that you like that. I will hold you and let you fall asleep in my arms for as long as you let me. Just as you obsessed yourself into rolling over, crawling, pulling up and eventually walking, I know it is inevitable that, when you are ready, you will pull away and fall asleep on your own, too. However, for as long as we waited for you, dreamed of you, longed for you, and all those nights I would lay in bed and wish that I had a child to hold in my arms. Now you are here. Now I can hold you in my arms. My very own child. Sometimes I still don't believe it. And it seems that time with you goes much faster than the time did without you. So, I hold you for these fleeting moments, and you gently cross into dreamland in my arms, for I know the day is coming all too soon when you will fly far and wide on your own wings, and I will remember with gratitude these times, with no regrets. No regrets ever.

2015-12-08--48 months

More pictures from this month can be found here — Link

We love you forever,

Momma (and Daddy)


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Letter to our 3 Year 9 Month Old

Dear William,

On September 9, 2015 you turned 45 months old. You are 43 1/2″ tall and weigh 46 pounds, 10 ounces. You are wearing 5T or boys Small in shirts. You are in 5T two-piece pajamas; I don’t know what you are in footed pajamas since it’s summertime, so probably boys Small would be my guess. You are in 5T pants and shorts. Your shoes are size 12/13 (Crocs).

You rode the Atlantis roller coaster at Sea World for the first time! Also, the Shipwreck ride, which drenched us.

08/15/15 – Orange County Fair
08/16/15 – daddy’s birthday party
08/23/15 – ocean
08/24/15 – LegoLand
08/30/15 – Laguna Hills mall
09/07/15 – Sea World, including Dinner with Shamu

Grandma D. ensures that you get lots of park & playground time.
Grandma D. also takes you to the library to read books.

–Your favorite ride at the county fair was the Kite Ride, your father called it the Superman ride, but you corrected him and told him it was the Buzz Lightyear ride. Then you told him, “I wish you could go with me, daddy!”

–At the end of your father’s birthday party, you did the cutest little “boo hoo” I’ve ever heard. Not crying, just saying boo hoo to express your sadness at the end of the day. You had played hard all day and it was hot. I guess you are one of those who, if you get overheated, you throw up… while driving home, you expressed that you were hungry. I offered you water, which you drank, and then food when we got home.  When I got you home, I set you on the counter to dig some food out of the fridge and you puked all over me and the floor. I felt so bad for you. But, I made you some toast and it settled your tummy.

You have been stuttering this past month. The other day, you were trying to get your thoughts out, and you stuttered and stuttered and finally stopped, took a big breath and said, “He is having trouble talking right now.”

You told us one day that you were ready to do the Racers ride at Disneyland again, that you weren’t scared of it anymore. This was news to me, especially since you saying that was not prefaced by anything but you remembering it. I guess we’ll see how you feel when we go in December this year.

You told a waitress at Denny’s that you wanted to go to Snow Land. When she asked you where Snow Land was, you told her it was in Big Bear and that it was there now. Never mind that it was 90° out at the moment.

After we go to the ocean, we always stop at Sonic for a milk shake. It is just one of those things we do. You usually get a chocolate shake, but this month you asked instead for a “hot sarge shake.”

You have been restless at night and waking up early, or middle of the night. We think it’s related to the awful heat wave we’ve been having, but who knows, really? We just can’t seem to get comfortable at night these days. To be honest, sometimes I get the best sleep when I just lay down with you. At least then I know you’re OK and am not listening for you. There’s another thing in play for me, too, one of our cats yowls at 5 AM and, thinking it’s you,  I’ve gotten up and gone into your room, only to find that you are deeply sleeping.  But then I have a tough time going back to sleep, because I’m convinced it was you that I heard, even though I know it wasn’t.

You say the funniest things when you’re mostly asleep. Like one night, you told me, “This is a good toy to play with. It’s easy to put together for putting away!” Another night, you declared, “OK, mommy, I’m awake.” Two seconds later, I heard a little snore escape your mouth.

You have been eating enormous amounts of food and then claiming you’re hungry even still! One night, you ate a full dinner, then a half hour later in the bath tub, you said, “I’m very hungry and if I don’t eat I will wake up hungry tonight and I’ll even be hungry in the morning!!” You then proceeded to eat a banana, leftover pancakes, and a homemade yogurt popsicle.

You woke one night and I told you it was still sleeping time. You went back to sleep and a few hours later you woke up and exclaimed, “You were wrong, mommy, it is morning time!” Like no time had passed at all.

After dinner one night, you were excited to go to Walmart for a cookie. We got our cookie and you then said, “We need to go outside to eat it on a bench somewhere.”

From dinner we had leftover salmon, I told you to have it for lunch the next day and also told Grandma D about it so it wouldn’t be forgotten. Grandma D. told me she had a salmon sandwich for her lunch, so that was perfect. The next night I asked you about the salmon. You said it was good! I asked you if you had more salmon than Grandma. You said “No, mine was tiny. Grandma had a lot more salmon than me.” All I can say is Grandma must have had a whole lotta salmon, because you had two fillets in your leftover container!

You have started to tell me, “I’m so hungry! Only nah-nahs can help me feel less hungry!” You seek me out for nursing when you need comfort, or want to go back to sleep. My favorite nursing is the weekend morning nursings… I think they’re your favorites, too. You will ask, “Is this a short nursing or long nursing?” I feel forever blessed that we have this dimension to our relationship.


Color: silver
Song: Buzz
Movie: Spirit (Disney movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron); Also, Wall.E.
Food: Grilled cheese sandwich
Snack: Melon balls
Dessert: caramel sundae from Weinerschnitzel
Fruit: Grapes
Vegetable: carrots
Class: MyGym
Teacher: Miss Nicole
Store: Walmart
Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse
Vacation spot: Nebraska
Toy: Toy Story toys
Favorite theme park: Sea World

How I was chewing some gum while waiting in line at Sea World. I picked you up and you stuck your nose in my mouth. Surprised, I asked what you were doing. You promptly replied, with your nose still stuck in my mouth, “I’m smelling your gum.” Like, duh, gum smelling is a normal activity!

How it just seems as if more and more things are imprinting on your brain. For example, we were eating asparagus for dinner one night. You held it up and told us “asparagus grows and grows and then goes to flower and then makes a plant again!”

How you are still reliving your visit to the vet with us from August (a month ago). We took Snuggy in for a dewclaw problem. In the waiting area were two dogs. One of them cowered under the bench with his owner and he had been bitten on the face by another dog at the dog park. The other dog, a golden retriever, had an injury to his front leg. You pretend that you are either taking a pet to the vet, or that you ARE the vet, or that you are one of the injured dogs.

This past month, my laptop’s hard drive crashed. It’s been in the making for awhile. We were without a computer for about a week, and then your father booted up one of his laptops and put it where mine had been. The next morning, you came downstairs, saw it there and said, “Yay! Mommy’s computer is fixed!”

Your father was chair dancing one night at a restaurant. I teased you that he was sitting on the toilet. Aghast, you peered under the table, looked at him, and then looked back up at me and said, “You’re wrong, mommy. Daddy’s not sitting on the toilet!”

How sometimes if you’re playing hard or you’ve been doing something for awhile, you’ll get up, walk over to another chair and say, “I think I need to take a break!” This is an important milestone, I think, that you know your limitations and when you need to stop and regroup!

How you are so into character playing and imaginary stuff, you put one of your Hot Wheels loops around your neck like a necklace and said, “Look at my new outfit!”

When you sat down to eat lunch, you exclaimed, “Oh, I’m so full of love, I can’t eat anything!”

Your Grandma D. sent me a text saying this: “I read Stinklebritches a book about bats. He asked if they bite you. I said only if you poke your fingers at them, like the bird will. He has been jumping off the couch saying he’s a bat with noises, too! He asked offhandedly if bats go poopy. When I said yes, he dropped his shorts and ran for the bathroom. I thought he was just asking for knowledge, guess it was permission. Wonder what he would have done if I had said bats don’t poop?”

After dinner one night at Red Robin, you were outside running around on a sidewalk loop. A few other older boys came up and joined you. One of them hopped off the sidewalk into the wood chips that surrounded a dried up shrub (drought landscaping). You looked at him and said, “Hey! You shouldn’t be in the landscaping!” They turned it into a game, and it was cute to see you, so small compared to these bigger kids, but they were engaging you in play.

Every time we go into a public restroom that has a child’s seat hanging on the wall, you sit in that seat and declare, “I’m Santa!” and then you point behind you where there’s nothing and say, “And these are my toys.”

Your father was cleaning off the kitchen counter, you started taking the dishes out of the sink and stacking them on the drying mat. You thought they were clean, but your father didn’t understand why you were doing that, because he was trying to put them in the dish washer. I explained to him that Grandma D. hand washes dishes.

You have been learning things about Star Wars this past month. I call it brain imprinting, because you pick stuff up so rapidly. You drew something on your drawing book and declared, “This is the Lemon Falcon from Star Wars. Lemon Falcon has places to go! Do you want to go see the world with me?”

How, when you’re watching a movie, you like to hold the DVD case for the movie and look at the pictures on it while you watch the movie.

When I was taking a shower one morning, you sat outside the shower doors and sniffed your way through my lotion bottles. You’ve liked to do this for over a year now. I emptied a bottle and dropped it over the shower door and it landed near you. Without missing a beat, you said, “Oh! Thank you!” I peered out and you were putting it in the trash can.

We stopped at the pet store one evening to walk around, and you informed us that you will be getting another kitty, and two doggies, and continued, “Then I’m going to put them on top of each other and I am going to feed them.” Interested, your father asked, “How are you going to buy them food?” You replied readily, “With my money, and maybe grandma will give me some money, too.”

How when we were at Sea World, we were at the “instrument” area in the play park, you were asking all the newcomers to play you a song you hadn’t heard before. A dad came up and told his daughter it was time to go. She told him she wasn’t done. He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her away, she wrestling against him with all her might to no avail. You walked halfway over, I thought you were going to play the xylophone, instead you said to the dad, “Hey, hey! What are you doing to her?? That’s not very nice!!!”  All I could think was, out of the mouths of babes…when you asked me about it, I told you that I thought her daddy maybe had to go poopy or something!  Sure seemed like had something stuck up his butt!

You love swimming with us in our community pool and are so brave and confident! We have done a lot of swimming this past month.

You are struggling with this class. I know it’s not your favorite, and perhaps the “unlimited” part of the enrollment the last two months has used up your tolerance for the class. We have placed you back in the Miss Nicole’s class, however, your first class back with her was her last class. She said she was leaving to spend more time with her kids. We don’t know who will take over that time slot now.

You are taking a break from gymnastics for awhile. You were doing really well with the athletic part of it, but you loathe red circle time and so we pulled you out of it because your attitude was disrupting the class. We think there may be some unresolved issues from the prior owner leaving and you not getting to tell him goodbye, because that was when your behavior started to decline. Mr. Steve (the former owner) had worked really hard to build a bond of trust with you, we think he may have been your first best friend “teacher.”  And then, poof, he was gone!  I reached out to him and he has said he will meet up with us for a play date later this month so you can see that he is still around, just not around at MyGym.

You have worked through your fear of the drain issues. I’ve started a game where your toys bump each other off the bath tub ledge and while you don’t like that they are floating in the water, you think the game is hilarious. You also like to make up variations of the Ghostlight story (from Cars movie).

We’ve been implementing water saving measures this past month and one night in the bath tub you took a tiny bottle and filled it up with water and then told me, “I’m saving this water. I will put it in my dump truck and then water the plants with it.”

