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Letter to our 3 year 3 month old

Dear William,

On March 8, 2015, you turned 3 years 3 months old.  You are 42″ tall and weigh 42.8 pounds.  You are in size 5T shirts, 4T pants and shorts, 5T footed sleepers (although I think we need to start looking a bigger sizes in pajamas) and wear size 11/12 EW shoes.

Something that happened this month… after only 3 classes, I decided to change your dance class to a different teacher.  The first dance class you attended, you were excited.  The second dance class you attended, you were looking for a reason to take a break.  So, when three other little girls declared they had to go potty (despite them having gone before the class), you said you did, too.  The third dance class, you went in and were cooperative, but did so with tears running down your face for 10 minutes and then “had to go potty,” but nothing came out.  After reviewing the videos your Grandma D. had taken, I realized that perhaps the teacher’s body language could be viewed as aggressive and I had no idea what she was saying to you.  The biggest thing seems to be that Miss O. consistently reprimanded students for talking.  You claim that you never talked in class, that “Karis did” … but I wonder… you were “teaching” me how to “make a crown” and then follow through with “opening the sun” and I asked you, “Like this?”  And you immediately and emphatically responded with, “We’re opening the sun right now, not talking!”  After all that, I decided that perhaps a better “fit” might be in order.

I switched you to Miss N.’s class… and your Grandma D. took you to observe the class the week prior to starting, which was a fantastic idea!  The teacher came out of the room for something and you reported to me later that “Miss N. said she had to go back in and I said, ‘HA HA HAAAA’ and Miss N. smiled at me!”  The first class you felt you needed Froggy to help you.  The teacher said that was fine, and actually encouraged it.  By mid-class, Froggy was placed by you at the side of the room and you were interacting and doing your best to keep up.  I’m hoping this week’s class brings you laughter and that Froggy will be left at home!

Things you did:

02/09 – first dentist appointment
02/14 – Sea World
02/16 – LegoLand with Mommy
02/21 – Ryan’s 2nd Birthday party
02/28 – Breakfast at Chick-Fil-A with your godparents (a playground where the slide made no noise!)
03/07 – Santa Ana Zoo to see model trains

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, swim class
Tuesdays, pre-school library storytime
Wednesdays & Fridays, gymnastics at MyGym
Thursdays, dance class

02/09/15 – First Dentist appointment (no x-rays, their machine didn’t work)
02/21/15 – Rode tricycle for first time (and pedaled!!) at Ryan’s house
02/23/15 – First Swim class (with Miss Elaine)

You have not taken a nap this past month at all.  You now tell us that you can’t sleep when the sun is up.  Your Grandma D. still enforces a quiet time, and she rocks you for awhile… but you no longer fall asleep.  You refuse to lie down on your bed, instead choosing to have your quiet time on the floor of your room, in the dark.

Nourishment and Nursing:
We continue to nurse, although I’ve noticed a gradual decrease… you love your morning wake-up nursing session and you stretch that out as long as you can.  If we’re just hanging out at home, you have a tendency to cluster nurse in the mornings.  If we’re out for the day, you’ll usually seek me out in the early afternoon for a nursing session instead… I call it your “quiet time,” because it’s really just you regrouping yourself (instead of taking a nap).  We tend to seek each other out around 5 or 6 PM, and then your bedtime nursing is pretty short.  Not because you don’t want it, but because you fall asleep so quickly (because you no longer nap).  It’s said that child-weaned nurslings generally tend to wean themselves between the ages of 3-4.  I guess we’ll see how this plays out with you.

You eat well and continue to be somewhat adventurous when it comes to sampling food.  When we have soup, it’s quite adorable to watch you stack your spoon.  Every bite has to have a soup cracker and you’ll put nearly anything (except bell pepper) on the spoon with the cracker.  You’ll say, “I’m having potato and a cracker… Mmmmm, that’s good.  Now I’m having onion and a cracker.  Now i’m having a green bean and cracker.”  And on and on it goes.

Things I want to remember:

One of the things we tell you (to make you laugh) when you’re having a difficult time after dinner transitioning to the idea that we’re going home is, “I bought you dinner and stuff!”  Now you repeat it back to us and laugh and laugh. You just think it’s the funniest thing ever.

You like to ask me about the chores that I do, “Mommy do you have chores to do?”  Yes, I reply. “Are they home chores or work chores?”  Because sometimes my chores are about getting ready for work the next day, and other times the chores are about keeping our home running smoothly.  It’s interesting to me that you are classifying my chores.

When I help you clean yourself up, or help you wash your hands, or even help you with a toy that is challenging you, you tell me, “Mommy, you did a good job helping me.”

When we were at LegoLand on President’s day, you accidentally walked under the hand dryer in the restroom.  It triggered and a huge gust of air and loud noise burst forth.  You jumped and almost cried you were so surprised and you said, “Oh no!  Do I still have my hair!”   You later told me that Mr. Steve (your teacher at MyGym) doesn’t have any hair.  I’m still puzzled over the correlation of those two things in your mind.

You were humming the Cars 2 intro song and you stopped after about the 4th round of it and asked, with an impish grin, “When is the man gonna start singing?”

Driving home from Sea World you were eating raisins.   You were bringing them up out of the container and narrating, “These are fishies coming out of the water. This one’s a big whale.”  There was a pause and you added, “It’s just pretend, OK? Because they’re really raisins, OK?”

One morning, you said, “I need to go to the bank!”  Your father and I looked at each other in confusion.  I asked, “Why do you need to go to the bank?”  You replied, “To get stickers!”  Apparently, when you go to the bank with Grandma D. they give you stickers?  I’m still not sure of that one.

On Valentine’s Day, we were heading to Sea World.  As part of our conversation driving down there, your father asked you, “Where should we take mommy for Valentine’s Day?”  You replied, “To the bank!”

One evening, after a big dinner at Chick-Fil-A, and you not having pooped all day, we took a risk and went to the park.  Sure enough, a few minutes of running around and you requested your portable potty.  A few minutes later, you were all done, you got up, turned around and looked and exclaimed, “That’s my work!”

Listening to the Route 66 song, you said, “The music is telling you to turn west!”

You still get all excited when you see a semi-truck and exclaim who the trailer belongs to, whether it be UPS, FedEx, McDonald’s, Walmart or Target… those are the most common ones.

One night, I was talking about how tired I was.  I jokingly mentioned that I was so tired, I might just fall asleep in William’s bed and sleep there all night.  You paused and said, “Mommy? You go sleep in your own bed.”  Although, later that night when I was nursing you to sleep, you sleepily and sweetly told me, “It’s OK.  You can sleep in my bed.”

On my old iPhone, I’ve downloaded some of your favorite songs and an app called “Bible Stories for Kids.”  It’s really a great app and you learn a lot of Biblical details from it.  There are animations of characters that you trigger by touching them.  I use the app to keep you awake when we have our “reconnect” nursing when I get home from work.  One of the animations was a guy sneezing behind another guy and it blew the guy’s turban off.  You played that thing over and over and laughed harder and harder every time it happened.

Driving back from LegoLand on President’s day, we were stuck in traffic. There was a guy in a SUV in the lane next to us on the freeway. You stared at him for a good long while and then said, “Is he eating chocolate?” I looked at him and could see his jaw flexing repeatedly and replied, “No, I think he’s chewing some gum.” You replied, “No. He is definitely eating chocolate.”

One morning after nursing, you started singing this song, “When the sea lions get on board, all aboard! May I say scat? The lizards, and cattles, and kangaroos!”  You stopped and asked me, “What are cattles?”  I still don’t know where the song came from, but you told me it’s about Noah’s Ark.

When getting you cleaned up after going to the restroom, inevitably, your head always ends up in my armpit somehow. Every time, I hear you say, “I love you, mommy.” Which is always nice for a thankless job. Sometimes you’ll sniff and tell me, “Mmmmm, you smell so good.” One evening, you told me that and then added, “Daddy smells good, too. So does grandma, but actually she’s kind of stinky.”

One morning, you woke early and your father went in your room first.  After a few minutes, I went in and your father left.  You curled into me and stuck your face in my neck and said, “Mmmmm you smell good!”  I replied, “Thank you.”  You said, “Daddy does not smell good. Does he need to take a shower or something?”

Stuck in traffic on the freeway, we branched off to another freeway and went up a freeway overpass.  You yelled, “We’re out of traffic! We’re up high! Yay freedom!”

I bought you a new pair of shoes and you wore them for the first time and said, “I like my new chuggers!”

You like to put a spoon in your mouth and hold on to it with your lips.  You then inform us, “I’m an elephant and this is my trunk.”

When you don’t want to do something, you’ll say (for example), “I don’t want to!”  Pause. and then you add, “Uhh!”

One morning, coming downstairs with your daddy after I’d left for work, you looked out the window and exclaimed “Oh no!  It’s foggy!  Mommy might get lost!”

When we were at Ryan’s birthday party, Ryan’s mommy offered to make you a hot dog sandwich, since she was cooking one for Ryan.  You were excited to try it and when she served it to you, you took a bite of it and then said, “This is like Weinerschnitzel!”  What I forgot to tell Ryan’s mommy is that is a high compliment, indeed, since you LOVE Weinerschnitzel.

At Ryan’s birthday party, you got adventurous and went down his little slide on your belly.  You accidentally nose dived at the bottom and had a brown smudge on your nose. After I determined you were OK, I laughed at you and told you that you were Rudolph the Brown Nosed Reindeer.  You replied, “Oh mommy.  Rudolph has a red nose, not a brown nose.”


The road from your Grandparent’s H. house has quite a steep hill.  Somedays you’ll say it’s a roller coaster and put your hands in the air.  After we let you see the Disney movie, Lady & the Tramp, you howled “Woo wooowooo!” And said, “That’s what we do down the hill when we are doggies!”

One of the questions you ask me when I transition into “business mode” and am just trying to get stuff done is, “Why are you going so fast?”

One of the songs on Signing Time’s Potty Time DVD is about how you’re supposed to listen to your body.  It tells you when it’s time to eat!  It tells you when it’s time to sleep, etc.  The past month or so, you’ve started talking to your body like it’s a 3rd person… “We’re having a picnic, body. Are you hungry, body?” “My body is telling me it’s running around time!” “My body is telling me it’s time to play with the trains now!”

When we were at Yogurtland, I got you three of your favorite flavors, one of which is “Cookie,” which is a type of chocolate.  For myself, I got a different chocolate and I offered you a small taste.  This is rare, I don’t normally let you taste my dessert, but for some reason I did that day.  You tasted it and then, in turn, you dipped your spoon in your chocolate and held it up to me to taste.  I was so pleasantly surprised.