I suspect that, as you get older, your father and I will have more and more of these “mind blown” moments and I look forward to them. It seems like your brain just absorbs things so quickly. Even when we’re not sure you’re even listening, a couple hours later (usually when you’re trying to fall asleep at night), you will start talking about things that happened or that you heard during the day. I know it’s your way of processing things and making sense of them — i do the same thing — and I am grateful that you are able to share your thoughts with me.

One of the nights this week, we were walking around after dinner. You walked up to a lamp post, tipped your head back and wondered aloud, “I wonder if I can climb this pole?” I replied, “If you want to, you can learn how to climb any pole.” You eyed me for a second and then said, “Not tonight, mommy.”

I hope, more than anything, that if you see something you want to do in life, that you will want to learn how.

45 months old


Mommy and Daddy

More pictures from this month can be found here: LINK


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Letter to our 3 Year 8 Month Old

Dear William,

Today, on August 8, 2015 you turned 44 months old. You are 43 1/2″ tall and weigh 46 pounds, 10 ounces. You are wearing 5T or boys Small in shirts. You are in 5T two-piece pajamas; I don’t know what you are in footed pajamas since it’s summertime, so probably boys Small would be my guess. You are in 5T pants and shorts. Your shoes are size 12/13 (Crocs).

I put your new, larger Crocs on you this month. They look huge, but when I look at your big toe it is right where it supposed to be. Those other ones must’ve been way too small.


While we were traveling, we got on the plane and just as the plane was getting ready to back up, you informed me, “I need to go potty.” Terrified that you had a poop up your pike, I passed you to your dad… it was just a pee (thankfully a shorter time up). As soon as you and your father were locked in the bathroom, the flight attendant spoke over the microphone to the entire plane, “One up.” And we all sat there and waited. You delayed an aircraft from taking off.

While traveling, you wanted to assist your father by pulling our luggage from the carousel and out to the curb. Wheeled luggage is a must for any traveling toddler.

You had apple butter for the first time at Cracker Barrel in Iowa. 🙂 You thought it was dessert.

We let you watch some new movies this month… Brother Bear and we started Tarzan and then decided to wait until you were older. Wall.E was a huge hit and you really liked the entire movie.

I’ve had a hand stamp washable ink pad that I’ve used with you since you were very small. This month, I had some thank you cards for you to “sign” and for the first time this month, you did it all by yourself and your hand prints were perfect!


7/11 — Santa Ana Zoo with Grandma H.
7/18 — Breakfast with Uncle Chris & Grandma & Grandpa H.
7/22 – 7/28 — travel to visit family in Nebraska and Iowa, met friends at the Omaha Zoo & saw model trains at the Lauritzen Gardens
8/1 – Ringling Bros. Circus — too loud!
8/8 – nothing (per your request)


One day as we were getting ready to go in the store, I pulled out my Tula carrier to wear you. You said to me, “Grandma D. is going to get litter and littler and littler, and I’ll have to use your carrier to carry her.”

Grandma D. reported that you told her one day after a My Gym class, “Sometimes people don’t like to talk to me.”

You were fascinated with the safety procedure literature from the airplane. Each plane we got on, the first thing you did was reach into the seat pocket, pull out the laminated booklet and review it. You held it up and told me, “I’m gonna take this home and make it a different color. Red! And when I bring it back they will say you changed the color!” Examining the pictures on the plane’s safety procedures, you would point at various ones with the red line across it and exclaim, “Noo… We don’t want that to happen!” On the other pictures with no red line across, you would point and ask, “Is that safe?”

Aunt Marjorie had Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint foaming hand soap in her bathroom. You would wash your hands and walk around and make everyone smell them. Same with the strawberry scented hand sanitizer she had on her vanity.

At the airport, you randomly discovered your back pockets in your shorts and walked around saying, “My pockets are behind my butt!”

Road Trip fun: After two hours in the car together, you told us, “You are upsetting the child! Can’t you tell? I’m yelling!”

Listening to music, whenever you hear Elsa in the song “First time in forever,” you say, “I want to hear Elsa happy in Let It Go… this is the song that Elsa is sad.”

Driving roads in Nebraska, you saw enormous windmills in the fields and you said, “Look at the pointing carrots!”

Driving roads in Nebraska, you were excited to see that we were going on a dirt road. You asked, “Are we going off-roading?” (Like in the movie Cars!) When we transferred to a paved road, following the lady’s voice on GPS, you said, “I don’t like the lady! I want to stay on the dirt!”

Driving roads in Nebraska, you saw a body of water and exclaimed, “Look at the ocean!” I replied, “That’s not the ocean.” You said, “Look at the swimming pool then.” I said, “That’s not a swimming pool.” You said, “Then that’s a pond. Look at the pond.”

Driving along Nebraska farm roads, you looked out and saw all the corn growing and said, “That’s corn, like in Planes!”

We stopped at a stoplight that was set on a timer in the middle of nowhere. While waiting for the arbitrary light to change to green, you told me, “Jump out and go get some corn and soybeans, mommy! Go pick some corn!”

After driving awhile, you informed us, “There’s no home here, we’re not in California.”

You stuck your foot up on the center arm rest in our rental car, nudged your father and asked, “Say, What’s between your toes?” You spread your toes and then said, “I have a surprise for you!” Whispering, “It’s a present!”

Watching Toy Story 3 on the airplane, when it got to the Monkey Alarm scenes, you would take your headphones off and wait for the scene to be over.

While at breakfast with family one morning, you were clinking your fork. I immediately stopped you, you took my hand and started clinking on one of my rings, you then told me, “This is my wedding ring.” And in conjunction with that you started singing, “Only you can make me happy… ”

Listening to GPS instructions, you told her, “Thank you.” GPS gave instructions and your father didn’t hear them because you were talking and he asked, “Do I turn left here? You answered before I could, “Yes, yes turn left.”

While we were landing in the airplane, we attempted to teach you how to chew gum for the first time. You chewed for about 30 seconds and then swallowed it. You said you wanted to try it again, and the same thing happened. So, despite you requesting to try it again, I think we need to give it a little more time.

At any Walmart we go to, you say, “I want to see if they have a Prospector or an alien and a cookie, too!” When we were in Iowa and Nebraska, we checked the Walmarts there. Also, a Toys R Us store. The Toys R Us store didn’t have anything of interest and a couple weeks after we were home, you told your Grandma D. that Nebraska didn’t have a good Toys R Us store.

On our way to the zoo in Omaha, your father had bathroom issues that morning. I said to you, “It may just be you and me going to the zoo today.” You replied, “Well, he has long legs, he could catch up with us.”

One Sunday, your father was leaving for his weekly basketball league game. You didn’t want him to go, so you grabbed his hand and said, “Daddy, I want you to lose track of time!”

Playing outside in the sand, you had a Hot Wheels car and you were sliding it around. You said to me, “The cars go on crazy street! See?” You were referencing Lombard Street in San Francisco, which we had walked a couple of times while vacationing there the end of May.

One day you had nectarine juice on your hands, which you then wiped on your pajama shirt. After you were done, you stood up and walked over and stood in front of the fan and said, “I’m drying my shirt.”

Goofing around with you and your father in the car while driving to get your hair cut, I swiped my hand through your father’s hair and made it stand on end. You hollered from the back seat, “You’re in trouble, mommy! You wiped his hair silly!”

While at dinner one night, you were playing with Slinky dog and the slinky disconnected from Slinky’s rear portion. You said, “Slinky doesn’t have his butt! Daddy, you need to fix it!”

In response to a challenge from the local library, your Grandma D. read a bunch of books with you. They gave you a bunch of certificates and gift cards to local restaurants. Red Robin was one of them, for a free kid’s meal. You told us, “I want to go to Red Robin so I could get a cheese sandwich and steamed broccoli and a shake because of the book reading.” Then in a sing-songy voice, you said, “You did a great job! Thanks! Thank you very much!”

Your Uncle Chris made a visit out here this past month. When we drove him to the airport to return home, you talked him into reading you a book. Then, for the next week, you would tell anyone who was reading stories to you, “Uncle Chris is a better reader.”

You have been listening to me when I dictate to Siri on my iPhone. Now, if you are talking to my phone, you say “period” “question mark” at the end of every sentence.

If you don’t finish your meal, you say, “Just put it in the fridge for later.”

You will grab my hand and say, “I’ll tell you a story. This is a story from the prospector. The prospector was in a box. And then he went out on the street, and he didn’t find any cars so he hopped up on the sidewalk. Then there was a swoosh in the sidewalk and Jessie and Buzz were there…”

One day this past month, you actually didn’t have anything to do that day with Grandma D.: no classes, no library. You smiled and said, “I’m so happy! I don’t have any classes.”

One night in the bath tub, we were playing Toy Story and you started lifting your hands in the air. I looked at you questioningly, you said, “Hey, hey, hey. When the movie is done, words go up.”

One night you were pretending you were an alligator. You said, “The alligator pooped! He ate too much food!”

I took my nail polish off my toes, and you told me, “Oh no your toes aren’t pretty anymore.”

You love to call people out if they pass gas and one night, you were on the toilet and you told your father, in a concerned voice, “Oh daddy, you better go to the other bathroom and go poopy, because I’m using this toilet!”

And, last, but not least, if something accidentally hurts you, like your seat belt rubs your neck or something, you will say with great vehemence, “Don’t do that ever again!”

Sleep has been a real struggle this month. It has been extraordinarily hot and out-of-character humid, and we are conserving electricity. As a result, you’ve had trouble falling asleep this month.

We also traveled to a time zone that is 2 hours ahead of us and that threw your schedule wonky.

Around 2 AM you’ve been waking, terrified and shaking and tell us that you were watching a scary movie (your dreams?). You clutch me and shake, and I lay down with you until you go back to sleep, usually about 15 minutes.

While we traveled, though, and I co-slept with you, you were laughing in your sleep, and that was kind of neat to hear.

You also been waking early… around 5:30 AM. This has been a tough month for you (and us) in the sleep department.

One night, after we had returned home from vacation, i was nursing you to sleep and you unlatched and told me, “No, mommy, I don’t want to fall asleep and go in the boat and over the waves…”  and then you relatched and drifted off to sleep.  Another night, just before you fell asleep, you unlatched and said, “I’m just so very hungry!”  and then you went to sleep.


You have been eating extraordinarily well this month; combined with your behavior and sleep patterns, it seems like another growth spurt.

You have a real love for fruits; plums, nectarines and apricots, in particular. Your Grandma D. told me of a sale that the local Sprouts was having for apricots and I told you we were going go and get some. On the way there, you told me, “I’m going to have an apricot party with Sonia and Dave. I’m going to buy lots and lots of apricots. Apricots are good, really, really good.”

You’ve really been into eating salads this month. One night I brought home a big salad that had been untouched at a meeting at work. You sat at the table and crammed handfuls of the stuff into your mouth. I told you we were getting ready to go out to dinner (it was Friday!!) and you said you wanted to go to Souplantation for more salad, and that you wanted to take some salad with you in the car to eat on the way. So i filled your Shamu bowl with salad and off we went, and when we got there, your Shamu bowl was empty and you were ready to eat more at the restaurant!

The next night, I reminded you that we were eating dinner, because you didn’t seem all that hungry. When it came time for your bath, you declared yourself “so very, very hungry!” And asked what you could eat. I told you salad. You asked, “May I have some dressing on my salad?” I told you that you could, and so you sat in the bath tub and ate a whole big salad. It was absurd and hilarious.

Tonight, I sauteed a plateful of asparagus and another plateful of brussel sprouts, your father had gone to Home Depot and offered to pick up some food while he was out. I accepted, and he was shocked to come home and find us devouring our asparagus and brussel sprouts. And then you ate some of what he brought you, too.