Your father was so impressed one night when, instead of running away from him to go to Sunset Park (our name for the grassy area behind the houses) to see the sunset, you asked his permission to “go watch the sunset, please?”

Your Grandparent’s H. bought you a framed train picture for your 2nd birthday.  It’s been sitting in one spot or another the past year while I tried to find a good spot to hang it.  I finally found a spot I liked it in and put it up.  When I got you ready for bed that night, the first thing you noticed and said was, “You hung up my train picture!”

At the zoo, there was a roped off area for employees only. You told me, “I want to go back there. What’s back there? So many places!”  I told you that it was for zoo employees only.  Then, every person who went past the rope, you asked, “Are they zoo employees?”  There was a little boy who ran past the rope and you asked, “Why is he going back there?”  Then his mommy ran after him, you asked, “Is that his mommy? Is she getting him? What happens if she doesn’t get him?”  I’m thinking this is your version of the infamous “why?” phase I’ve heard so much about?

Every night during our prayer time, we give thanks to the Lord for all the things that blessed us during the day, or in recent memory.  If there’s a special need or something on our minds that needs to be settled, we pray for that, too.  The things you like to thank Jesus for are mommy and daddy, Grandma D., Grandma and Grandpa H., MyGym, Swim class and Dance class, the Queen Mary and for precious time spent together as a family.  We realize that every moment with you is precious and, even if we’re having a hard time or a rough day… it’s OK, we’re human.  I apologize to you if I’ve wronged you and you do the same to me, and we tell each other, “I forgive you.”  I tell you that I’m learning how to be a better mommy every single day and you tell me that you’re learning to be better, too.

We’re in this life together.  Trying and learning… together.  No matter what we face, I am so happy that we are a family.

2 years 3 months

Love you forever,


Pictures from this month can be found here: LINK


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Letter to our 3 Year 2 month Old

Dear William,

On February 8, 2015, you turned 3 years 2 months old. You are 42″ tall and weigh 41 pounds 11 oz. You are wearing 5T shirts, 4T pants, 5T footed sleepers and size 11 extra wide toddler shoes.

Things we did this month:

01/17 – Santa Ana Zoo with both Grandmas
01/17 – playdate with Ryan at his house
01/19 – First Soccer Class
01/23 – First Dance Class
01/31 – Mountain cabin for the weekend — it snowed!!!

Tuesdays, Pre-K Library storytime and crafts
Tuesdays & Thursdays, Gymnastics Class


You rode your scooter correctly for the first time this month, keeping one foot on the board and using the other foot to push yourself along. Before, you would have both feet on the board and either just stand there or wait for someone to push you.

The ever elusive nap is rapidly fading. On weekends, I no longer bother offering you a nap. Weekdays with Grandma D., she offers you “quiet time” and I prefer that to be offered around 1pm. If you do happen to fall asleep, I’ve requested she wake you at 2:30pm, and even with that wake time, you aren’t able to fall asleep until 10:00pm at the earliest.

You do well with your eating, for the most part. You are at least willing to try most any food at least once. Although, you seem to be overly sensitive to “spicy” things. This “sensitivity” is clearly your father’s fault, as I like my hot sauce with a side of food. ha! In fact, you now look at my plate and ask me, “Is that your spicy food, mommy?”

You do well when we go out to eat, although, I’ve noticed you do have a definite “transitional outburst” when we get to the restaurant. I believe this is due to you being hangry, and I try to head it off with an “appetizer” when we get seated. If I forget, then I find myself wondering where the contrary child sitting at our table came from.

We continue to nurse and it is truly one of the joys of my life and one of the most calming and comforting things for you. It is often one of the tools I use to comfort you when you are upset or to help you fall back to sleep if you have an early wake time.

Nursing you before work one morning, you reached over your head and held your other hand. Or so I thought. You looked up at me and held eye contact with a smile curving your lips as you continued to nurse. I asked you, “Are you holding your own hand?” You unlatched and said, “No. This says I… love… you. See?”

What you had been doing was not holding your other hand, but rather holding down your ring and middle finger with your other hand so you could make the ‘I love you’ sign to me.

Things I want to Remember:

Talking of all the places we could go in an airplane, you asked me, “Can I just fly up in the sky?”

You are accumulating a to-do list for when you get older. You tell me, “When I’m older I can scoop cat poop and go to Mommy’s work and type on the computer, and then go to Daddy’s work and type on the computer. And I can fill that (pointing at the humidifier in your room) with water and turn the sound machine on and turn movies on downstairs and drink coffee!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ve told me that you don’t want to get older and carry daddy around.  Then you asked me, “Are you going to get little?”

Getting ready for work one morning, you touched my nylons and asked, “What is this on your leg, mommy?” Apparently, I don’t often wear nylons?

Walking on your knees, you told me, “I’m a snail!” And if you walk with your hands down and butt in the air, you tell us, “I’m a bear!”

You REALLY enjoyed your visit to the Queen Mary and you didn’t want to leave, even though we had seen everything that was there. A couple days later, you told your Grandma D. that you have three homes: Big Bear, the Queen Mary and Home-home.

After our visit to the Queen Mary, I now have to include thanks for that in our nightly prayer. If I don’t, you will speak up and tell me, “Thank you, Jesus, for the Queen Mary. TOOT! TOOT!”

If anyone has a birthday within your vicinity, like at a restaurant, you will say, “I need a birthday too…” What you mean is, you “need” a birthday cake.

When we were out to eat this past month, I asked you if you wanted some steak. You very politely replied, “No, thank you. I’m fine thank you for asking, though.”

When you see a police car or motorcycle with their lights flashing, you say, “Uh oh. Someone’s in trouble.”

How clever you are when I was trying to get you to take a nap so we could stay out late in the evening. You comfort nursed and then put Froggy over your eyes for 10 minutes, then pulled it off and said, “I took a little snooze!”

How hilarious it was to me, one night I was recording you while you sang Away in a Manger. As it happened, you got midway into the 2nd verse and saw the camera and stopped. I told you I wasn’t going to record it if you weren’t singing and turned to walk away. You then followed me all the way down the hallway repeatedly saying the next lyric, which just happened to be, “I want to love the Lord Jesus!  I want to love the Lord Jesus!”

Along the same lines, on my old iPhone I have an app called Bible stories for Kids.  It tells stories with interactive pictures and, if you haven’t taken a nap and it gets to be evening time and you ask to nurse (like when I get home from work), I use it as a tool to keep you awake.  You asked for it one night when it was close to bedtime and I told you it was time for bed.  Your response was, “But I want my Bible!”

One evening out to dinner at a restaurant that had plates displayed on the walls, you started pointing at them and then said the little Apostles poem: “This is how the apostles go, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John…” and named every single one of them, pointing at a different plate for each one. I don’t know what the connection was with the plates and the apostles, but it was quite hilarious.

I finally got the Christmas tree undecorated and put away before the end of January.  You found an ornament that I had missed and you told me, “What should I do with this?  Should I put it on the tree? Daddy go get the tree and put it back up!”

You still love Signing Time, and particularly the TreeSchoolers. Now you tell me, “You’re Rachael, mommy! You sing pretty!”

You love to pretend that you’re daddy coming home from work. You go out into the garage and then come in and tell me, “I’m daddy! I was cleaning cat poop!”

How you found a tiny little fireman hat for a doll and you put it on your head and told me, “I’m a fireman!”

When we had just gotten over being sick, I came home from work and told you that I thought I was getting sick again. You told me, “No, mommy I don’t want you to be sick.” I replied, “I don’t want to be sick either! What should I do?” You replied, “Wash your hands!”

Every day when we were all sick, you would go ask your father, “Daddy? Are you feeling better?”

It’s always to neat to find out what’s on your mind. One night you started laughing while you were nursing yourself to sleep. I asked you what was funny. You replied, “Wood chips on the sidewalk at the park!”

You are now obsessed with germs. So, when you wash your hands, you tell me, “Talk about the germs, mommy!” And I’m supposed to enact the germs going down the drain. Then, if you sneeze, I tell you to cover your mouth and you tell me, “No, I’m spreading my germs EVERYWHERE!!! I’m going to make mommy and daddy sick!”

You like to pretend that your bath toys are shoes. You hold them like you’re putting them on your feet and tell me, “Say ‘That’s not a shoe’ mommy”. You also love the Soap Game, where I put foaming soap on your hands, and you clap them together and see where the soap goes. You love to try to get the soap on me and ask me after every “clap”, did I get you? Where did I get you?

One evening we left the drive-through and I checked the bag and remarked that there was no Splenda in there for my drink. From the backseat I heard you say, “Is the fireman supposed to come?” Confused, I asked you why a fireman would be coming. You replied, “Because Chick-Fil-A forgot to give you Splenda.”

Driving to our mountain cabin, you started telling us a story that went like this, “The bad guy fought the mice away and then they do dancing… Grandma’s not supposed to stop it, but that’s the whole story… The good guys are soldiers and the bad guy looked like the good guys and he chased the mice away. Then there was dancing.” When I asked you what the story was, you said, “That’s the Nutcracker Suite.”

When we went to the restroom in our mountain cabin, you told me, “This toilet is better than at home.”  I replied, “Oh?”  You said, “Yes because it’s Big Bear and it’s softer!”  (It is softer, it’s a padded toilet seat.)

Watching the Planes 2 movie, every time the music score would come on during the movie, you would ask, “Who’s playing that music?”

When we were headed to the candy store, you said, “I can’t have that! It has sugar in it and sugar is bad for me!”

One day you asked me, “Does a butterfly give me butter?”

When I was sick and trying to sleep, you came in to check on me and then left, you told me, “I’m leaving the door open just a little bit for you, mommy. See that little bit of light? That’s better than turning the big light on, now isn’t it? You go on to sleep now, mommy.”

One morning you woke up with a stuffy nose. You asked me, “If I have booger in my nose, I can blink really hard and that will make it better, right?” I asked you, “Oh, did that work for you?” You replied, “No.”

You stopped by my work one day this past month to nurse on my lunch hour.  I took you to the restroom and in our restroom at work, we have poo pourri spray.  You spotted the bottle and asked what it was, I told you.  You replied, “And WHAT does Poo Pourri do?”

You really notice details, like this story your Grandma D. shared with me, “William saw an “M” on the helmet of the driver of a motorbike yesterday. He started laughing & said that the driver came from McDonald’s. The letter was very small. I didn’t even see it until he talked about it.”

You have become very interested in maps this past month, one night you pointed at a map and said, “I’m going to Egypt where Abraham lives!”

You randomly will stop and pray, for example, if the sunset is particularly beautiful, you’ll say, “Thank you, Jesus, for the beautiful sunset.”  Then you report back to me, even though I’m standing right there with you, “I told Jesus about the beautiful sunset.  He says it IS beautiful!”