For the most part, you primarily nurse at wake up (morning) and before bed time. I’ve noticed that you rarely nurse to sleep entirely anymore. You usually unlatch and then fall asleep. Although, if I’m around, and you do want to sleep, you seek me out. For example, when we were traveling and were experiencing some flight delays, you sought me out and requested to nurse with the cover over us. We got all set and you passed out on my lap for about 15 minutes… a little boost to get you through the rest of a long, long day.

I switched your Froggy to the ones we sewed, using red thread. One night while you were nursing to sleep you started staring at it. I was concerned you would reject it. So, I asked you what you thought of it. You said, “Look at all those crabs on it. This is my favorite corner!” You like crabs, so I knew all would be well then.

One night, you had finished nursing and suddenly I felt you bumping your nose on my belly… one, two, three times. After the third time, I finally asked you if you wanted to nurse some more. You said you did. I laughed and asked you why you didn’t just ask and why you were kissing my belly instead. You replied, “I wasn’t kissing your belly I was giving zerberts to your belly.”


Color: Red. Brown and white and black and blue.
Song: You’ve Got a Friend in Me
Movie: Toy Story
Food: Grilled cheese sandwich
Snack: Melon balls
Dessert: Cake
Fruit: Apricots
Vegetable: Asparagus and brussel sprouts
Class: MyGym
Teacher: Miss Talli
Store: $.99 Cent Store
Restaurant: Red Robin
Vacation spot: Nebraska
Toy: Big Dumptruck and Big Excavator.
Favorite theme park: LegoLand. We need to go to LegoLand, Mommy and Daddy.


You loved sitting next to me on my Aunt Marjorie’s vanity stool and helping me with my makeup. Sometimes you would disappear and I’d find you sitting on that stool all by yourself looking through her makeup… just like I did at your age. It makes me smile to see the generational similarities.

How I cut up some watermelon one night after you’d gone to bed. I had a snack of it then and put some in a container for you to have the next day. The next night, as you were falling asleep, you told me, “Mommy, I didn’t eat all the watermelon in the bowl. I saved some for you.”

How you really don’t quite understand the concept of the game hide & seek. You understand the literal meaning of it… you go, you hide and people are supposed to “seek” you out. But if someone says, “Where are you?” You are the first to answer with, “I’m over here!”

How your father was working in the attic putting in an attic house fan. You wanted to help him so badly and were running out in the garage to see how he was doing. When he was upstairs, you would go peer up in the attic hole and say, “Daddy? Daddy? Are you up there?” He would say, “Yes, William.” And then you would tell him, “Daddy? I love you.”

How when we were at our family reunion in Nebraska, we played a family trivia Bingo game. I finally completed mine and let you pick the trinket prize. You chose a small vial of lotion and put it on your hands and stuck your face in your hands to smell it, and informed everyone that it smelled good! My cousin laughed and said to me in an undertone, “Your 3 year old smells like an 80 year old woman.” He was right and within 15 minutes, I started getting a headache from it. I told your father that it smelled awful and that you smelled like an old lady. You piped up and emphatically declared, “No, I don’t. I smell good!”

You’ve done well with the swim classes, but the classes are filing up because it’s summertime and I just don’t feel it’s a good value for the money at this time. So for the time being, I’ve discontinued your swim classes. Some of the teachers don’t give equal time to the students, and the newer students who are scared and crying get most of the class time, leaving the other students bored at the side of the pool, which usually results in some sort of mischief, whether it be splashing each other or (other students) taking their goggles off, which then results in MORE time for the teacher to help the student put them back on. Some classes have even had FIVE students to one teacher. It’s really exasperating for me to watch the videos of the class and see maybe 4 minutes of instruction and realize that’s it. That’s all you got, and I just paid $16 for that. It’s just not worth it at this time.

Your facility is offering “unlimited” dance classes at this time, so I’ve been putting you in as many as I can. You have expressed a desire to be the Mouse King (from Nutcracker Suite) and to help you work past your fear of Ms. Ofi’s teaching style, I’ve told you that the only teacher who can help you learn how to be the Mouse King is Ms. Ofi. I even made you a special dance shirt with the Mouse King’s picture on it and it says, “Mouse King In Training!” You get to wear that shirt to her class. Ms. Nicole has been wonderful in helping you overcome your general fear of dancing, but I think you’re ready now for a more structured class. In fact, in your dance class with Ms. Nicole on 8/6, you were incredibly rude to her, you weren’t listening and you even yelled “no” at her. She told you to step out of the class and take a little break. Your Grandma D. made the decision that class time was done and made you sit there and watch the remainder of the class. Ms. Ofi may just be the key to help you do better. At least I hope so. Time will tell.

We have had a bit of a continuing issue with your gymnastics class. Ever since Mr. Steve left, you’ve just not been the same. Mr. Kevin is wonderful, but in the transitional phase between Mr. Steve and Mr. Kevin when things were not organized there , it’s like you whetted your appetite for mischief and you just can’t get your groove back. You do fantastic when you put your mind to it and pay attention, but more often than not, you get busy trying to make friends and get over-excited and you don’t pay attention to what the teachers are telling you, or what the other students are demonstrating and then when you are asked to perform, you have no clue what you’re supposed to do, so you wing it and cover your confusion with silliness. It’s exasperating.

The other thing about you is that, even though your body awareness has improved, you still seem to lack awareness about your size in comparison to other kids your age. Older kids have the coordination and strength to stand their ground with you, kids your size and younger do not. This “body awareness” thing is actually the primary reason I enrolled you in gymnastics. This is likely going to be a continuous thing for you throughout your life, because you aren’t getting any smaller or weaker, and that is why I’m reluctant to pull you out of gymnastics.

This awareness thing really became an issue around three months ago when you were playing at Chick-Fil-A with two older boys. They were pushing each other, and engaged you in the game in the play area, and you started imitating their behavior and thought it was hilarious. When I told you to stop pushing them, they told me it was OK with them, that they had started the game. I regret a thousand times over that I didn’t put my grown up pants on and insist that the behavior stop and to suggest finding another game. Because of that error in my judgment, ever since then, we have had problems with you hugging kids and then pushing them away from you. We are desperately trying to teach you to be gentle with others and it is not OK to push anyone… grown-ups, kids or pets.

So, I’ve spoken with Mr. Kevin and we agreed that going forward, taking it a month at a time, instead of allowing you to get disruptive and then pull you off to the side to sit with Grandma D. in time-outs during class time, I’ve asked Grandma D. to be proactive and go in and sit with you, like she did when you were younger. Hopefully, this will help you focus and learn in a more positive environment, instead of constantly being corrected.


At my Aunt Marjorie’s house the last day we were there, I ran your bath, but didn’t get a very good seal on the bath plug, and it started draining slowly. You have always freaked out when the water drains out of the tub and look around desperately to make sure that your toys are safe. When the water drained and you were in the tub, I guess you thought you were going down the drain. You were terrified, crying frantically, reaching out, and wanted out immediately. Now, two weeks later, you are still scared and request a short bath and don’t want me to leave the bathroom. One of the first nights back home, you saw a dark spot on the bottom of your plastic bath tub where a sticker had gotten stuck under it, and you freaked out about it thinking it was the drain.

One of the routines I’ve forgotten to mention, but has been a long-time routine for us is that Sunday mornings, you go to church with your father. Rare occasions I’ll go along, but most often I choose to go swimming and listen to my church’s service online later. Later, I’ll meet up with everyone (you, your father, Grandma and Grandpa H., and whatever friends they bring along) for breakfast (usually at Denny’s).

We have the best conversations when you wake up in the mornings. Some mornings you have lots and lots of questions like, what happens if there’s no clouds? What happens if there is no sun? What happens if there is no bed? What happens if there’s no pillow? What happens if there’s no toys?

Other things you like to talk about when you wake are word association games. You will usually start is by asking, “If I say cloud, you say…?” And I’m supposed to say the first word that comes to mind. So, I say, “Rain… if I say rain, you say…?” And you reply, “H2O. If I say H2O, you say…?” And on and on the game goes. Sometimes I say something that isn’t OK with you and you emphatically correct me and then I explain why it was that I said what I did.

I love our morning routine of waking up and nursing, and on vacation since we co-slept, I got to experience mornings with you every morning. One morning, you told me that you’d been watching movies all night. When I asked you what movie you had watched, you replied, “The Bear Caught a Frog movie.”

I told my mom (your Grandma D.) one evening about how sometimes I miss you at night when you’re sleeping and I’m so tempted to just go crawl in your bed with you for part of the night. She paused, and I wasn’t sure what she was going to say in response, her voice was soft and I could tell she was smiling when she said, “If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate. He’ll only be small like this once in his life.” I know that’s kind of cliche and is on memes all over the Internet, but I could hear in her voice that the only thing she was thinking about were the two babies that she raised, and how one of them she hasn’t even seen, let alone hugged, in two years and the other one (me), she has hugged more often, but despite that, we both definitely have our own separate lives.

44 months


Mommy and Daddy

More pictures from this month can be found here: LINK

P.S. Your father bought a box of Star Wars graham crackers. You are now able to look at the pictures on the box and name all but one of the characters. The “lost” character is one that you hadn’t been educated on, not a result of your memory. Your father is so proud.


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Letter to our 43 month old

Dear William,

On July 8, 2015 you turned 3 years 7 months old. You are 43 1/2″ tall and weigh 45 pounds. You are wearing the same sizes of clothing as listed last month.


Over the July 4th weekend, while we were in Big Bear, you had your first ice cream truck treat. The rest of the weekend, you would wake up, nurse and then say, “When is the ice cream truck getting here?” And then you would stand on the couch and wait, while peering expectantly out the window. Sunday you even declined breakfast because you wanted the ice cream truck. I told you it wouldn’t be there until later when it got hot. You waited a second and said, “It’s hotter now, is the ice cream truck here?”

At LegoLand, you went down the red “adult” slide all by yourself. We watched it for awhile before hand. You climbed all the stairs by yourself, determined. You expressed some concern when the time came to get on the slide, I told you that you didn’t have to do it if you didn’t want to. You climbed in all by yourself. When you came out the other end, you were smiling and proud of yourself. Riders have to be 42″ tall, you were 43″ the day we went (you grew a half an inch in the last couple of weeks).


6/13, lunch at Ruby’s
6/20, LegoLand Waterpark
6/27, breakfast with your godmother at a local park
7/2, weekend in the mountains with Grandma & Grandpa H.


You have started using the sign (along with speaking) for “May I be excused?” and “Dessert.”

Outside, playing with your “diggers” I asked, “What are you building?” You replied, “Not anything, I don’t have sand on my scooper.”

One of your favorite things to tell us is, “I’m telling you the truth! You’re just being silly!”

We see a truck going 70 MPH down the freeway with a load of chickens, their feathers ruffling and they are huddled together in cages. You said to them, “Sorry chickens. I love you chickens! I will catch a grasshopper and feed it to the chickens. The chickens will follow me to get more grasshoppers.”

Driving along, rather than saying “please”, you told your father, “If you turn on tractor tipping [song], I’ll give you Buzz [Lightyear]!”

We leave the house and drive one block, you said excitedly, “We’re that much closer to Legoland!”

You told me one Saturday morning, “I’m your present… You get to keep me!”

Your Grandma D. asked me one evening, “What is with the high-pitched voice? He uses it all day long, I’m starting to think it’s his normal voice.” This is because you are role playing so much, and for your Froggy or queen Elsa (Frozen movie), you adapt a high-pitched voice.

While at Ruby’s eating lunch, a poster on the wall garnered your attention and you asked all sorts of questions that made me think about earthquake insurance, like, “What happens if the poster falls down?” Without pausing for an answer, you asked, “What happens if there’s no glue under it or tape?” I was surprised you didn’t ask about a nail!