It’s so funny to look at you sometimes and realize that 3 years have gone by in seemingly the blink of an eye.  I look at these things I want to remember about you and wonder how you could possibly be any funnier, yet you’ve had this personality since you were a small baby.  Every night when we nurse you to sleep, I wonder how my life could possibly be any more blessed, or how my heart could be any fuller. I spend so much of my time when I’m home laughing about something that either you or your father are doing or saying.  And another thing I’m so grateful for is that you brought the name “Grandma” to my mom, and she came “home” to be near me, so that she could know you, help teach you, and take care of you when we’re at work.

This is not how I imagined my life could be 15 years ago, 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago.  No.  I couldn’t possibly have imagined how blessed I would be today.  Blessed, ten times a William.

Pictures from this month can be found here:  Link


Love you forever,



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Letter to our 3 Year Old

Dear William,

Today you turned 3 years old.

Statistics and Developments:
You weigh 41 pounds 10 ounces. You are 41″ tall. You are in size 4T pants/shorts. You are in size 5T shirts and footed sleepers.

Naps have been hit and miss this month. On the weekends, you don’t take them anymore. Your Grandma D. can sometimes get you to take them.

Your bedtime has necessarily moved to 8pm on those no nap days. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child talks of children dropping their nap, that their wake times should be max of 6.5 hours, otherwise it’s time to go with no nap. And we’re finding it to be true… 7 to 7.5 hours, or longer sometimes, is what you’re needing for wake time, and that just doesn’t make sense mathematically in a day, because if I put you down 7 hours from wake time (7 AM), that’s 2 PM, and if you do manage to fall asleep at 2pm, then you are awakened at 3:30pm and that puts your bedtime at 10:30pm, or sometimes (usually) 11pm before you can fall asleep again. That’s simply too late of a bedtime. So we’re pushing you through and putting you to bed at 7:30 PM or 8 PM. This sucks because there’s really not much time that we get to see you in the evenings after we get home from work, and there’s not really that much we can do together. So we’re constantly trying to make our limited time with you matter.
Nourishment and Nursing:
Nursing has been less this month, usually a longer snuggling/nursing session in the morning. A decent one when I’m trying to get you to take a nap. And then a 5pm session, sometimes, but that one is short. And then before bedtime, another short session, not because you don’t want to linger, but because you’re so tired from not taking a nap that you fall asleep instantly. Those nights, I just sit there and hold you for awhile and reminisce on those nights that you’d nurse forever and ever and how tired I was and just wanted to go to bed myself, and how, now, those are just distant memories.

Things we Did:

11/22, Santa Ana Zoo
11/23, Grandparent’s house
11/24, got a haircut
11/28, visited Sea World, Shamu breakfast and Santa
12/04, California Adventure and Disneyland
12/07, Downtown Disney
Recurring events are MyGym and Library story times

Things I want to Remember:

You have been really interested in “when daddy was a little boy like me.” Your father pulled out some of his childhood photo books when we were at his parent’s house one weekend to sate your curiosity. That night, you said to me, “Mommy, when you were a little boy, did you brush your teeth just like me?”

When you were giving candy canes the once over at Michael’s this past weekend, you told me, “When I was a little girl, I used to eat those pink ones.” (You say the word “girl” with two “r”s in it and its really adorable, “grirl”.)

Earlier this month, you weren’t feeling well due to a bit of a cold. You had a stuffy nose, sore throat, etc. Before bedtime, your father was giving you a bit of Benadryl and a bit of Advil. You sat there and between doses said, “We’re having a medicine party! I’m feeling happy!”

Sitting at Yogurtland one evening with you, an unkempt, long haired and bearded fellow left after paying for his enormous bowl of frozen yogurt. You glanced up from your yogurt and said, “Jesus is going outside to eat his ice cream. Is he going to be cold out there?”

Probably not so cute was you asking a lady who was teasing you that she was going to eat your yogurt (she was kind of invading your personal space), “What happened to your teeth?” (They were crooked in front and went inwards forming a “V” with her two front teeth.) Teach her to tease a 2 year old about his food

We were at Yogurtland and were waiting for the restroom to open up so you could go, and after a long while, you finally piped up and asked into the big, echoing room, “WHY IS HE TAKING SO LONG IN THERE? IS HE GOING POOPY OR SOMETHING?

I mentioned as we passed a Chapstick display in Walmart that they had Gingerbread flavored ones and you nearly came unglued. I kind of wanted it, too, so I grabbed one for me and one for you. You wanted to put some on your lips and smell it. Usually not a problem. At least until you started digging in it and spread it all over your face and up your nose. You then informed me that, “It smells goooooooood.”

Singing your Thomas song, you handed me a clothes roller and said, “Here’s your singer, mommy.” You are also obsessed with learning the Blue Mountain Mystery Thomas song and Cars 2 intro song by Weezer.

How when you hear a song you really like, you’ll run over and grab my hand and start stroking it.  The first time you did this, I asked you what you were doing… you replied, “Your hand is my guitar.”

You really took a fancy to Thomas the Train’s Blue Mountain Mystery and learning about Luke and Victor. Now every yellow item in your toys is Victor and Victor is continuously falling into the sea (as you perch the yellow car or bus or whatever on the edge of the couch, table, or whatever and bump it off.)

Your love for getting painted in the bath tub, and yellow is Victor, blue is Thomas, red is James and Green is Luke.

Getting you out of the bath, you tell me, “I have paint on me, you can’t clean me up!”

You tell me, “I’m all shiny! I’m the shiniest engine on Sodor” after you’re finally all cleaned up after bath.

You frequently introduce yourself as Thomas or Luke to people who want to meet you, or at circle time at your MyGym class.

You hold your fingers up, like they’re finger puppets, and declare, “This one is Lightning. This one is Finn McMissile.” And you walk them around and they talk to you.

In your bath a couple weeks ago, you painted one of your fingers red and the other blue. You then informed me, “The red one is Lightning. The blue one is Thomas.” After introducing them to me, you proceeded to tell me a story about Lightning visiting the Island of Sodor. You started with, “It was a beautiful day on the Island of Sodor. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Lightning fell in the water. Luckily, no one was hurt.” <—All of your stories start that way. haha

You know that you have Take-N-Play sets of Thomas the Train, and that there is another set out there called Trackmaster. You saw a lady checking out at Costco with a huge Trackmaster set and you said, “Is that Trackmaster?” I said, “Yes, it is.” You said, “Some lucky little boy is going to be very happy!”

I’ve been shopping for cameras this past month as my other one has been dying a slow death over the past year. Ever since I dropped it with its lens fully extended a year ago. You have enjoyed being my side kick for those events and love to play with the display cameras. As we waited one evening for a couple to finish their discussion, you said in a loud whisper, “Come on, people!” I whispered back, “It’s OK, we’re not in any hurry!” You whispered back, “Yes, I am. I need to look at Cars after this!”

That same night, though, when I told you it was time to leave the toys aisle and go home, you said, “OK, mommy, thank you for letting me look at the cars and the trains!” I couldn’t believe how polite you were, as you walked out holding my hand and happily “balance beaming” on the curb and crawling into your car seat.

At the park, you told me how to go down the slide and what exactly to do. So amazing how far you’ve come in a few months. You also will say, “Someone is climbing… someone is spinning” as a heads up that you’re going to do that.

How you’ve started to say, “Oh my!” Instead of “Oh my gosh.” Or something similar. I actually prefer the new saying, especially when you drop something, for some reason that is just so cute.  I’ve also heard you say, “Oh shoot!” a few times.

Anytime we go somewhere and get in the car, you ask, “Do we have the snackie bag?”  If we get into my car, I have a tropical trail mix that is “Mommy’s car snackies.”  You love the candied mangos out of there and you ate them all… you’ve dug and dug and shaken and shaken the thing, and they really are all gone.  You sighed and said, “I guess I’ll have to eat the pineapples now.”  Now I just need you to remind me to bring your shoes, because pretty much every time we leave the house, I have to back track and go get your shoes.

Every time we go past the movie theater, you announce, “That’s where we saw the Planes movie.  No movie today, though.  We’re waiting for a good one.”

You told us one Saturday morning that you wanted to go to Sea World and see the big birds and the dolphins and Shamu! We ended up at the Santa Ana Zoo, instead, because Sea World is too far away to go to at 11AM. You had fun at the zoo, riding on the train, riding on the carousel, seeing the animals. Most of all, you had fun sliding your feet in the dirt making big puffs of dust and saying you were making steam.

How super cuddly you have been this month. You love having us (parents) around and ask every single morning, without fail, after you nurse, “Do I get mommy and daddy all day?” or a variation of that question. How you’ve then started to ask, “Is Grandma here?” The first time you did that, I answered honestly, “Yes, I think so…” and then you freaked out. Now I know to say, “Oh, I’m not sure, but we still have some time together.  What I realized is you were transitioning yourself, hoping that I would say she wasn’t.

Same thing at My Gym. You asked Mr. Steve, “When is circle time starting?” When he answered, “How about now?” And stopped the music, you started to cry… you were really trying to ask him, “Do I have time to play for a few minutes.”

You are really loving the Christmas songs, but your favorites are Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Oh Christmas Tree and Away in a Manger. One night you started singing, “Oh cloudy sky, Oh cloudy sky, How pretty are your clouds…” To the tune of Oh Christmas Tree.  And when I sing the second verse of Away in a Manger, when I sing, “The cattle are lowing… ”  You immediate do a great big “MOOOOOO!” and keep mooing the entire second verse.

Listening to Joy to the World the words in the second verse “rocks, hills and plains”… You asked, “Is she singing planes?” And we had to explain a homonym to a 3 year old.  Then, once you understood, you wanted to hear that verse over and over again so you could learn the words.

You asked to listen to Joy to the World, and Grandma started singing silly and you said, “Nooo, that’s not music!” You now request Joy to the World to be sung by Dolly Parton, and any other Christmas song, too. You apparently like her voice.

The last few days, you’ve been asking your daddy if he is going to put up the Christmas tree… and then, when he said yes, you said, “Don’t forget to put the train around the tree.” Shocked, we asked you “What train?” You said, “The red and black one that goes up in the tree? Yes, that one.” We couldn’t believe that you remembered that from a year ago when you were barely 2 years old.

On Thanksgiving, you confirmed that MyGym was closed, even asked to go there and “see how quiet it is.” You asked if Mr. Steve was home with his family, and a couple other people.

At Sea World, after visiting Santa, you were given your first candy cane, which we let you eat. Now, every time someone asks what you want for Christmas, you say, “A candy cane!”