Seeing kids out your bedroom window, you stood there and yelled out to them “Hi!” There was no response, and you turned to me and said, “It didn’t work!”

One morning, your father had to leave early for work. He went into your bedroom and kissed you goodbye and gave you lots of hugs. When you heard the garage door open, you frantically opened your curtains and pulled up the shutters as you watched your daddy’s car drive away with tears in your eyes. It was one of the sweetest and saddest things I’ve ever witnessed you do.

We love to give each other Eskimo kisses (rub noses) and one night you asked, “Can we touch noses?” I replied, of course we could. You then asked, “Can we touch tongues?” Uh no. No, we cannot.

Apparently you are learning new songs all the time, one of the songs you sang to me while I was working the kitchen one night went, “Kitchen is a place to make and bake, it all happened there!”

I popped a pan of brownies in the oven one night to bake while we ate our dinner. Halfway through, you stopped, turned around and looked into the kitchen and said, “Oh! Can I have some chocolate??!!” Dinner was ruined, of course, and note to self, brownies have a distinctively and distractedly chocolate smell!

You got on the toilet one night and your father said, “Let mommy know when you’re done!” You replied emphatically, “Oh, when I’m done, I will tell YOU, daddy!” I snickered to myself all the way to the bedroom.

Your father wore a weirdly patterned shirt that made his back look wet. You cried out, concerned, “Ohhhh no! Your back is dirty, Daddy!” We had to explain to you that it was just patterned that way.

Reaching for something, you gave up and encouraged your father to get it for you by saying, “You are very tall, Daddy, you can reach it!” You paused and then said, “But… Is it too heavy?”

You customized the Amen song by singing, “Corn men, grape men, Corn men, grape men, corn men!” You were quite pleased with your creativity.

One Saturday morning, you came downstairs for a minute and explained yourself to the cats by saying, “Sorry kitties, I’m just getting my toys!” Oh, yes, I was certain the cats were sad… as I heard them all breathe out a collective sad sigh. ha

One night, we were talking about the 5 senses and the topic of your Grandma D. not being able to smell certain things came up. I asked, “Do you want to hear something sad?” You said, “Yes!” I told you that your Grandma D. couldn’t smell certain things. You said, “I want to hear something sadder than that.” And then, you got curious and asked, “Why can’t grandma smell things? Is there something in her nose? Does she have a plug?”

I handed you a fruit pouch with carrots, mango and apple in it. I tasted it first and told you, “Mmmm, that is good. If you don’t want it, I will eat it. You tasted it and said, “I’m going to buy that. If I find it in the store I’m going to buy one of them every single day.”

Tuggy waits for you, sitting on my desk chair, and meows for you to come down in the mornings.

We went to dinner one night and you proclaimed you had to go to the restroom. It was a one-person bathroom, so I stood there and waited and then realized that I, too, needed to go. I asked if you were done yet, you said no. I waited and waited and you WERE going, but sometimes these things take time. You grinned at me and cheekily said, “I’m going to make you pee your skirt!”

You saw a baseball in my car and asked, “Where’s the hitter?”

You scrunched your body into a little ball one morning and told me, “I’m trying to make this little so I’ll be a little baby.”

One day in Big Bear, you were getting crazier and crazier, dancing around, not paying attention to a movie that you wanted and I asked you if you had to go potty, you denied it. And then you made a mad dash to the restroom. Oh, yes, you did, too, need to go… and then you had the audacity to say, “Oh, that’s much better.”

Setting out food on the deck in Big Bear for dinner, you crawled up on the bench and dug in. You looked at me, as you guarded the food and pointed off yonder and said, “You can have the dirt for dinner.”

Talking to your Froggy lovey, you told him, “It’s OK Froggy I’m here to protect you. I always come back, Froggy.”

You have a fondness for pulling chairs around, climbing up, and reaching for something that’s higher up, that sometimes I’m not thrilled for you to get your hands on. One night, I had just told you that I didn’t want you to play with something that was on top of my dresser.  You went and grabbed a chair and just as I was getting ready to say something, you said in just the right tone of voice between exasperation and sarcasm, “I’m just grabbing a chair to sit on it. I’m not going to grab something, Mommy.” Huh, guess my suspicion was easily readable on my face?

You like to put a wad of bread in your mouth and around it, say, “That’s my new teeth!”

I told you I had a treat for you if you got in your car seat. Your father was loading the car to leave Big Bear and I looked out to see that you had crawled up in the back of your father’s car. You looked at me expectantly and said, “I’m in my car seat!”


You’ve been doing fairly well with your sleep. You do occasionally wake and cry out, “Daddy protect me!” Your fear is real!

When we went to Big Bear, as we usually do, we bed share. You woke in the wee hours of the morning and said, “Mommy?” “Yes, I’m right here,” I replied. You rolled over to me, shaking, and said, “Hold me. Hold me really tight!” You curled into me and fell back to sleep, 5 minutes later you jerked awake and said, “Keep holding me tight!”  It reminded me that you are so very vulnerable and precious.  I wonder what dreams you are having that make you feel so scared?


When you proclaim you’re done eating and ask to be excused, I love to ask you, “How is your belly?” You always reply, “It’s rock hard. But I still have room for dessert.” One day you’d had a donut earlier (daddy!) and you replied, “That was just a donut. I want something better than that!”


For the most part, you primarily nurse at wake up (morning) and before bed time.

There have been occasions that you seek me out. One time at your grandparent’s house, you were playing outside with everyone and all of a sudden you stopped and said you were going inside. You called for me, I was trying to take a nap in the back bedroom. You found me and asked to nurse and then realized you didn’t have your Froggy. So, you single-mindedly went and got it from your father and then returned to nurse. After about 10 minutes, you happily proclaimed, “I finished my nah-nahs!” And off you went.

One morning, after we’d been separated from each other, you crawled in my lap and whispered, “Mommy your nah nahs smell good. I want some.”

These sweet moments, as we nurse in the “golden” years of our nursing relationship are precious to me.


Color: Red. Brown and white and black and blue.
Song: Jesus died on the cross.
Movie: Cars and the yellow car part of it.
Food: Grilled cheese sandwich
Snack: Melon balls
Dessert: Porcupine. Zurg house. Zurg Cake.
Fruit: Turtle. No, no, no… grapes and cocoa. No, cherries & grapes and I want lots of them!
Vegetable: Carrots. Broccoli
Class: MyGym, because it’s not dance class.
Teacher: Miss Talli
Store: Poopy store. No, Walmart! Because it has cars in it!
Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse!
Vacation spot: Big Bear
Toy: Big Dumptruck and Big Excavator.
Favorite theme park: Disneyland


You’ve been very into smells this month. One morning you told me that I smell like vanilla. When I asked you what you smelled like, you said gingerbread. Then you told me that your daddy smelled “awful” and your Grandma D. smelled “stinky awful.” I checked with you periodically over the weekend (random pop quizzes) on this topic and your answers were always the same.

You hauled my basket of lotions out several times this month and sat there, opened every bottle, sniffed it and closed the bottle and put it away, and then hauled the entire basket back to its living spot. You told me you were having a smelling party.

You have several of your own bottles of soap in your bathroom. Some of them are Big Kids kind of soap and you got into them one night and one of the bottles “popped” when you opened it and it squirted soap in your eye. You screamed and cried and we wiped and rinsed. You finally told me, “Please, can you put nah-nahs in my eye?” I shrugged and said sure, we had already tried everything else and it wasn’t working. Miraculously, “nah-nahs” soothed the stinging eye immediately upon contact. Sadly, that incident did end your bath, though.

How one day you said you needed to go potty, and so I quick grabbed the homemade PooPourri spray that I put together and sprayed it in the toilet. You looked at me, curious, and said, “What is it that you sprayed, mommy?” I told you it was spray to make poopy not stink. You sniffed appreciatively and said, “That smells like oranges. It smells good.”

I was wearing a belt one day and you walked up to me and pressed the circle on my belt to make a bubble around me, like Buzz.

I switched you to a Wednesday class with Ms. Michelle. Mr. Jordan’s Friday class was getting too full and many of the kids in that class are constantly playing with their goggles and that time takes away from your swim instruction time.

Your teacher has been using you as an example for new kids in her swim class, which I’m sure just tickles you pink. 🙂 You play well with the swim toys that are sitting behind you on the deck when you’re not actively swimming.

For the months of July and August, your dance place is offering unlimited classes. I have been able to get you into two additional dance classes each week, which I think it helping you over your emotional hurdle with the class. One of the classes I get you in is a late class, so I’m able to get there to pick you up, which surprises you every time. Watching you do the routine, there is a part where you hold hands and jump in a circle. When that part if over, you don’t want to let go of the hands and keep trying to hold the girls hands longer. When they don’t cooperate, you moved over to another set of girls and tried again.

You continue to have issues with red circle time. We’ve now found the most effective strategy is for your Grandma D. to go out on the floor and get you at the one minute notice time and take you over to the red circle. We discussed various scenarios and this is more in-line with our goals of helping you learn to transition yourself vs. taking away something (MyGym class) you love because you’re having trouble with one or two parts of it. We were encouraged that a couple times you went to red circle all on your own.

One day your Grandma D. sent me this text: “Priceless! Girl next to Wm and Wm were bothering each other. Kevin stopped it. A min later, the girl leaned over & kissed Wm on the cheek. no reaction from Wm.”

This continues to be something you love to do. You articulate various stories and sing songs to your bath toy characters. You re-enact various movie scenes and create your own storyline with your toys.

One of your bath stories you told me, “One day an elephant was swimming in the water and came across a blue box and in the box was Siamese cats. And that’s it.”

Playing with your bath toys, “Oh no! It’s a shark! Don’t worry, I’ll use my bad breath to blow him away!” Repeat for scary monster…

“Oh, the string is a curb. Buzz and Woody and Daisy can’t cross the curb but bull’s-eye and Rex can because the curb doesn’t go in front of them. What are we going to do?” You problem-solved to have Bull’s-eye and Daisy go and then the others slide to their spots.

Every night when I drain the bath tub of water, you are very concerned that all your bath toys are out of the water and you stare at the drain the entire time it drains to make sure no one goes down the drain!


Our morning routine, after I’m finished nursing you, is that I tell you about the things I’ve already done. It usually goes something like this, “This morning when I went downstairs, Buggy was sitting at the gate. When she saw me, she said, “MEOWWW!” and then she ran downstairs as fast as she could. I saw Slasher in the living room and Tuggy was sitting on your chair. When I went in the garage to put my stuff in my car, Ripper was in the litter box. Then when I went back upstairs, Buggy almost tripped me. When I was putting my make up on, I heard, “MOMMY!” And then I came in here to say good morning to my little boy!” Some mornings the story varies, and you love to try to help tell the story when things happened in a different sequence than they normally do.

Part of our coming home routine is that I set you on the counter, get you a tiny piece of chocolate and then a vitamin. Then you piggy back on me back to the couch and you say, “Let’s talk about what you did today!” One day, your story was this, “I didn’t go to dance class today. I decided to walk around the lake. I saw a kitty there in the plants. He was like Snuggy, but nicer. He licked me. Grandma said he had a collar. I saw Canadian geese, too. The $.99 cent store was out of round cookies so I got a donut instead. It was chocolate.” Remarkably, it was all true.

You examined my hair one evening, noting its length you asked me, “Have you ever, EVER had your hair sticking up in space?” I told you that my hair has never been in space. But my love for you regularly goes to space and back because there’s not enough room in the world for it, so it has to expand out into space. I like to tell you that one of the reasons we decided to have you in our lives is because daddy and I have way too much love for each other and we needed someone else to give it to, so that’s why we have our William!