At California Adventureland, we went on Racers for the first time.  For some reason, I thought riders have to be 42″ tall, but it’s really 40″ tall.  You could have gone on it in September, I think.  Oh well.  You were really happy to go on it and loved the intro part of the ride and the racing part, but were terrified of the tunnel part of it.  Especially at the start of the tunnel, where Mack is there and afraid and yells.  It surprised us all!  The ride shutdown at the end of the tunnel, and we were stuck on the tracks for about 10 minutes… and, because of that, we could have just stayed on and gone again, but you said you wanted to get off.  Since then, we’ve been working with you to work through it, including watching the video of our ride.  Now I think you’ve gone the exact opposite from being afraid to being amused, because every time we go under a bridge on the freeway, you tell me, “Yell at me like Mack!”

Every month, I write these letters to you and I feel like there are about 10,341 things I forget to mention, those things that I talk to your dad about as we go to bed each night. Like, how could I have handled a situation better, or something that makes us laugh like silly kids as we relive it with each other.  Or, like when you’re playing in the bath tub and your dad and I are out in the hallway listening to you tell yourself stories and sing songs to yourself… I can’t remember the details of those things, just the overwhelming feeling of rightness about it.  That every day with you is so full of joy and silliness and wonder, and though we’re tired at the end of the day, I look forward to being with you as you slip into the magical place of dreaming, safe and secure in my arms.  Moments, minutes, days, weeks, togetherness, memories… we love you through all of them, that’s really what I’m trying to tell you.

Last night, I held a 2 year old. This morning, before I left for work, I held a 2 year old.  When I come home today, I will hold a 3 year old.  But, really, you are just one day older than yesterday, and as I watch your legs lengthen and your confidence in yourself grow, in my heart’s eyes, I still see that precious, perfect newborn that I held 3 years ago today.

I’ll tell you now what I told you then: We are so glad you’re here.  Happy Birthday, sweet boy.


We love you forever,

Momma & Daddy.


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Letter to our 35 month old

Dear William,

On 11/08/2014 you turned 35 months old. Or, put another way, one more month and you’ll be three. Like 1, 2, 3. In one month, you will have been on this planet, as your own independent little being, for three whole years. For some reason, this is hitting me harder than your two year birthday. I’ve been thinking back to three years ago and how impatient I was at this point in my pregnancy to meet you, and yet how badly I wanted to savor the last bits of my pregnancy with you because I knew it would likely be my only pregnancy.

Stats and Developments:
Weight: 40.5 pounds
Height: 41″ tall
Size clothing: 4T in pants, 4T in shorts; 5T in pajamas (including footed sleepers); 5T in shirts.

You have really been into singing songs this month, and it was quite the surprise driving up to the mountains to hear you suddenly start singing “Joy to the World” and “Oh Tannenbaum.”

Something I’ve started doing different this month is the transition out of the bath tub.  Before, I was cleaning you up immediately when you got in the tub, then setting a timer and it would repeatedly go off and you would negotiate for more time.  I did it that way because I was afraid you would poop in the tub.  This month, I realized that the timer was causing us a great deal of stress and I was dreading bath time.

Since you go potty before you get in the tub, and will ask to get out of the tub if you need to go, I decided to implement a  change.  Now, I put you in and let you play while I get ready for bed.  Your father will go in and paint you and the tub walls with bath paints.  You play independently for awhile.  Then, I come in and clean you up, you put your toys away and stand up, and that is the determining factor of getting you out of the tub.  I have started using “character” wash cloths and you interact with them, and having “them” clean  you up takes the stress off of me.  We had one night early on where you tried to negotiate for more play time and I stayed firm, and it hasn’t been an issue since. Bath time is now a fun time for both of us.  I’m so, so glad that we’ve implemented this change!

Things we did this month:
10/11 – Spooktacular Halloween event at The Great OC Park (picked pumpkin, trick-or-treated vendors & rode in the Big Pumpkin Balloon
10/12 – professional photo shoot
10/18 – spaghetti dinner at church
10/25 – Miracle Babies Reunion with Dr. Werlin
10/31 – Halloween, trick-or-treated your daddy’s work and our neighborhood. You were Spiderman, costume chosen by you
11/1 – Big Bear weekend for my birthday
11/8 – Day Out With Thomas at the Railroad Museum in Perris, CA

Recurring events:
Gymnastics class: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
Library Story time: Mondays and Wednesdays

You’re back to inconsistent naps this month. About every third day you take a nap. If we’re out and about, then you skip it. I’m toying with the idea of just having you give up your nap because half the time, you fall asleep nursing at nap time, but if I dare to attempt to transfer you, you wake up and freak out. Soooo, it’s a whole lotta work to go through all the nap preparation just to have it fail. I’d rather just keep going about our day than to rush home for a failed nap routine.

You’ve been eating well this past month, and we continue to nurse. This month, I’ve noticed a decrease in your nursing, though. You aren’t nursing for as long as you used to, and you’ve (sometimes) taken to outright declining to nurse if I offer. Your favorite nursing times appear to be when you first wake up, for your nap (or around lunch time), and before bed.

You love (what you call) banana treats (oatmeal, bananas, peanut butter, flaxseed, sandwiched between graham crackers and frozen).

You get two chocolate chips if you (1) take a nap, (2) nurse well when I get home, and (3) if you go potty at 5pm.

Favorite Books:
Mighty Dads
Thomas Books
Where is Baby’s Mommy
Belly Button book
Devotion book
Things I want to remember:
We bought you a bottle of Smart brand water, and it was the cutest thing to hear you requesting, “May I have my Smart water, please?”

You think saying “Your butt!” is hilarious. I take full blame for this, because whenever your father (or anyone, really) asks where something is, or where I would like something, I say, “Your butt!”

If we’re doing something or eating something, you’ll say, “I want to ______, too.” One night I was chewing some gum and you said, “I want chewing gum, too.” I said, “You can do that when you’re older.” You replied, “I’m older now!”

For a couple weeks at MyGym, you wanted to play tag with other kids, so you would randomly run up to them and touch them, turn around and run. Your Grandma D. was concerned about that behavior, but I figured it would be over with in a couple weeks, and it was. She says you appear to have stopped doing it.

One day, I asked you, “What are all your trains doing on my desk?”  You replied, “They’re carrying lemonade!”

One day you were putting all your trains in my printer and you informed me, “They’re in the elevator.”

If I ask you, “Are you making a mess?”  You’ll tell me, “It’s just a little bit of a mess.”

If I tell you it’s time to go upstairs for your bath, I never know what I’m going to get in response.  One night, you replied, “Oh, I can’t! I’m watching football right now.”  The next night, I heard, “I’m sitting on the couch reading my Cars book right now.”

Mindlessly singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to myself while putting laundry away, I heard you in the bath tub, “Excuse me, mommy? Ummm, mommy? Excuse me? Excuse me, mommy?”  I replied, “Yes, William?”  You said, “Mommy, were you… were you putting daddy to bed?”

Last couple months, if ask you, “Did you go potty?” Or anything about time, you’ll say, “Yes, at Eight-thirty!”

If I ask you how much something costs, you reply, “Twenty-five dollars!”

Wresting one morning, you said, “Boo!” I said, “Ahhh, I’m scared of you.” You took my face in your hands and said, “Don’t be scared of me, mommy. I’m just William.”

Anytime you pick your nose, you tell me, “I’m going to China!”

Running across the field, your father hollered, “Hey, where are you going?”  You replied, “I’m going over here to fart!”

While in line for something, you can be heard to say, “I’m not waiting…” even though you most definitely are waiting. What that means to me is that in your head you’re already there, and you are verbally rebelling against something you physically have to do.  Or, in other words, you’re saying,  “I don’t want to wait!”

Another morning while wrestling, I cautioned you to be careful that you don’t fall down and break your crown.  You said, “I want to break my crown.”  You fake fell down and then popped up and said, “Oh, mommy!  I don’t want to break my crown!”  I said, “I don’t want you to either!”  Curious to see what you’d say, I asked, “What happens if you break your crown?”  You replied, “I can’t do anything.”  I said, “That’s true.  What happens if you break your butt?”  You said, “Then I can’t poop!”  I said, “That’s right!  And what if you break your nose?”  You replied, “I can’t breathe!  And if I break my leg, then I can’t walk!” Probably not the most positive way of linking body parts to functions, but I was amazed that you knew all those things.

When we say we’re going to Chick-Fil-A, you have your order ready, you’ll say, “I want some little chicken sandwiches and a little cup of oil.”

At Dr. Werlin’s reunion, you got ahold of your father’s Caprison.  When he turned around and saw it, you had set it back on the table and exclaimed, “Mmmmmm, that was really good!”

You have regrettably discovered drinking out of the bathtub faucet… you used to just turn it on to give your toys a “car wash,” then one day last week you started drinking out of it. Your father told you it was OK. So now when I get in there, you look like an overfull water balloon.

I’ve been using Bath & Body Works vanilla bean lotion. One morning, you walked up to me and licked my arm and told me, “You smell like vanilla and taste like ice cream.”

At dinner the other night, we went to Chili’s. I took you to the bathroom and they had some really cool music playing in there. You were sitting there doing your business and “chair” dancing on the toilet. You danced your way through washing & drying your hands and when you were done, you said you didn’t want to leave. So we waited for the song to end and went back to the table. A new song came on, you got up and high-tailed it down the aisle. I followed you and asked you to stop and you said, “I wanna go in the bathroom and dance!”

Also, the baseball game was on the TV in the bar and everyone roared with excitement. You told them, “Hey, be quiet! We’re in a restaurant!”

The next day, driving in the car, you said, “Excuse me, I want you to turn some music on so I can dance!”

We attended Dr. Werlin’s reunion and grabbed a couple of extra snacks that were offered there for your snack bag. The next morning I offered you one and you said, “Yes! That’s from my special day!”

One morning, I told you I was being lazy and didn’t want to get up.  A bit later, you flopped yourself on the couch and asked me, “Now who’s being lazy?”  And then you answered your own question with, “William is!”

When we were in our mountain cabin, you were watching a Thomas DVD while your father was cleaning and scraping out the fireplace in preparation to leave.  It was quite loud, and you politely said, “Excuse me, daddy, I’m trying to watch Thomas.”

Your love for Cars has been taken to an extreme level this past month.  If you’re eating broccoli, you call it cactus.  If we change your clothes, you’re getting a new paint job. If you put your shoes on, we’re putting wheels on you. Your socks are shocks. If you drink water, it’s drinking oil. If we’re dressing you, Mater/Sally is working on Lightning. Brushing teeth, cleaning your grill. Putting lotion on, we’re waxing you.

Again with the Cars theme, you identify the colors on everything and will say, “The green fish is not pretty.. the blue and red fish are pretty.” Apparently, the green fish is Chick Hicks, and the red fish is Lightning and the blue fish is The King.

Something you started doing just this month is brushing my hair.  It is one of the sweetest things ever.  You spent 15-20 minutes doing that one morning.