43 months 1


Mommy and Daddy

More pictures from this month can be found here: LINK


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Letter to our 3 1/2 Year Old

Dear William,

On June 8, 2015, you turned 42 months old. You weigh 45 pounds and are 43″ tall. You are in size 6 boys footed sleepers, size 5T pants/shorts, size 5T shirts (or 4-6 boys/Boys S shirts).

You’ve been going through a klutzy stage, where you’re bonking your head on all sorts of things. Between that and your increased appetite the last couple weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised if you grow taller here in the next month or so.

5/16, First Dance Recital (Cal Elite)

Things we did:
Saturday, 5/9 – Sea World!
Sunday, 5/10 – Breakfast w/ both Grandmas (Mother’s Day) at Souplantation
Saturday, 5/16 – Dance Recital
Saturday, 5/23 to 5/26 – San Francisco!
Saturday, 5/30 – visited the local mall
Saturday, 6/6 – Sea World

Language Development:

I love how you say the word “Weinerschnitzel” in a German accent.

You intermittently are waking in the middle of the night and requesting snuggles or bathroom assistance. The eve of your 2 1/2 year birthday, your father lowered the sides of your bed so we can get in and out easier to be with you.

Food and Nourishment:
You do pretty well with eating. You’re fairly willing to taste anything once. I had to laugh at you, you have become such a little chocoholic… I found some cookies I had baked and put in the freezer in 2011. I thought they might be OK, so I warmed them up. They were stale, but had chocolate in them. You wrinkled your nose and said, “These are weird, but the chocolate is good.” I took them from you because they just weren’t good at all and you were quite upset about that.


One evening this past week, you told us, “I don’t want to go to sleep. I just want to nurse and nurse, all night long.” I guess if ever there was a question about your feelings on nursing, that pretty much cleared them up.

One of your favorite things to do while nursing is to hum songs to me. One morning this past week, you started humming Christmas songs to me. I was kind of surprised to hear Joy to the World in June!

The other thing you like to tell me is how good I smell. When I ask you what exactly I smell like, you respond with, “Nah nahs.” Which makes me wonder if I really smell like milk after all this time, or if you just equate me and whatever I normally smell like with the smell of nah-nahs.

We heard a baby crying one day, and you told me that baby needed to nurse. You then looked at me and asked me if I was going to give that baby nah-nahs. It was a sweet question, given that several of our friends are either expecting or have recently had babies, I think you were wondering about having to share something that has been exclusively for you all this time.

When we went on vacation to San Francisco, your father’s cousin graciously allowed us to stay in her home. She is expecting her first child, and she was asking me questions about nursing. At the end of the conversation, we all stood up and you reached up and gently pointed at her breast and asked, “Is your baby going to get nah-nahs?” She stood there for a half second, translating in her mind what exactly “nah-nahs” meant and then responded with a smile, “I sure hope so!”

Favorites this month:

Color: Red
Song: Lightning Lost
Movie: Uh, let me think…Toy Story 2
Food: Grilled Cheese sandwich
Snack: Peanut butter pretzel nuggets
Dessert: Mini ice cream sundae (from Weinerschnitzel)
Fruit: Cherries
Vegetable: Carrots
Class: MyGym
Teacher: Mr. Steve (the old owner at MyGym); you told me he was your favorite, and Grandma D. later told me you said you missed him.
Store: Toys R Us
Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse
Vacation spot: San Francisco
Toy: Back yard dump truck at my house
Favorite theme park: Zoo

Things I want to remember:

How sometimes you’ll be snuggling with me and you’ll look up at me and ask, “Do you want a Froggy corner?” Since you were about 4 months old, the thing you do to your Froggy is to find one of the corners of its handkerchief and rub it between your fingers. It’s very soothing to you and it’s very special to you. I’m touched that you’re willing to offer me one of your Froggy’s corners.

How one of the videos your Grandma D. lets you watch is a monster truck video that counts in English and Spanish. One morning as we went down the stairs together, I counted, “One, two, three…” and you were counting, “Uno, dose, thres…” all the way up to 10. I was kind of surprised that you knew Spanish numbers.

How you loved San Francisco so much and we got home after the trip and you were so thrilled to have all your toys around you. But then, once the joy of being home wore off (about 2 hours), you crawled up next to me on the couch, looked at me and said, “I don’t want any of my toys. I don’t want any food. I don’t want anything. I just want to go back to San Francisco.”

How you told the waitress at the place we go for Taco Tuesday that when you grow up, you’re going to move to San Francisco and cook chocolate at The Ghirardelli Factory. From there, you branched out and told her you were going to work at Outback Steakhouse and make grilled cheese sandwiches. And Scoma’s to make salmon. But most definitely the Ghirardelli Factory to cook chocolate.

How you weren’t feeling well earlier this month, and you coughed and coughed. Then you sat up and told me, “Oh! I coughed up Froggy!” Surprised, I repeated, “You coughed up Froggy?” You replied and said, “No, actually, I coughed up a bed!”

How we went by Toys R Us one Sunday after church to look around. They have a big wooden train table in there. You happily played with the trains and then another little girl came along and started playing. Then a little boy came along. You seemed to be doing OK with it, but when we got out to the car, you got really upset. When I asked you what was wrong, you told me, “I’m not happy with the boys and girls they broke my heart by playing with the trains. I’m going to kick them out by their sandals and I’m done with them!” Then you added, “I don’t like him! I’m gonna throw them into the tree and play with the trains all by myself.”

How the day before we were to leave on vacation to San Francisco, you woke up running a fever. Concerned, I decided to take you to the doctor that afternoon, just to make sure your ears were OK and get cleared to fly. You piped up and said, “Are we going to San Francisco? I want to go to San Francisco… I’m all better now!” As if you could will it away. We called in “sick” to your classes that day, and was glad we did. For the first time in two years you fell asleep in your Grandma D.’s arms at 9:30 AM and slept for an hour and a half, ON THE COUCH. Unheard of.

How at your doctor appointment that afternoon, the doctor wanted to do a strep throat test. The nurse couldn’t get the required swab and was threatening to hold you down. I calmly asked for the doctor to come back in and try, suggesting that maybe she had a trick or something. You are very much into “tricks” these days, so you picked up on that and were over the moon excited to find out what trick the doctor had, and while we waited, you wanted a “yucky wooden stick that tasted like a piece of wood” so you could practice. As it turns out, the doctor sure did have a trick, she made you pant like a dog and while you were doing that, she got your throat swab… and then she swabbed your Froggy’s throat, too. When we left her office, you were laughing and smiling. A neat trick, indeed, and FAR better than holding you down! She also had the nurse watch so she could learn the trick, and that made ME happy.

How when we visited Alcatraz Island, your first impression of the place was, “Daddy will be very busy if he has to clean all the bird poop up!” We determined that was very true, since Alcatraz Island is overrun with bird poop.

How when we went to dinner at Scoma’s (in San Francisco), your father asked you while reading off the kid’s menu whether you wanted spaghetti or a grilled cheese sandwich. You replied, without even thinking about it, “Shrimp! I want shrimp, please?” And then, while we were eating dinner, you looked at my plate and exclaimed, “That’s a dead fish! It’s not swimming anymore. Eating a live fish would tickle!”

How you really loved our rental car in SF; it played movies. When we got home, your father pulled up in our regular car at the airport, you exclaimed, “Hey! Where did our new car go?” And then the next day, our neighbors pulled out of the garage and it was the same car/color, you said, “Did they drive our car from San Francisco for us?”

When we got home, you were able to get some play time in with your neighbor, Josh. Their house is the same floor plan as ours, just reversed. As a result, you knew exactly where to go to find Josh’s bedroom. They had to leave to go somewhere and you were devastated. You told me, “When I grow up and Josh’s mom gets older, and Josh’s daddy gets older, and Josh gets older and I get older, I can go play at Josh’s house all day long.”

We’ve really had problems getting you to drink water during the day time hours, and then dinner and bath time come along and that’s all you want to do, is drink water. So your Grandma D. thought she would try another path and educate you about what exactly water does for your body. So, one night at dinner, you informed us, as you sucked on your water straw, “I need to drink lotsa water because it’s good for my brain!” Then I rattled off other things it’s good for, your heart, liver and poopy. After each one, you said, “Yes.” In a tone of voice that indicated I was repeating something you already knew and to get on with it already.

How various things have gone missing, like your swim goggles that I clearly remembered putting on top of the red wagon to dry… or one of your Froggys that Grandma D. clearly remembered putting on the couch. Turns out, you’ve been going around and relocating things. The Froggy was found hiding in your Trunki and your swim goggles were found outside on the patio table.

One of my radios has a weather button. You love to push that button and listen to the weather.

How one morning, I told you, “I love you so much. Do you know why?” You responded, “Because I’m so cute!” ha

How your Grandma D. took you to the park one day and you were playing with a 4 year old girl. You told her that you were 5 and that you had been to San Francisco and Nebraska. She told you she had been to Colorado. I guess traveling is a topic of conversation not only to be held between adults, but children as well!

You continue to do so well in these classes and just really, really love swimming. Our lower community pool has a broken heater, so we’ve been trekking across the street and up the hill to the other pool, which caters to a denser population, so is more busy than ours. At one point you told me, “I really like swimming, but I don’t like all these strangers in the pool, they’re just… BLAH!” This is when parenting is tough for me, because I kind of felt the same way.

You had your first dance recital and it was so cute and so much fun! The interesting thing was, you really had no idea that there was going to be an entire show going on behind your class while you performed, and so you spent most of the time facing backwards from the audience, amazed at the aerial acrobatics that were going on behind you. Someone mentioned to my mom that I should get you for the “between” performances so you could see the show, otherwise you would just be sitting in a dark area behind stage. So I sought you out and you looked at me like I was heaven on earth… it worked out perfectly, you got to see some of the performances, and do your performances, too.

You had a bit of a rough spot this past month with your gymnastics and listening to the teachers. I’m really not sure what is going on with you and this class, you say you love going, but you don’t like red circle time. Despite the “magic” Mr. Kevin works on you, one class you had to be sent to sit by grandma D. because you were pestering the other children. It’s likely you had trouble coming off your vacation high, but I wanted you to understand the seriousness of how disrespectful you were. So when I had your full, undivided attention (while nursing seems to be the best time for “talks” of this nature), I told you if you didn’t listen to your teachers, I would stop your MyGym classes. No more MyGym. You were understandably upset, as was I. The next class, you were like a different person. Listening, minding, not pestering other kids… and when I got home, I told you how proud I was and listed off all the things you had done right. You snuggled into me and said, “Thank you, mommy… what do I get?” Huh. I’m thinking you “get” to keep going to MyGym and, also, I’m pretty sure you “got” your round cookie already from Grandma D.

Bath time play…
You love to play out the Ghostlight scene from the Cars movie.
You love to play scenes from Toy STory.


The afternoon of Mother’s day, we stopped by a Walmart that we don’t usually visit. In the toy section, a bunch of characters from Planes were on clearance. Your father bought you four of them because they were so cheap. On the way home, you declared, “Happy Toy Day, mommy!” Which morphed into “Boy Day!” by the time we got home.

My cat, Tug, has a tendency to nip if given a chance. I overheard you correcting him when you were petting him with, “No, no, Tug, just kisses or licks.”

One morning, Grandma D had arrived and was on the phone. You hollered over the balcony, “Grandma, get off the phone now. You’re supposed to be spending time with me!”

I love our life with you. The joy you bring us, the challenges you share with us, all of it makes us grow together as individuals, and as a family. How do I thank you for being who you are, when you’re just … you? So I find myself thanking God above every night for the precious boy that I hold in my arms and for the trust you place in us to be the best parents we can be. It’s a trust that I find myself almost reverent of, because we are your world and I’m constantly striving to make sure your trust isn’t misplaced. There is nothing in this world that makes me feel more humbled than your little eyes looking up at me, through all the emotions you feel every day, in complete and utter trust. Whatever else life may throw at you, I pray that you will always feel that kind of trust toward us, your parents.

42 months old

Love, Momma

More pictures from this month can be found here:  LINK


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Letter to our 3 Year 5 Month Old

Dear William,

On May 8, 2015, you turned 41 months old. You weigh 44.5 pounds and are 43″ tall. You are in size 6 boys footed sleepers, size 5T pants/shorts, size 5T shirts (or 4-6 boys/XS shirts).


You locked the bathroom door for the first time when using the restroom for privacy. That was quite concerning for Grandma D. who was trying to make sure you were on time for your swim class.

Things we did:
Thursday, 4/9, you visited me at work (and got a collectible car from my boss) and then went and saw airplanes landing at the airport w/ Grandma D.
Saturday, 4/11, we attended swim class & MyGym with you.
Friday, 4/24 through Sunday, 4/26, we went to the mountain cabin.
Saturday, 5/2, breakfast w/ your Godparents at Chick-Fil-A
Played at your grandparents house

Monday, Wednesday & Friday – swim class
Wednesday & Friday – MyGym
Tuesday, pre-k library story time and craft
Thursday, dance class w/ Miss Nicole

Language Development:

This month you have been sampling with rhyming words. For example, a song that I started writing you on the eve of your 3rd birthday (a work in progress), I sing as the last song of the medley I sing you each night, and usually you’re asleep by the time I get to it (or so I thought).  You started singing it to me one day, except you changed the word “hold” to “told” and laughed at me when I attempted to correct you.

If you call me “mom” I call you “Sim.” When you correct my name to “mommy,” I call you “Simba” (from Lion King movie). You think this is a hilarious game to play.

You’ve always been a verbal child, and the last couple months I’ve seen that you will make up stories and play with your toys for upwards of a half an hour, sometimes 45 minutes, with each toy carrying it’s own side of the conversation. Sometimes, you’ll have one of the “characters” belt out a song, as loud as “they” can and endearingly off-key.

You still say words pronouncing an “L” with a “W”, which is pretty funny when you’re talking about Cars 2. Referencing the lemon cars, you will say, “These women cars are bad. These womens are going to get you, McMissile!”

You’ve also been watching Planes and Planes 2 movies, and I hear you talking to your toys with emphatic, “I told you copy dot… COPY DOT!” Meaning, of course, “copy that.”

When playing with the Potato Head family, you kept referring to the “Smooshstache”, which meant “mustache.”

You requested to watch the movie, “Monsters a virgin yet?” You meant “Monsters University.”

In Toy Story 2, Buzz’s dad’s name is Zerg. You refer to him as “Jerk.” Your father was very confused when you kept calling him Jerk one night when he got home… until he realized you were role playing from Toy Story.

At the restaurant one night, we ordered chips and salsa. You said, laughing, “Are we getting Mufasa?” I said, “No, we’re getting chips and salsa?” You said, “No, Mufasa!” (Thanks Lion King movie!)

About singing… it appears as if you’ve inherited your parents’ love for music, but did not inherit my ability to sing. I’m kind of sad about that. But, boy, do you have musical passion! I love when you get so into a song, you raise up your little fist and sing into it like it’s a microphone! (You call it your “singer.”)


You’ve seemed to need extra reassurance this past month in middle of the night, often requesting one of us to lie down with you if you wake up. The last week has been back to “normal” sleeping, all the way through the night. So, it appears as if we’re on the other side of the developmental progress you’ve been working through for the last 6-8 weeks.

Then, just this last week after sleeping through the night two nights in a row, as I was nursing you to sleep, you unlatched and told me, “Mommy, when I wake tonight, I want you to come to me, not daddy.” I was a little scared (ha!), but you slept through that night, too. Thankfully.

I’ve mentioned before, but when we travel, I co-sleep with you.  So, when we went to the mountains, I crawled in your bed and you immediately plastered yourself to me.  No matter where I went in the bed, I would wake up to you plastered to me.  I finally managed to  put my back to the wall (cold) and you to my front (hot) and was comfortable.  Even though I was tired in the morning (innumerable times you woke and went back to sleep), it was one of the best things in the world to hold you while you slept.

Food and Nourishment:

You continue to do well with food. I’ve adopted the mantra of, after you’ve tasted something, “You don’t have to eat it.” You do have to wait for us to be done eating, because we like your company at the dinner table. When you ask to be excused, I always ask you to tell me if you’re full, which is usually answered with a resounding, “Yes!” And then I ask, how is your tummy… only because I like to see you take your hand and press on your belly and say, “It’s rock hard!”

I recently made some waffles and put some tiny chocolate chips in them. You sat down to eat them, not knowing what I’d done and exclaimed in pure wonder, “I found the chocolate!”

After your classes one Saturday, I took you to Baja Fresh and ordered you a kid’s meal of some taquitos, rice and apple sauce. Your spoon trailed from the apple sauce to sample the rice and they got mixed together. You tasted it with a curious look on your face and looked up at me and proclaimed, “Apple sauce and rice are good together!”

We visited your grandparents last weekend and I laid a picnic blanket on their lawn.  Your grandpa brought you a couple snacks of strawberries and you would mention something else you liked and your grandpa kept leaving and coming back with what you had mentioned. Before I knew it, you had a picnic of snacks for lunch… quite the spread of carrots, broccoli, almonds, strawberries… and you were delicately feeding them to your Grandma H.

After eating some broccoli, you gradually stood up and went all the way up on your tip toes.  You said that eating the tree made you grow big and tall.

You’ve been getting some crazy food lately.  You take a bite and start shaking your head back and forth and swaying like you’re Stevie Wonder.  Upon those occasions, you inform us that you ate “crazy grapes” or “crazy grilled cheese.”  Then your father samples it, and you both go crazy together.

Nursing continues to be a joy for us. It’s very different nursing a toddler than a newborn, though. You come to me when you’re hurt or if you’re sad, or feeling insecure, or just need to cuddle. You love to nurse if you’re watching a movie, I joke that nursing is your popcorn. Your favorite nursing session seems to be your “wake up” nursing, as that is generally when you nurse the longest. I look forward to our leisurely Saturday morning wake-ups. Sometimes if you’re tired and really struggling, you’ll ask to nurse when you get out of the bathtub, before we floss/brush your teeth. It’s usually on those nights that you fall asleep within 2-3 minutes, so a pre-nursing is just fine with me. It’s very rare for you to nurse in the middle of the night anymore, you usually request your daddy to snuggle with you. It is bittersweet to me; because for the first 3 years I handled most night wakings by nursing you back to sleep, and now I generally get to sleep through the night and your daddy gets extra snuggles with you. It is fascinating to see how our nursing relationship is evolving as you get older.

One afternoon you stuck your face in my chest, took a deep breath and declared, “That smells like nah-nahs.”

I was working on an irrigation project and was frustrated I couldn’t find a part I needed in my inventory.  You said, “Oh mommy, you just need to give me nah-nahs. That will help you feel better.”

Favorites this month:

Color: Red
Song: I Just Can’t Wait to be King (Lion King)
Movie: Lion King and Toy Story 2
Food: Grilled Cheese sandwich
Snack: “Melon Balls” (Greek yogurt covered granola bites)
Dessert: Mini ice cream sundae (from Weinerschnitzel)
Fruit: Grapes and Avocado
Vegetable: Broccoli
Class: MyGym
Teacher: Mr. Kevin (the new owner at MyGym)
Store: 99¢ Store
Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse
Vacation spot: Big Bear
Toy: Firetruck and Buzz Lightyear

Things I want to remember:

Swim classes have been a great success.  I see the progress on the videos your Grandma D. takes, or when we get to take you to your class. You are a child obsessed with swimming when we take you to our community pool, lately now you will swim from the side of the pool to the steps and back again, over and over, sometimes even doing a u-turn in the water to do it.  You are so very excited to go to the pool, and impatient to get in the water. You tell me, “Let me go!”  You role play that you are your other classmates, Logan and Millie, and you pretend to take their turn, but when you’re swimming as them, you usually mess something up and then “William” has to show them how it’s done. I’m not Miss Mommy anymore… according to you, I’m Miss Michelle.  Also, you really don’t like to get out of the pool when it’s time to go.  Sometimes I think you would happily swim all night long.

You did work through a bit of fear this month with respect to swimming.  We aren’t sure what triggered it, but suddenly you were afraid to swim out to the teacher from the step and wasted 15 minutes of your class time, sitting on the side of the pool, scared to go in.  We worked with you for an hour in the community pool that night, building up your confidence again.  At the end of the session, you earned Slinky Dog.  You were beyond thrilled and it was an awesome positive reinforcement for work well done.

Something clicked for you this past month and you are much more cooperative and actively participate now in your dance class. We enrolled you in the recital that is set for 5/16 and I’m looking forward to seeing the routine you’ve learned. Part of your routine is that you dance in a circle with one of the little girls, and in your practice you two bonked heads and had to walk it off. I heard that she was bragging to her mom about how she got to dance with you, so I guess the whole head bonking thing wasn’t too traumatic for her.

I am constantly amazed at how well you navigate the iPhone 4 that I have your apps on. I use this as a tool to keep you awake when we nurse around 5pm. I start you with the Bible Stories for Kids app, and when I get the phone back from you, it usually has between 5-7 apps open, all from your exploring. Sometimes you even manage to make your way into the videos folder and you’re always so amazed to find “Rachel and the TreeSchoolers” in there.

We went to Walmart last week and I found Jessie (from Toy Story 2). I managed to keep you from seeing it (a feat in itself, it seems you can spot a toy anywhere, whether it’s triple bagged, you still somehow know what it is) until we got outside to the parking lot. When I gave her to you, you were so vocal in your excitement and were laughing and saying over and over again, “It’s Jessie! Oh my goodness, it’s Jessie!!” It was like you were greeting a long lost friend!  Let me tell you something, if you react that way to any present you get for the rest of your life? I promise you, your life will be overflowing with bounty. People love to give gifts that are so exuberantly received!

Your bath time play has, over the past year, become one of my favorite times of day with you. I love interacting with you and seeing your imagination at work. I now try really hard to incorporate at least 30 minutes for you to have bath time play. We have tried many things in the past to transition you out of the tub, including a kitchen timer. What really seems to work best is after we’re done playing, I’ll gradually put all the toys back in their basket, soap you up and then have you stand up for rinsing. Then I scoop you out and put you on my lap to floss your teeth, and then your father comes in and brushes your teeth. While he brushes your teeth, I usually put lotion on you or clip your nails. Then it’s time for pajamas, a book (if there’s time), devotions and prayers. It is a seamless routine and it has been working well for many months now. Although, you have told me a couple times this past month that, “I don’t like nah-nahs.” When asked why, you said, “Because that means I go to sleep. I don’t want to go to sleep.”

In the last couple months, we’ve been broaching the topic of strangers with you… gently, trying to find the balance of knowledge and not scare you. The reason being, earlier this year, we went to the Irvine Spectrum, and they had installed some astroturf for kids to run around on, lined with a few Adirondack chairs here and there for parents to sit on. When we were there, I was keeping an eagle eye on you and noticed you approach one of the other kid’s dads repeatedly, engaging him. And I couldn’t help but think to myself, what if that guy were someone who intended to harm you? He wasn’t, but he could’ve been. Then I looked around at all the parents sitting in their chairs and not a single one of them was watching their kids. Their eyes were fixated on their phones and it really freaked me out to realize how very easy it would be for someone with nefarious intent to walk away with a child and it wouldn’t even be noticed for several minutes. I guess you’ve been listening, because we arrived at the pool one evening and there was a neighbor holding a pool party there. You looked around and in the volume only a 3 year old could pull off, you asked, “Are these people strangers? Why are they in my pool?”