How when you play hide-and-seek, we can call out, “Where is William?”  And you’ll reply, “I’m over here!”

One afternoon, I was cutting up chuck roast for a crockpot stew.  You came in the kitchen, looked at what I was doing and told me, “I want some watermelon, mommy.” I replied, “Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t have any watermelon.”  Then I realized you must have thought the raw meat was watermelon… it was red and cubed.  So I added to my reply, “This isn’t watermelon, this is raw meat for tomorrow’s dinner.”  Without missing a beat, you innocently replied, “I want some raw meat, mommy.”  In the interest of educating you, I informed you, “We don’t eat raw meat. It could make you sick.”  Now, I *know* you know what being sick is, but that didn’t hinder you from saying, “I want to get sick, please?”

I smiled, ruffled your hair and said, “How about we get you a plum instead, or do you want to watch me cut up the meat?”  I wasn’t sure if you were hungry, or interested.  Apparently, you were both, because next thing I knew, you were munching on a plum and standing on a chair watching me.  These types of moments with you are the fun kinds of moments that I love about being your mommy.

I love your spontaneity and that I can never predict what you’re going to say or do.  Somewhere along the line of living my life, I started to find “surprises” stressful and overwhelming, instead of fun and interesting.  I love the way you surprise me every single day, and I love the impish look you get in your eyes when you’re coming up with something.

(Click to view this month’s pictures.)

35 months old

Love you forever,



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Letter to our 34 month old

Dear William,

On October 8, 2014, you turned 34 months old (or 2 years 10 months).

Statistics & Developments:
You are 40.5 inches tall and weigh 40.1 pounds. You are wearing 3T in shorts and pants, although the 3T pants are borderline too short for you. You are wearing 5T in pajamas.

I’ve noticed over the last couple of months that you’re learning how to be compassionate. Now, more than ever, I’m paying attention to how I respond to people being hurt or sad, because it is apparent to me that you are mapping your brain. I likely wouldn’t even be aware of this development and would find it tedious, except that I had a friend who was in an accident years ago and had major brain damage.  As part of her rehabilitation, she had to relearn her sense of humor.  Often, she would laugh inappropriately at things and then ask, “Was that funny?” So to hear you ask the same question at your age after you laugh at something when no one else is, tells me that’s what you’re learning right now. Brain development is fascinating to me.

When we were traveling and the Southwest employees were being so insensitive, and I was upset and crying. I was wearing you in the Tula carrier, and you took your froggy lovey and wiped my tears away, while saying “Froggy will wipe your tears. Naaahhhh, mommy.” Your sweetness just made me cry more.

Your sleep has been pretty good this month. We traveled and while we traveled, I co-slept with you. I was able to get up and down, as needed, while we were co-sleeping, without waking you. I’ve also been able to slip in and out of your room if I need to shut your window at night without waking you.

I thought for awhile that you were giving up your nap, but this month you have gone back to consistently napping.

You’ve been eating fairly well. You had some issues while we were traveling, and we had to go outside and talk about food a few times and what’s appropriate behavior when served food at meal time. The other thing I think we were battling is that we had a time zone change to 2 hours ahead, because like clockwork, two hours after a meal was served you’d be asking for food.  Traveling is tough on little ones, I think.

We’ve implemented the requirement for you to ask your father, “May I be excused, please?” before you may leave the table.

You are fascinated by our drinks… I drink decaf coffee and both your father and I drink iced tea.  We are finding that we need to be very attentive to our drinks, because if we don’t, we come back to find you with an impish grin on your face and our drink in your hands.  I went to Starbucks while we were at the airport this month and ordered my coffee.  You asked nicely for some coffee and I apologized and said, “I’m so sorry, but this is mine.”  You replied, without missing a beat, “But I’m all grown up now.”  All the people in our vicinity busted up laughing, thankfully none of them had just taken a sip of their brews because it would have been a mess!

Nursing continues to be something we both enjoy. A couple of funny things, at our arriving home nursing session, occassionally, Grandma D. and I will use that time to catch up with each other. You told me this month, unlatching to do so, “Mommy, your talking is bothering me. I just want you to stare at me.”

You also informed me as you switched sides, “I’m all done with the chocolate side, I want the coffee side now.” The other thing you’ll say is, “This side went to chocolate, I want strawberry.”

Favorite Books:
Mighty Dads
Belly Button Book
Where is Baby’s Mommy
Mater’s Tall Tales book

Things We Did:

09/11 – Beach trip
09/13 – LegoLand visit
09/19 – went to the beach in the evening (high tide)
09/20 – Zoomars Petting Zoo, San Juan Capistrano and Long Beach dinner
09/21 – grandparent’s house for play and Irvine Spectrum
09/27 – all day travel, flights and airport living
09/28 – family time, met your 2nd cousins
09/29 – Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo
09/30 – Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha and dinner with your Great Uncle Paul, his wife and daughter
10/01 – breakfast at the Cracker Barrell and the Union Pacific Railroad Museum and the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge
10/02 – road trip to family farm in Elgin, Nebraska. Met your 1st cousins, Mandi and Abby
10/03 – Visit to my cousin’s farm, with goats, rabbits, sheep, a calf, a pony and dogs
10/04 – drive back to Omaha and visit with my aunt & uncle some more
10/05 – travel home and acclimate to being home
10/06 – Library with Miss Mary and MyGym playtime
10/08 – Library with Miss C.


Things I Want to Remember:

How you turned on the monitor one evening, peered at it for a second and then said,”That’s my bed.” I said, “Who told you that?” You replied, “Myself.” Turns out, that was the truth. I checked with your father and your grandma D. and no one had told you that.

How, after I’ve put you to bed, you carry on conversations with yourself. Or at least I thought that’s what you were doing, until you told me one night, “Mommy? Answer me!” And then another night, you said, “I’m talking to you, mommy!”

How grandma took you to Wienerschnitzel (a whole other can of worms opened) for an ice cream cone on Tuesday (it’s discounted then), and you ate the first one, got to the bottom and started crying. The manager came over and asked what was wrong, and you said, “It’s all gone.” And he went and got you another one. Not at all what grandma intended to happen, as she wanted to get you home for your nap. Sometimes people don’t realize that giving a crying child prolongs the agony for the caretakers!

How we’ve been having flies around the place. You now sing the shoo fly shoo song at them. One night a fly was being particularly pesky and I noticed you were holding your ear. Concerned, I asked, “Does your ear hurt?” You replied, “No. My ear is fine. But that’s where the fly went bzzzzzz.”

How you figure that since daddy fixes everything, he can also “fix” the universe.  You’ve been really focused this month on whether the sun is up this month.  You told your father one night, “Daddy can you make sun come up? I’m sad that the sun is down.”  Your father said he wished he could, but even he can’t fix that.

You saw a garage sale for the first time this month and you said, “What are those jammies doing on the grass??? That’s so weird!”

A couple nights ago we were having dinner. You moved your plate to the side and spread your napkin out and put your plate on top of it. You said, “I’m having a picnic!”  It was the next night that you brought your lawn chair in from the patio and said, “I’m sitting in my little chair tonight.”  After a bit of you getting up and down to eat your food, I asked you, “How’s that working for you?”  You replied, “It’s working just fine for me.”

One evening in the pool, one of our neighbors came in the pool gate. She started talking to our other neighbor and you asked me, “Who is that??” I told you I didn’t know her name. You swam over to them and said, “Excuse me? What is your name?” She introduced herself as Keera, and you told her, “My name is Weeyum.” Then you said, “My favorite snack is blueberry muffins, what’s yours?” She replied, “I really like yogurt.” You both went on and on about favorite snacks, and then you said, “You’re really pretty… KACHOW!”  Turns out she is a Montessori teacher and speaks fluent “little boy speak.”

One evening you were out checking out our fairy garden (I add things or move things around every day or so). A couple weeks ago I had shown you the mint plants — cat nip, peppermint, spearmint, etc. I pulled some of the cat nip off and gave it to the cats to show you the hilarity of it. So that evening, you came in the house bearing some leaves from those plants and said, “I’m feeding the cats cement! Grumpy, come here! I have cement for you!”

Grandma tells you that you have to nap because SHE needs her nap. We tell you that you need to nap so you can stay up late and party with the parents. Now when we get home you say, “Let’s go to the party and have fun!”

One Sunday, we went to dinner at SIzzler. They had some artwork hanging right at table level, and they give kids crayons there. You held your crayon up to the painting and said, “I’m going to color this picture…” You paused and looked at me and asked, “What would my parents say?”

You love MyGym, and anytime Grandma buckles you into your car seat in her car, you ask, “Are we going to MyGym today?’ You’re learning stuff there, for example, I was sitting on the floor and had my foot resting on the wall, instead of stepping over my leg, or crawling under it, you tucked your chin and did a roll over it. Also, standing in a trapeze style swing, with one foot beside your knee, you looked up at Grandma D. and said, “This is tricky.”

When we were in visiting family on our vacation, we visited the Union Pacific Railway Museum where they had a wooden train set for kids to play with. Every little boy who came through there and left cried and screamed about it. And with every little boy who did that, I got a little more worried about you. Sure enough, as we left, you sobbed and cried. I carried you out, a loud, sobbing mess. After you had calmed down and we were driving back to our home away from home, I told you, “I’m so sorry. I had hoped you’d do better about leaving.” I was referring only to your behavior. So I was surprised when you replied, “I did do better than them, mommy. I didn’t scream, I only cried.” You were comparing your behavior to the other boys.

One morning, you were being particularly clingy, and you followed me into the restroom and sat down on the rug. I glanced over at you and said, “I’m going to stare at you while you sit there.” You promptly got up and walked toward the door. As you opened it, you said, “You can go potty, if you want, all by yourself!” Remarkably, you closed the door behind you. I guess I just have to tell you that I’m going to stare at you to get some privacy?

While we were visiting family, your Great Aunt Marjorie gifted you with a few family heirlooms. One is a child’s rocking chair that was handmade in 1868 by your G-G-G-Grandfather for his son (your GG Grandfather). It fits you just right. Now, you go sit in your chair and pat your little lap and say, “Come here, mommy, sit on my lap. I’m going to rock you to sleep!” And then you sing me Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jesus Loves me. You also had daddy sit on your lap to rock HIM to sleep. Now that was a sight to see.

You still love Rachael and Signing Times. You love the Treeschoolers, too. You’ve been requesting the zoo Signing Times lately. Funniest thing, when you are asked a question, you’ve started sticking your hand up and making random letters, like you’re signing things. Recently, you were walking around saying, “Something about b r a…” while you signed it with your hand. Your father asked you, “Why are you spelling bra?” You responded, “I don’t know? Maybe because it’s yummy?” I’m really not sure if you know what bra is, or how it’s spelled, or even that you were saying bra… but that was just hilarious.

You picked your own Halloween costume a couple weeks ago.  I was surprised as heck that you want to be Spiderman.  You know next to nothing about Spiderman, except that one of your water cups is a Spiderman and so you know who it is… and that’s pretty much the extent of it.

Your Grandma D. has been working with you, starting about 3-4 months ago, on the months of the year.  Along with that, you know your birthday is in December, as is Christmas.  You know mommy’s birthday and Grandma D’s birthdays are in November.  You know Grandpa H.’s birthday is in October, and Grandma H’s birthday is in September, and that your daddy’s birthday is in August.

We’ve been asking you what kind of party you want for your birthday in December.  You’ve informed us that you want a train cake that is coffee flavored.  I asked you if you want train decorations and you told me, “No. I want Cars decorations.”  So I took you to the party store and showed you various decorations.  You absolutely do NOT want a dog birthday, or any of the super heroes.  You don’t want a Hello Kitty party, either.  But you waffled when faced with Cars or Thomas… so I’m not sure which you’ll be having.  But you still definitely want a train cake.


The other night, as is our routine, I nursed you when I got home. Grandma D. tried to sneak out the front door so she wouldn’t interrupt our reuniting. You unlatched as you heard the door shut and said, “Hey!! Grandma forgot to tell me she loves me!”

How when I put you in bed, and you ask me to snuggle, sometimes I ask you what you’re thinking about. You usually tell me, “Trains…” And then start telling me a story about trains, how Thomas fell in the water and someone came and helped him. Then you say, “Luckily, no one was hurt.” But you say “luckily” as “wuckiwy” and it makes me laugh every single time you say it. I also love hearing what’s on your mind and hope that this foundation of trust and communication that I’m working on establishing now will continue as you grow older.

One evening, after your bath, you grasped my face and pulled it to you. You said, “I’m kissing your forehead. I’m kissing your cheek! I’m kissing your other cheek. I’m kissing your nose. I’m kissing your chin. I’m kissing your mouth.” Along with the appropriate kisses. I do this to you all.the.time and to have you do it back to me, tells me more than ever that what I put into you is coming right back out.  It’s a fearsome and awesome thing, this parenting stuff.  And, dear child, I hope you continue to be this sweet your whole life long.


Love, Momma


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Letter to our 33 month old

Dear William,

On September 8, 2014, you turned 33 months old. You are 40.5 inches tall and weigh 39.3 pounds. Sadly, you have outgrown the Wee Ride seat that attaches to your father’s bicycle… and, apparently, after searching for something comparable, there is no attachment bicycle seat or trailer for kids that are over 40 pounds. Apparently, kids who are over 40 pounds are supposed to be able to ride their own tricycle or bicycle?


After your last huge growth spurt last month, you started eating pretty sparsely. I was concerned for awhile, but then reminded myself to look at your eating habits on a weekly basis, not a daily basis. I also reminded myself that your continued nursing fills whatever gaps in nutrition you may have.

Favorite books:

Your favorite books right now are MIghty Dads and the Belly Button book. You ask for it to be read any time you can, upon wake up in the morning, before nap, after nap, before bath, and before bed. You love to repeat what the dad says in a high, sing-songy voice. Every time you get to the crane page, you ask, “Where’s his wheels?” And then you say, “They’re not in the picture, you can’t see them right now.” If you happen to see any of the construction vehicles in real life, you say the words about them. So driving down the road, we’ll hear, “There’s a cement truck, he says, spin, spin, pour.”


Things have been great this month. You awakened a couple times this past month in the middle of the night with a bad dream, but other than that, you sleep through with no issues. You are also able to go back to sleep after I nurse you in the mornings. I’ve been tempted to let you sleep uninterrupted, however, you look forward to it as much as I do. I know this because I nursed you one morning and true to form, you went back to sleep. When you woke to find Grandma D. there, you were inconsolable and told her that, “Mommy forgot to nurse me.” I hadn’t forgotten, but you had slept so deeply, you thought I had. Oh child, I wouldn’t ever forget something that important!.

An interesting development has occurred this month … if you do take a nap, you do not nurse to sleep at night. Instead, after about 20 minutes of nursing, you unlatch and request to go to bed. Once in bed, you request that I snuggle with you for a couple minutes. So that’s what we do, and then when I leave you say, “Mommy has to go downstairs and do chores.” If you do not take a nap, you do nurse to sleep at night, usually within 5 minutes.

Things we did this past month:

08/09 – Sea World
08/16-08-20 – Big Bear (Zoo, Castle Rock hike, bicycle ride)
08/23 – Great OC Park for storytime, carousel and park & family time at Grandparent’s house
08/24 – playdate at We Play Loud (indoor playground)
08/30 – Irvine Spectrum (ferris wheel, train, playground)
08/31 – Slip-n-slide and pirate ship pool
09/01 – Great OC Park for Balloon ride
09/02 – pool time
09/03 – library book reading w/ Grandma
09/04 – gymnastics at MyGym
09/06 – stayed home — haha

Things I want to remember:

How just in the last month, when you’ve finished eating your dinner, you will ask, “May I be excused, please, mommy and daddy?” The first time you did it without prompting, your father and I stared at each other in shock.

How you love to hang and then drop and land. You also really love to climb. I’m grateful that we’re near such a large variety of parks that you can do just that to your heart’s content. You also love to just flat out run. You did not get that love of running from me. You also adore swimming, and I take full credit for that one. In fact, you climbed out of the pool using the side ladder for the first time just this past week.

You love pretend play, whether it’s eating pretend food or conversing with pretend characters, or playing pretend sports. We were at the park one day, and four girls congregated at a table and pulled out a bunch of little toys. You ran over and sat down at the table next to them and called me over. You watched them with their toys, and then imitated them with our empty table … we had a hilarious tea party, hid behind imaginary walls and ate imaginary food. It was the best hide and seek tea party meal I’ve ever had. The next week, we went to another park, and no one was playing basketball on their court. You pointed that out and then ran over to the court and started shooting your imaginary basketball. I was impressed.

How funny it is that you’ve started telling me, in the saddest of voices when you’ve done something you shouldn’t, “Oh, mommy, please forgive me.”

You’ve started asking your version of the infamous “why” question. It goes like this, “If I don’t ______, then what happens?” Fill in the blank with whatever we’re asking you to do or not do. We’ve found ourselves scrambling for appropriate answers when you’ve asked, “If I don’t stop and run into the street, what happens?” We reply, “You could get hurt and mommy and daddy would be very sad.” Then you say, “If I get hurt, then what happens?” It’s kind of endless.

If we’re using the restroom, you wonder in and ask, “Are you all done?” Apparently we do that to you, huh?

If you ask for something that we don’t understand, you’ll expound on the explanation with a description, and without pause (whether we understand or not), you say, “Ohhhhh! THAT’s what you’re talking about.” We affectionately call this toddler charades. ha

How funny it was to hear you say “holy toledo!” for the first time this past month.

How uplifting and encouraging you were while I was rock climbing with you in the Tula… “You’re doing good, mommy. You’re almost there! Keep going! You got this! You did it!”

How you were talking nonstop as we drove down from the mountains. We stopped at McDonalds and got you a Happy Meal. It came with a yellow car, and you spent the last hour of the commute with your head stuck in the Happy Meal box playing with your new car and looking at the pictures on the box.

You’ve started doing weird stuff with your food, like sucking off the salt on the pretzel sticks or sucking off the Greek yogurt on the granola bars. I instructed you on the correct way to eat them, and would periodically check on you to make sure you were actually eating them. After the 2nd check, you started saying defensively, “I’m eating it, mommy! I’m eating it!”

Followed on the heels of this defensive behavior, you’ve become aware of when I turn to look at you if we’re the car together. One night, you freaked completely out, with tears and yelling, because I dared to check on you to make sure you were OK, and you finally quieted enough to tell me, “Please don’t look at me, mommy.”

Every Thursday night we go to the beach. When we crest the hill, you say, “I see the water!” Then when we roll down the windows, you say, “I smell the beach!” Our most recent Thursday evening sojourn it was high tide. You looked around at the non-existent beach and said, “They took the beach?” Somehow, I guess you’ve learned about the infamous “they.”

We went to the pool a couple weeks ago and it hadn’t been cleaned very well. You were swimming around and then told us, “We’re in a dirty washing pit.”

One night, you informed me that, “I really like banana treats… but I don’t like apples at all.” <—That was news to me, since you eat them both just fine. Apparently, you're experimenting with communicating opposites.

When we went to the Great OC Park, we intended to go up in their big orange balloon. Your father put our name in and we were told it'd be about an hour. We waited 1.5 hours, playing in their playground, and then I noticed they had shut it down. Your father went to check and came back and told me they had crossed names off from underneath our name, so they'd taken people out of order. Righteous indignation, I went in and bitched at them. When I got back, you were upset. I asked you what was wrong, and you told me, "I wanted to go talk to them, too." So I took you in, and you told the lady who worked there “I’m so sad… I can't ride in the big balloon." Then you told her, "My feelings are OK." Then, a few days later we went back early in the morning, they hadn't even opened yet, so we waited and got a pager. We were able to go up in the balloon's first flight of that day. After the ride, you said you wanted to go back in and talk to them. I took you in and you ran up to the counter and said, "Thank you, I had SO MUCH FUN riding in the balloon."

How one evening last week, after we'd done our "get home" routine, I left to go swimming and 30 minutes into my swim I looked up to see you and your father at the gate. I let you guys in, after donning your swimsuit and floaties, you walked down the steps and into the pool. You pushed off on the step, trusting your weight to the floaties. As you did so, you sighed and said, "I finally get to go swimming." I guess you'd been waiting all day for that moment.

How going into the stores, going to see the toys is the highlight of your trip. You aren't asking to buy them, but you do love to go look at them and examine them…. and after a minute or so with each toy, you'll hand it back and say, "I'm all done with that. May I see that one now?"

How, one day, reading a Thomas book with you, I stumbled over the pronunciation of "Sodor." Without missing a beat, you corrected me with, "Sow-dor."

We have a funnel that sits on the kitchen counter. One day, you picked it up and used it like a megaphone.

During the week, after you wake and grandma D. takes you downstairs, you've started taking the cat hats out of the drawer and putting them on the cats. A kid truly after my own heart. I'm thinking these practice runs could come in handy for holiday pictures this year!

How one morning, just after waking, I asked you what you wanted to do that day. You replied, "Ice cream land is on my to do list."

How when I lift you out of your bed in the morning, you're all warm with sleep. You audibly sniff through your nose, and in a sleepy voice say, "Ohhh, your lotion smells good." If I ask you if your daddy or grandma smells good, you always give an unequivocal, "No."