When we were recently at your grandparent’s house, you were playing in their front bedroom (aka William’s toy room) and you opened a cabinet. Inside you discovered a zippered bag and in the zippered bag, you discovered a Potato Head family. Your Grandma H. told me they had been left behind from your cousins, Huck and Milo, and she put them in the bag to keep them tidy.  You were beyond excited and spent an hour rearranging their faces, their mouths and ears and accessories.  I overheard you to say, when Mrs. Potato Head fell over, “Look at the sky, lady!”  And, “Here woman, do you need glasses?”  And to Mr. Potato Head, “Here.  Do you want to suck on the pipe?”

One day last month, I had some moles removed from my face. I had a grand total of 8 small band aids applied, 5 of which were on my face. I was curious how you would react, especially because the receptionist at the doctor’s office told me I looked like I’d been through a war. When I got home, you crawled on my lap, I wasn’t even able to get out of my car. You peered intently at my face for a moment and then asked, “Do you have band-aids on your face?” Upon my confirmation of that, you said, “Do you have owies under your band-aids?” I again confirmed that. And then you kissed my band-aids, as you counted them.  “One owie,” *kiss* “Two owies,” *kiss*  All the way up to five.

For the last couple of months, CalElite has been offering unlimited swim classes. We were able to take advantage of that and were able to “sample” their teachers. Two of them I really, really liked and now that the unlimited part is done, I’m struggling with who I want to continue with. I chose the male teacher (for now), just because you seem to cooperate better with him and you get silly with him.

When I took you to one of your swim classes last month, I was sitting in the glass viewing room and then admonished myself as to why I was doing that? It wasn’t where I wanted to be, which was at the pool side with you, listening to the teacher. So, I broke the rules (I guess?) and went to the pool side and sat behind you, leaning against the wall. You turned to look for me in the glass room, and got a concerned expression on your face. I touched your shoulder and you turned to look at me with a broad smile and told everyone, “That’s my mommy right there. I love you, mommy.” That made up for all the times you tell me you don’t love me and don’t want my love, either… which, sadly, is something you tell me about once a week when you’re really, really tired after your bath at night.

Although, when I come in your room first thing in the morning,  you tell me in a sweet, sleepy voice as you sit up from being asleep all night, “I love you, mommy…”

We’ve had quite an issue with your gymnastics class the last couple of months. I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle it, but the thing was, you had really bonded with the former owner of MyGym (Mr. Steve) and then there was some turmoil and an interim manager who didn’t really have the knack for working with younger kids. You, in turn, started failing to listen, started “playing” and sometimes in your playing would bother the other kids, and sometimes would just refuse to participate. You were spending the entire class time being corrected or cajoled into participating, and that is not my goal or why I spend money on the class. Since it was pretty much isolated to MyGym, I gave notice to discontinue. However, the new owner (Mr. Kevin) has resurrected the place and in two weeks time has really turned the place around and you are actually listening and if you’re not, he somehow works magic and you end up participating within about 30 seconds. I think I need to take classes from him so I know what magic to use on you!

You recently realized that I have a crap-ton of stuffed animals above my closet and begged for my little Stitch doll.  You held him up to show him my starry night pajamas (it has moon and the stars on them) and said, “Stitch, I will show you night.  Look at mommy’s shirt.”  Then you followed up with, “Look at the stars… I’m teaching you to be king.”  (Thanks, Lion King movie.)

More memories:

Playing in the bath tub, you were driving your Sheriff squeeze toy through the bubbles and said (as if you were him, “Stop putting things on my face. I’m trying to see things on my computer.”

How you attended mass with me and your father was serving mass. You wanted to go see him and I told you that you had to wait until mass was over. You pulled out the kneeling prayer bench, knelt down on it and said, “Then I’m going to pray that mass is over now.”

How you love our coming home routine (and I do, too). We nurse and then we go in the kitchen and I lift you up to sit on the counter. I then open the pantry and pull out a couple chocolate chips or some sort of chocolate bit. While you eat that, you select which vitamin you’ll be eating (either a Frozen vitamin or a Cars vitamin), and then you hop on my back and I piggy back you to the couch and you say, “Now, let’s talk about what we did today. What did you do today, mommy?”

You take great joy in the cats getting in trouble. Anytime you hear their name called, you pop up from where ever you are and say, “What did he do?”

One morning you woke up with a stuffy nose and started bonking yourself in the face with your hand.  Concerned, I asked, “What are you doing?”  You replied, “I am hitting the germs!”  And then, sadly and with some desperation, you said, “It’s not working. Will nah-nahs make it better and make the germs go away?”

We’ve been pushing you to drink more water during the day and, often, your response is, “If I drink water, then I’ll have go pee! I don’t want to go pee!”

One morning, after you were done nursing, you turned into me and said, “Mommy, I’m a burrito.” I asked if you were a beef or chicken burrito.  You said, “I’m a beef burrito with white rice.  I’m delicious.  YOU SHOULD EAT ME!”  It was particularly hilarious because I didn’t even know you knew burritos have rice in them.  Even funnier, your father and I always order brown rice.  When I left the room a few minutes later, you followed me out pretending you were Woody calling for slinky dog and the soldiers. haha

One evening, you had lost Woody and Buzz.  Your father found Buzz, but couldn’t find Woody.  He was walking around, opening and closing things, asking “Where is Woody?  William, where did you put Woody?”  You were following him around saying, “Don’t worry, he’s coming.”  Then, your father was digging in the toy chest and you said, “Stop digging!  Those are NOT your toys!”

If I ask you what you think about a new food that you like, you will tell me, “I think it’s better than honey.”

Your Grandma D. reported the following to me one day, “William calls it Awesome Park. We were at the slide where he got stung that time with you. William said there is a bee on it. And there WAS! We are now at the tunnel slide. Other kids here.”

One morning when I got sad that I had to leave for work, you told me “It’s okay mommy, daddy is still here.”

If we ever ask you what you want for dinner, you say, “It’s taco Tuesday!”  If we tell you it’s not Tuesday, you ask, “Can I have a grilled cheese sandwich then?”

One day, I was gently correcting you on something and you said, “Don’t call the police man.  I know you’re getting frustrated, but don’t call the police man.”

If we get somewhere and you realize we didn’t bring something you want, you’ll say, “You didn’t bring my _____ because I didn’t remind you.”

You threw one of your toys and you looked up guiltily and asked, “Will my toys come and get me now?”

At MyGym your Grandma D. reported, “William jumped for the monkey bar  & said, “To infinity & beyond!”

At Yogurtland, a little girl walked by saying repeatedly to her mom, “I want chocolate.”  Her mom kept telling her she could have strawberry.  The girl was insistent on chocolate.  You piped up and said, “I love that child.”

In your car seat, you were reaching for something and were saying “I’ve got to get the brown thing.”  Confused, I asked you “What brown thing?”  You kept repeating yourself and I did, too, and finally, in exasperation, you said, “The brown thing on the butt wiper!”  You were referring to a picture on the baby wipes wrapper.  I think you thought it was a toy.  But, seriously, butt wiper?

When we had a party, you looked over the balcony as you went to your bath and said, “Good night, everyone!”  And I always have visions of the Sound of Music children singing their goodnight song when you do that.  The next morning, you looked over the balcony and asked mournfully, “Where’d all my friends go?” You are the only kid I know who cries when other kids leave the park to go home and totally guilt trip other kid’s parents into staying longer.

Grandma D. reported, “I suggested William pull the wagon & I sit in it. His answer: “Your butt is too big.”

A new tradition was born last month with your daddy “giving you his love” in your right hand.  You then bring your left hand up to my mouth for me to kiss.  Then you bring your hands together over your head to put our love together. From there, you lift up Froggy and put your right hand to your heart to put our love in your heart. Every single night.


…and every single night, you melt our hearts.

Love, Momma

More pictures from this month can be found here:  LINK


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Letter to our 3 year 4 month old

Dear William,

On April 8, 2015, you turned 40 months old.

You weigh 44 pounds and are 42 1/2″ tall You are in size 5T footed sleepers (getting too small), size 4T pants/shorts, size 5T shirts (or 4-6 boys/XS shirts).

Things we did:

03/12 – Taste of Jay’s catering event
03/13 – Irvine Spectrum, ferris wheel and train
03/14 – first real train ride (Amtrak!)
03/14 – Zoomars petting zoo
03/14 – Annual Green Dinner (with Irish dancers)
03/22 – Sea World/Breakfast with Elmo & Friends
03/28 – Bunny Blast (our city’s Easter event)
04/04 – Lunch at Johnny Rockets and visit some friends
04/05 – Easter!  (Mass w/ daddy, egg hunt at Grandparent’s house)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday – swim class
Monday, Wednesday & Friday – MyGym
Tuesday, pre-k library story time and craft
Thursday, dance class w/ Miss Nicole


03/24 – With your father’s help, you cleaned up your first cat poopy. HA!
03/28 – First port-a-potty usage
04/04 – played your first pinball game (Star Wars)

Language Development:

Sometimes you call Toy Story, “Stoy Tory.”
Girl is “Grirl.”
Mebraska is Nebraska
Abby from Sesame is Street is “Butterfly Grirl.” She gave you a hug and a pat on the head at the Elmo and Friends breakfast, and you are totally enamored with her now.


This past month has been challenging for us. A few nights you’ve had trouble unwinding/falling asleep.  It seems like you have a lot on your mind sometimes.  You’ve been waking in the middle of the night to go pee, sometimes twice, and then sometimes waking early.   I suppose it’s likely that you’re having some sort of developmental leap, as the inability to relax has always been one of the signals for you.

Food and Nourishment:

You are still obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches, so that’s an easy meal if we’re being lazy.  We’ve been getting trays of fresh vegetables, we keep finding deals on them… big trays of crudites, and since your father and I are crunching away on them, you’ve started doing it, too.

Your creativity is extending to your food… on leftover night, you had (surprisingly haha) a grilled cheese sandwich. You took some mac-n-cheese from the bowl and put it on top of  your sandwich and informed us, “I’m having a mac-n-cheese sandwich now!”

Nursing continues to be a joy for us.  I’ve noticed that I’m using our nursing pillow for only 2 sessions… the arrival home and the bedtime.  All the other sessions, we’ve finally figured out how to nurse comfortably without the pillow.

Favorites this month:

Color: Red
Song: Siamese song from Lady & the Tramp; Also, El Shaddai (Amy Grant)
Movie: Lion King
Food: Grilled Cheese sandwich
Snack: Greek yogurt covered granola bites (aka melon balls)
Dessert: Chocolate
Fruit: Honeydew
Vegetable: Asparagus & soybeans
Class: Swimming
Teacher: Miss Michelle (swim class)
Store: Walmart

Things I want to remember:

How you woke one morning (3/25) and were singing El Shaddai and Thy Word (both Amy Grant songs) to yourself at 6 AM. I asked you what you were doing, you said, “Singing to Jesus.” I told you Jesus likes to hear you singing.

How we went to Taco Tuesday (it’s a local “family” style bar) and you really wanted to bring your music player in and listen to your songs.  We told you that you wouldn’t even be able to hear your songs because it is so loud in there.  You were insistent, and we shrugged… picking our battles.  So you set your player on the table and were looking around at all the TVs in there and you stared at one TV in particular and said, “Oh my goodness, that’s Amy Grant!”  I looked at the TV and it was on commercial, but I saw no Amy Grant.  It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I realized you were talking about your music player… I had just put a few Amy Grant songs on it the night before, and you didn’t know I had done that.