How you randomly will tell me, "Mommy, I like you. You're so pretty."

How you've randomly started to open your arms wide and tell me, "I love you thiiiiiiis much, mommy."

And then sometimes, still, you'll curl yourself up, your head tucked under my chin. I breathe in deeply the scent of your hair and the scent of you. You still smell half baby, but half little boy now. I knew this day was coming, the little boy days. The days when you lose that soft baby skin, and the hairs on your arms and legs are no longer downy soft. It's happening… but those times when you curl into me, I remember those fleeting moments of pregnancy. Moments that seemed to go on forever because we were so impatient to meet you. All those times that I held you as a newborn, seemingly endless times, but are now long past. Your legs are strong, your arms are strong. Your posture is the perfect posture of a child, untouched by years or burdens. You are but three short months away from being 3. It seems unreal to me that years of intertility could drag on forever, but years of parenthood flee into memories made in a matter of seconds.

I know for a fact that if your father and I linked our hands together and spread them wide, that there still wouldn't be enough space in the universe that could demonstrate that we love you THIIIIS much.

33 months old

Love you forever,



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Letter to our 32 month old.

Dear William,

On August 8, 2014, you turned 32 months old. You are 40 1/4 inches tall and weigh 38.3 pounds. You are currently in size 4T tops and 3T bottoms. For pajamas you are in 5T. I’m buying size 5T in tops for you these days, because they’re really not all THAT big on you. I finally realized that, uh, you’ve outgrown your size 9 shoes, since your toe is hanging out the front of your sandals. We’ve now moved you up to size 10.

Language Development:
You are playing with the English language… for example, we were joking around and I said, “Do you want some grapes?” You replied, “Yes! That would be grape!” And then you laughed uproarously at your pun.

You say “chocwate” for chocolate.
You say “alrus” for walrus.
You say “grirl” for girl.

Food and Nursing:
I keep forgetting to mention, you are in the midst of the toddler rite of passage — dipping into condiments phase, particularly ketchup. You ask to dip anything and everything in ketchup, the “normal” things, like french fries or chicken, but also pancakes, dried mango, fruit. This past month, while eating a salad from El Pollo Loco, you wanted “leaves with dressing” and you proceeded to unapologetically dip things into my favorite cilantro dressing, too. You like to have a lot of ketchup and bit of mustard, too. You haven’t acquired the taste for mustard yet, but you like to have the option… so your father just puts the tiniest bit of mustard next to the huge blob of ketchup, and then we both sit there and laugh about it.

Nursing is going well… it continues to be a pleasant thing for both of us. You find it soothing, and I find it a wonderful way to reconnect with you after a day away from you. One of the funny things you’ve started doing, you will lay down on the floor and bonk your head ever so gently. Then you fake cry and say you bumped your head and ask to nurse.

This month has seen some interesting changes in your sleep. For naps and bedtimes when I’m home, you will nurse until you’re almost asleep and I will either tell you “all done” and you’ll unlatch, or you’ll unlatch yourself, sigh, and in your bed you go. You immediately flip to your tummy and go on to sleep. The last week and a half you have decided that you will go back to sleep after I nurse you in the morning before I leave for work. I’m beyond pleased that you have taken this step, as you are ensuring that you get the amount of sleep you need.

One morning last week, I put you back in your bed and you said, “Mommy lie down with me.” I said, “I can’t, it’s not Saturday.” You replied, “Get in here.” I laughed at that and said, “Are you going back to sleep?” You said, “Uh huh… mommy, leave the door open?” You did indeed go back to sleep.

Things we did:
07/12 – a friend’s birthday party at Pump it Up
07/12 – Lego Movie at the OC Great Park with food trucks!
07/13 – mass with daddy, visit to your Grandma and Grandpa’s house
07/14 – swim time in the evening
07/16 – Sign Language Library Story Time (Tustin)
07/17 – Beach
07/21 – Library with Miss Mary (El Toro)
07/22 – 07/25 VBS at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
07/24 – Beach
07/26 – FIRST CIRCUS! Took a nap there. ha
07/27 – Church/Pancake Breakfast/Family time … painted a birdhouse
07/29 – Library, fireman visitor/speaker
07/31 – Beach
08/02 – FIRST MOVIE – Planes 2
08/07 – Beach

Things I want to remember:

The amazing hugs you give, and how good it feels to have you wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze with all your might.

How you randomly will tell me, “I love you, mommy.” Usually as you’re hugging my leg while I wipe your butt. ha

How you love our fairy garden, and the one fairy house, looks like a tree stump, you call it “the treeschoolers.” (From Rachael and the TreeSchoolers) First thing in the morning, you like to get up and go downstairs and check on the fairy garden.

Driving to the OC Great Park, in your car seat, you were looking for your Kellogg’s Corn Flakes car. I asked you, jokingly, if it was up your butt. You said, “Yes.” Surprised, I said, “You’re sitting on it?” You replied, “Yes.” Sure enough, I dug under you and there it was. I guess I need to check your car seat better before putting you into it.

I was detailing my car and you wanted to hang out with me. So you climbed into your car seat and sat there, playing with your car Cars and eating your car snack mix. At one point, you asked if we were going anywhere, I replied that we weren’t, that I was cleaning my car. You hung out in there for about a half an hour.

After we’d been out for the evening, we pulled up next to your grandma’s car. She got out and you said “Goodnight, Grandma! I love you!” Then, with an ear-to-ear grin said in an undertone, “Go home.”

How you wanted to touch the food trucks at the OC Great Park. The back of one was hot (their cooking stuff was there) and the red one was cold (it was the engine area). I would never have thought to touch them if you hadn’t been there, and was surprised to learn their temperatures.

You wanted to help push the wheelbarrow at Grandma and Grandpa H.’s house.

At Pump it Up, you were so excited to get to eat cake. The guy had stuck the fork firmly in the cake, you just lifted the whole thing and said, “Look mommy, I got cake!!!” And proceeded to eat the big piece of cake like it was a popsicle. Also, you were the only boy amidst 10 girls at the birthday party… totally awesome!

At the circus, the motorcycle on a wire came out right above us. You jumped and then asked, “What the heck are they doing up there??”

Fascinated by traffic, you were counting the cars around you. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleventeen.

When I put your new shoes on you, I asked you, “Aren’t your new shoes fun?” You replied, “No. Legoland is fun. Disneyland is fun. The waterpark is fun.”

How brave you’ve been getting at the park. You now climb up (carefully) the rope climbing ladder and will go up the ladder to the big tube slide. You also slide down the enormous tube slide all by yourself.

Our local Walmart has stopped giving free cookie samples, which is the saddest thing for you. You informed grandma that, “Cookies are much better than a big ol’ chicken.”

At 5:45pm, I asked you when you had last gone potty. You replied, “At six thirty, mommy.”

In the craft store, I wondered aloud if the Christmas stuff would be out. You replied, “Nooooo, mommy, it’s still July!”

How I had you in a back carry in the Tula. You were driving your car on my neck and I asked you if you were driving your cars on my back. You replied, “No, they’re driving into the cactus.” This as they go through my hair.

We use a timer to transition you through the stages of the evening… upstairs playtime, potty, bath time… one evening the timer went off for the end of your bath, and I came around the corner and you’d put all your bath toys out of the water onto the side of the tub, and you grinned, and said, “Mommy! I cleaned up my toys!” I was so very surprised, and told you how surprised I was. Every evening since then, you want to clean up your toys and surprise me… multiple times. So, I let you surprise me, a few times at least.

How, when grandma leaves for the day, you tell her, “Thank you for taking care of me. I love you. Thank you for stopping by.”

Each week when we go to the ocean, you remind us, “We’re going to get grandma?” And when we get there and can see the ocean from the road, you exclaim, every single time, “THERE’S THE WATER!”

How when I jokingly tell you we’ll be playing the quiet game while driving around, you’ll respond, “No, I want to talk!” And then just last night, you asked to hear a specific song and it was playing. Your father and I were talking and you said, “Be quiet, please. I’m trying to hear my song.”

You are such a joy and we love your sense of humor, imagination, thoughtfulness and kindness. If I could have custom ordered a little boy, I don’t think I would have been able to do so half as good as what we have in you.


Love, Momma


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Letter to our 31 month old

Dear William,

On July 8th, 2014, you turned 2 years 7 months old.


You are 39.5 inches tall and weigh 38.12 pounds. Another growth spurt has happened since last month and you grew another 1/2 inch. This growth spurt has placed you well over the specifications of your car seat in its rear facing position, and we’ve had to forward face you in my car now. Sadly, I will miss having your undivided attention as we drive around together, as you’re now enthralled with everything that’s happening in front of us.

One of your two front teeth has gone gray… likely a result of a fall on the entry way tile a couple weeks ago. The dentist said just to watch the gums for infection and brush well.


Intentional mispronunciations:
You say “nurgets” for nuggets. “I would like some chicken nurgets, please?”
You say “frowgy” for froggy.”
You say “big ol’ chicken” for rotisserie chickens.

Unintentional mispronuciations:
You say “lellow” for yellow.
You say “Photosynpethesis” for “Photosynthesis”

You have begun to eat lettuce over the last couple months. Salads used to be the “safe” thing I could eat in front of you without you begging food off me. That is no longer the case.

Out of my nut mix, or “mommy’s snacky mix” (as you call it), you have begun to show a preference for pistachios, digging through them all and deigning others to the pistachios. You will eat the others if there are no pistachios to be had, but you definitely prefer to eat them first.

You have started eating tomatoes thanks to our neighbor, Nichole, who is growing a tomato plant on her front stoop. You never cared for them before, but she offered you one, fresh off the vine, and you ate it. I wisely held my tongue, figuring it would come half eaten out of your mouth, but it didn’t. And now, anytime she offers, you meekly hold her hand, walk over, pick one and eat it. I am so glad I didn’t say anything. You still don’t eat commercial tomatoes, but that’s fine. Fresh off the vine is the way to go.

Nursing continues to be a blessing to both of us, and I’m ever so grateful for the regrouping time that it provides us.

There has been a definite shift in your sleep this month. Your naps are shortening and you are waking on your own around 3pm, and your overnight sleep is lengthening, sometimes going back to sleep after our morning nursing at 6:30am, and waking later at 7:30 or 8:30am. We’ve been able to tell you, and you understand, that if you don’t take a nap, we can’t go out and play together as a family in the evening. For example, when we were at LegoLand this past weekend, I told you that you needed to take a nap so we could go out and look at MiniLand. By golly, if you didn’t force yourself to nurse nap for an hour in the midst of chaos and heat right there in the waterpark. I was amazed at you.