How sometimes you just start doing stuff that drives me up the wall and I realize that everything I’m saying to you is a correction of some sort. So I just take you outside and then everything I’m telling you is a fun thing to do. I’ve heard this referred to as a “Yes Space” and I love that name for it.

How one day, I tried to pick you up and you were all limp. I told you that you were a noodle. You thought that was pretty funny. I put you in the Tula and as I leaned in the car to turn off the engine, you got a blast of air in your mouth from the A/C. You said, “The noodle ate some air! The noodle likes air!” Then as we walked through the store, you asked me to blow in your mouth so you could eat some more air.

How sometimes when we watch a movie on the weekend, we will nurse and then when you were done nursing, I turned on my stomach/side to take a nap on the couch. You fit yourself to me like a little puzzle piece. It was one of the best naps I’ve ever taken… although you didn’t.  You tell me you can’t sleep when the sun is awake.

We let you have your first Lifesaver from an Easter egg this month.  You finished one, and we left for dinner.  You asked where your egg was, I told you it was at home.  You replied with great urgency, “Oh!  Drive back to home and get the egg!  I need more!”

You love the Old Oak Tree song, “One little owl says who who, two little owls say who who, three little owls say who who as they sat in the old oak tree”  Now you’ve started correcting me if I put silly things, like cars, in the old oak tree with, “Oh, silly mommy, cars don’t sit in the oak tree, they drive on the street!”

You were role playing the characters of Frozen.  You tripped and fell down.  In concern, I asked you what had happened.  You matter-of-factly said, “I melted.”  Obviously, you were Olaf.

While we were waiting for our food at Sonic after the Bunny Blast event, in the interest of keeping you occupied by something other than your hunger, I told you to count the cars going by.  So you said, “1, 2, 3… that car is in trouble.  1, 2, 3… that car is in trouble, too.”  I wondered how every third car felt about being in trouble. haha

Hilarious kid that you are, we were eating dinner in the back yard.  In excitement, you got up to look at something, I told you it was dinnertime and to get back in your chair.  So you grabbed your chair and held it up to your rear end and started walking around.  Cheeky little thing!

Your father has an awful time taking you down off of his shoulders.  Sometimes it takes him 2 or 3 tries!  Why?  Because you clamp your legs around his neck and holler, “No!  I’m sticky!”  And then after that happens, you find yourself afflicted with “stickiness” and often end up stuck to my legs or daddy’s legs.  Such a terrible thing to happen to you!

Swim classes have been a great success.  I see the progress on the videos your Grandma D. takes and also when we take you to our community pool.  You are excited to get in the water, so very happy.  You tell me, “Let me go!”  You role play that you are your other classmates, Logan and Millie, and you pretend to take their turn, willingly flipping over and floating on your back.  You call your legs and feet “kickers” and say, “Where’s my kickers?”  You also call me Miss Mommy during “class.”

How you like to lie flat on your belly in the bath tub and blow bubbles with your mouth, and then you say you are going to be a swim teacher when you grow up.  I tell you you need to get a bit bigger.  Then you said, “I’m bigger now and I’m the swim teacher. I am Miss Michelle. Today we are only blowing bubbles, we are not putting our eyes in the water today, OK?”

Your dance class is going better now that we’ve switched teachers.  While you still don’t love it like you do your swim class, you really like your teacher.  In fact, I think you tolerate the class because you like the teacher so much.  For some reason in your new dance class, the teacher uses different color spots for the kids to stand on.  After one day of you being traumatized by someone switching spots and taking “yours”, you now use your Froggy to save your spot for you.  You have almost become preoccupied with it.

When you start to feel overwhelmed with something the dance teacher is doing, she backs off, gives you a bit of space and lets you observe for awhile before requesting your participation.  And then she comes alongside you and helps guide you.  I am grateful to her for her patience and intuitive handling of you.   When I asked you this past week if you dance with the other little girls, you emphatically declared, “NO! No, I don’t.  I dance with Miss Nicole.”  Which tells me you are very possessive of your teacher.

Grandma forgot to bring Froggy to one of your dance classes.  You got about halfway there and she remembered and told you, “Oh dear, if we go back to get it, we’ll be late to class.”  You responded, “Take the freeway then!”

How proud of you I am that you willingly and happily let me floss your teeth (we started doing this after your dentist visit a couple months ago).  It helps that I found some kid flosser sticks with different colored animals.  Your favorite is the red crab, next is the orange monkey, next is the green dolphin and least favorite (sadly to me) is the blue elephant.

One night while you were in the bathtub, your father and I started chasing each other in the hallway outside of your bathroom.  You started laughing hysterically and when I looked in on you, you were “running” in the bathtub and were splashing water everywhere with your legs.

I bought a neat spinning thing at Big Lots, which you played with and when I leaned over to buckle you into your car seat,  it got stuck in my hair.  I managed to pull it out (with some hair loss of course), and your father fixed it and put it up on top of my dresser.  You spotted it, pulled up a chair, got it, brought it to me and informed me, “I found this! It isn’t in your hair anymore!”

It truly is amazing the things you notice, like, you were eating lunch with your Grandma D. in front of the library before story time one day.  You said, “Hey, there’s a bear on that flag!”  Of course, there would be. There is a bear on the California flag which was flying there.  Or, one morning, you said, “You’re not wearing your purple and black socks. Those are red and green stripes.”  Yep, sure enough, I had switched socks that morning.

How we came out of Walmart one day and the person who had parked in the handicapped spot had parked half in their spot and half in the wheelchair unloading area.  You looked at it for a minute and then asked, “Is somebody sick or something?”  I said, “I don’t know, why do you ask?”  You pointed and declared, “Their wheel is on the side that says ‘No parking’  they must be sick or something.”

You got water in your shoe one day from going through a puddle, and when the water streamed out of it with your next step you said, “Oh no! That’s pee coming out of my shoe!”

Sitting on the toilet at church, you said, “Get out poopy!”  After a moment, you turned and told me, “The poopy says no.”

Imitating the Frozen song, Let it Go, you sang, “Here I poop, and here I’ll stay.”

Eating a slider at the taste test event, you asked, “This is a slider?”  Yes, you were told.  You asked, peering curiously at the bun, “Is there a slide in there?”

You discovered a hole in my pajamas where a seam is coming loose.  You stared at it for a second, poked your finger in it and then informed me that I needed to go to the tailors.  I asked you why, thinking I could just fix it myself.  You replied, “Because you broke your clothes, mommy.  The tailor fixes broken clothes!”

You’ve started calling me “mom” (instead of mommy) just because you’re being mischievous.  In response, I’ll call you “Sim” (short for Simba from the Lion King movie).  You’ll say, “No, no, momMY…, it’s SimBA!”  You know exactly what you’re doing, and you know exactly why I’m shortening your name, too.  Smarty pants.

When you role play the toys in Toy Story, you jump off the top of your toy chest onto the entry way.  Before you do it, you yell, “To infinity and beyond!” Spread out your arms and then go.  One day after you jumped, you told me, ” I am a cool toy!”

How we were going through some of your toys and you came across a woolly mammoth toy.  You held him up and with a confused look on your face asked, “What movie do I live in?”

I took you into a local children’s resale shop and you excitedly asked as we entered, “Can I go look at all the broken toys?”  I said you could.  After a few minutes perusing the toys, you said, “Mommy, these toys… none of these toys are broken!”

More of the influence of the Bible for Kids app, you were role playing the other night and you informed us, “I’m Jesus and, daddy?  You are a Roman soldier.”  Before you could name me, I asked you if I could be Mary.  “Yes, yes, you may be Mary, mommy.”  I was grateful because I didn’t want to have to do reprogramming of you that I’m your mommy, which is what your father faced after an hour of him being a Roman soldier trying to convince you that he is actually Joseph.  ha

If I pull toilet paper off the roll to wipe you, you are quick to admonish me, “Don’t take too much! That’s wasteful!”  Same if I turn the water on to wash your hands, you’ll say, “Not that much. You’re just wasting water!”  And then the soap squirter, “Just a little soap.  My hands aren’t that big.”

You still love to be told parts of a movie like it’s a story.  Like, if you’re upset or being uncooperative or just need to have your mind on something else, I’ll start a story with, “Did you hear about Frank?”  And then launch into the story of Frank in the field and being awakened by Lightning and Tow Mater tractor tipping (Cars movie)… or the story about the Siamese cats coming out of the basket and causing a ruckus (Lady & the Tramp).  I’ll probably be adding something from Toy Story to my repertoire.

At an outing this past weekend, there was a fountain.  You walked around it, up stairs, down stairs, another little boy walked up to it and started putting his hands in the water. You walked up to him before I could get to you and told him, “Hey, you! Stop that! That’s my water!  You’re getting on my nerve!”  (I am being totally serious when I say, I really don’t know where you get some of these things you say.  They are NOT things that any of your caregivers say around you.  I just did a search of the Toy Story movie script, and apparently “getting on my nerves” and “stop that” are part of the script… Toy Story is one of your favorite movies right now.)

You love to help wash dishes and I usually manage to get you interested in doing it by nonchalantly asking you to help me clear the table after dinner.  Before I know it, you’ve got a chair pulled up to the sink and are rinsing everything off.

Before bath time, you get to run around upstairs in your underwear.  One evening, your father said, “You have a couple minutes to run around.  Don’t blow it.”  You started walking around, blowing air from your mouth in long gusts and short puffs.

One of my favorite things to do is to watch you play with your toys… whether your outside toys, your inside toys, or your bath toys.  Quietly watching you play gives me such insight to what you’re learning, but also to areas that I need to improve myself… because I hear myself (and others) in the words you tell your toys, how you treat the cats, and even how you treat other kids.  I can also see the influence of the movies  you’re watching come out in how you behave toward others.

I really enjoy my weekend mornings with you and our leisurely morning nursings… and how after you’re done nursing you’ll start talking and making up stories… like, one morning you decided to role play Thomas and the bee story, but you mingled in a practical joke about Spencer hauling a “septic” trailer and when he got where he was going he found he’d been hauling poop.

When we got  home from your grandparents house on Easter, you looked at me mournfully and said, “Oh no! We forgot to bring my bunny ears!”  I asked you, “What bunny ears?”  You said, “MY bunny ears.  The ones I wear for Easter!”  And then I remembered, you DO have a pair of bunny ears for Easter.  I think they’re in the bottom of your toy chest somewhere.

I love that your Grandma D. takes videos of your activities that you do. It’s such a blessing to us … all of us as a family. Not only does it help you do better in classes.  Often, we will watch your videos of the day after dinner, before bath time, together as a family. Not only is it constructive for you to see yourself, but it allows us to give you positive feedback. Also, sometimes when I miss you after you’ve gone to sleep, I will watch the videos and it helps me feel better, more often than not, I’ll turn around and your father will be standing behind me watching as well.

Your Grandma D. shared a little story with me this past week, how one Monday you had a really rough time after we had left for work.  She said you told her, “I don’t want Rachel (Signing Time), I don’t want food, I don’t want toys, I don’t want anything!  I just want mommy and daddy.”  The story is both sweet and sad and makes me hurt and melt at the same time.

Your father touched your hand one night before he left the room giving it an extra squeeze of love. You brought your other hand over your head and touched your other hand.  I asked, “What is that?”  You replied, “That’s where daddy gave me his love.”  You then put your hand and touched your chest.  You said, “I’m putting Daddy’s love in my heart.”  Then you  brought your hand from your heart to my heart and told me, “I’m putting daddy’s love in your heart now.”


Love, Momma

More pictures from this month can be found here:  LINK

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