On the flip side, you’ve had a couple of wakes in the middle of the night, I think because you’re having bad dreams. One morning in particular, through your sobs you told me, “I didn’t get the toy.” There was no help for that sort of sobbing sadness but to nurse. I’ll tell you, though, that I wish for you that the rest of your life were that uncomplicated. You’ve also been requesting on a regular basis that we leave your bedroom door open. Also, because it’s been so hot lately, and we don’t run the air conditioner at night, we’ve been running 3 or 4 fans in your room, in strategic places for maximized indirect air flow…. we’ve also been leaving your window open. I always feel a major sense of achievement when your room reaches 70° in the morning, down from the 80° temperature it was when I put you to bed the night before.

06/14 – LegoLand and their waterpark (you went down the red slide by yourself)
06/21 – breakfast with Grace and family at Ruby’s
06/21 – attended retirement party for your father’s former band teacher
06/22 – attended Sunday school for the first time at my church
06/25 – went to the airport to watch planes take off and land with Grandma D.
06/25 – went to my work for my lunch time
06/26 – visit to the ocean
07/02 – visit to the ocean
07/04 – our city’s 4th of July parade AND FIREWORKS!! (You loved the fireworks this year, and waved at all the cars in the parade!)
07/06 – family time with your grandparents
07/07 – Legoland and their waterpark (you went down the tube slide by yourself!!!!)

Recurring events:
Library story time (Mondays and Wednesdays)
Taking a break from music class this month.


William: I want to watch Cars?
Tony: Nooooo, we watched Cars yesterday.
William: I know! I want to watch Mater’s Tales.
Tony: Noooo, we’re not watching anything right now.
William, standing around the corner from us: Oh! I want to watch Star Wars.
Pause, while Tony and I look at each other with shocked faces, and then,
William, in a high pitched voice, with Tony as a 1 second delay echo, “Whaaaaaat? What did you say?”

We’ve continued with our “Operation: Leave the House in the Morning” by allowing you to watch Rachel and the TreeSchoolers. You adore Rachel (from Signing Time) and, best of all, you learn so much from her. I even learn stuff from her! We are big fans of Signing Time in this house. One of the episodes address bugs, another addresses weather and the last one teaches about plants. One of the characters in the show is easily frightened by things, and the other characters rally around and help him learn about stuff. Now you can be heard to say, “I’m not scared of that, it’s just bugs.” “Or it’s just thunder. There’s no need to be scared.”

On the off days, however, we’ve let you watch Frosty or Mater’s Tales. One morning, daddy had already queued everything up when we came downstairs. All that was on the screen was a brownish box with “Start” on it, no pictures, nothing and you said, That’s Mater the Tales!” I set you on the couch and leaned in to kiss you goodbye and you were doing the head dodge to try to see around me. I got my kiss and “I love you,” and then daddy leaned in to kiss you and you said, “Go away, mommy and daddy. Go away!” Suffice it to say, we now severely limit your access to Mater’s Tall Tales to viewing maybe once every couple weeks.

How sweet it is when you see a baby, you affect a high-pitched voice and say, “Awwww, it’s a little baby!”

You have a renewed love of your belly button this month and often will raise your shirt and ask for a kiss or zerbert. Even more sweet, though, is you will sometimes walk up and kiss my belly button.

We told you we were going to get dinner. You replied, “Let’s get ice cream first!”

Got a text from my mom one day that I needed to call you about a confession about candy. Turns out you had found my huge box of chocolate that your father gave me for Mother’s day. Apparently, knocked it to the floor and had sampled one of the pieces. You were walking toward Grandma saying, “Mmmmmm, this is SO good!” Later that night when I got home, I had a piece of chocolate. You were sitting on my lap and started sniffing loudly, and then said, “Are you eating chocolate, mommy?”

William: Wanna go on the freeway?
Daddy: What’s on the freeway?
William: Trucks!

Eating at Chick-Fil-A, we asked you what is in your tummy? Your prompt response was, “Ketchup and chicken!” And then, you said, “I want a strawberry milkshake?” We were hemming and hawing, you turned and ran up to the cashier and ordered it with two pleases! “Please, may I have a strawberry milkshake, please?”

Upon hearing a sound that sounds like a toy being thrown, I ask, “What was that? Did you throw your car?” You immediately reply, “He is racing right now!” As you sling the car across the room. A verbal avoidance maneuver.

Slinging your cars through the dirt, I ask, “What’s going on?” You reply, “They’re racing in the dirt!” I clarify, “Like Doc Hudson?” You enthusiastically rejoin, “Yes!”

Daddy makes Froggy play peek-a-boo after bathtime… then, one night, daddy stopped before you wanted him to, so you hopped off my lap and started making Froggy play peek-a-boo with yourself.

We had fruit skewers one afternoon with lunch, and you were calling them “fruit towers”

For the past two months you’ve been pulling your hair and Telling me you need a haircut, that your hair is too long. I finally got you a haircut on July 3rd.  It’s the second time we’ve  used this discount hair cut place and, even though there’s no fancy seats to sit in for you or a movie to watch, you just sit there and look around.

You call the tall, narrow evergreen trees “green bean trees.” You started doing that in Hawaii last August, and I was surprised to hear you say that again.

Trimming my sago palm in the back yard, you grabbed one of the fronds and started waving it up and down, saying “God, God, God!” Apparently, you though it was Palm Sunday!

You were eating car snacks and handing me the mangos, I would say, “No, those are yours!” Then you would hand me a banana chip, and I would say “Thank you.” Then you said, “Mommy’s being patient!” as I waited for you to hand me banana chips.

Then, the box of snacks kept sliding down your lap, and I kept putting them back up, only to glance over and realize you were doing it on purpose. I started laughing. You said, “I put it that way… it makes mommy laugh!”

Driving home from the beach, we took a side street home that has a tunnel. Your father and I were conversing about the person’s driving skills who was in front of us. A minute after we got through the tunnel, you piped up and said, “Daddy? You forgot to honk!”

You spilled water down your shirt and said, “I made a BIG waterfall!”

At the 4th of July parade, you kept asking for food, and all I had was your snack bag. I kept offering to take you home and give you lunch, and you kept replying, “No, thank you, mommy, there are more cars coming!” You didn’t want to miss any of the cars in the parade!

Driving through the parking lot where we parked for the 4th of July Parade a couple days later, you exclaimed, “We’re going to the parade! We’re almost there!”

One evening, you were talking to your father about a Winnie the Pooh book you’d read that day. You were really concerned about Piglet being scared about hearing knocking on the bed. Daddy told you we (mommy, daddy, grandma) were all there to protect you… and then you shared that the knocking on the bed was just a tree branch, that it won’t hurt you and you don’t have to be scared.

One evening over the long holiday weekend, you said “I know what we can do!” “We can go to the Spectrum and get food!” We get there and you said, “Now I want to go get food with the red motorcycle! And see Grace and Mia” Except Grace and Mia (his godmother and her daughter) weren’t there. Funny kid, remembered where we’d had breakfast a couple weeks ago with them.

A project we’re sort of doing together is a fairy garden in our backyard. I’ve had fairy statues for years and years, but for some reason never thought to create little gardens for them. It’s coming together beautifully and it’s a joy to have you be a part of it.

One of the short stories on the Cars movie is called the One Man Band. We went to Sprouts the other day and there was a man playing a violin, with his wife and daughter who was about your age. They were holding a sign that said they were homeless and needed food or money to buy food. It was such a hot day and people were driving by and handing them water, or a popsicle for their daughter as he continued to play his beautiful songs on the violin. You asked me for a coin to give him and, then you walked up and put it in his violin case. You hesitated, though, and I could see it coming together in your mind like in the movie… although in the movie, the girl doesn’t ever give them the coin.

In your bathtub I gave you some small bottles that used to hold your bath paints. They are easily squeezable and if you fill them with water and squeeze them quickly, water shoots out. You told me one night, “Mommy, do you want to see something funny?” And then you proceeded to show me how to shoot water out of those bottles.

You’ve started to love to splash us in the pool, or in the water when we’re at LegoLand, or at the ocean. You think it’s so very funny. And your comfort level in the water is growing by leaps and bounds… one evening you surprised us by hand-walking the side of the pool.  And you wanted us to help you jump in from the side.  In response to this new found confidence, we purchased you a PFD and are continuing to work with you on your swimming skills.

And then there was tonight, as your father and I finished your bedtime prayers. You latched to nurse to sleep, and then proceeded to unlatch repeatedly to add to your prayer. Thank you God for bugs. Thank you God for sand… for water… for Walmart… for fruits and vegetables… strawberries… thank you for bananas… for Froggy… for light… for Jesus… for Target and big trucks. And as things came to your mind you would unlatch and pray with a thankful heart for them. After some time passed, you stopped unlatching and drifted off to sleep.

I pray that you always have such a thankful heart for the simple things. For one truth that always stands is that when you count your blessings daily, life’s hardships have a way of diminishing to a manageable level.


Love, Momma


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Letter to our 2 year 6 month old

Dear William,

On June 8, 2014, you turned 2.5 years old. Thirty months. Two years six months. Wow. My big boy, but still my sweet baby. There’s a child’s book called Love You Forever. It talks about a mother and her son who she rocks and rocks throughout the years and stages of his life once he falls asleep, it’s really very sweet and I understand it completely now after having had you in my life. You will always be my baby. Although, I promise, when you’re older and married and have your own children, I won’t drive across town and sneak in your window to rock you… I’ll just ring your doorbell. ha

You are 39″ tall and 36.12 pounds. You’ve had a bit of a growth spurt this past month… someone commented to you about how you’ve grown so tall and wondered how that had happened. You explained, while raising your hand appropriately, “I growed and growed and growed!”

A growth spurt this month has led to you eating and nursing very well.
You have a new found love of cherries, particularly maraschino cherries.

Mispronuciations are rare these days. You will say something, stop, and repeat it until it’s correct. One of the charming things that you consistently mispronounce, though, is a very important word and that word is “dessert.” You say it like “bessert.”

You have started saying “Mmmmhmmmm” and “Yeah” in response to questions this month. I much prefer you to say “Yes” and so I am consistently trying to retrain you.

You’ve also started intermittently calling me “Mom.” Uhhh, child, I am mommy until such time as you are a teenager. My mom is mom, not me.
You had another good month of sleeping. Despite my worries of traveling, when we went to our family cabin over the weekend, you slept in your own bed all night long BOTH nights with no wake ups. You do have the best bed in the cabin, so I would expect no less, which is why when you don’t sleep well up there it is so maddening. HA!

Naps were a different story, and since I didn’t want you overtired, I basically “forced” naps by lying down with you or holding you for your naps. Although the getting you to “be quiet” part of settling down was not a pretty thing. On one of the days I forced a nap, it was totally dark in the room, I was lying next to you and I could feel the bed jerking.  I ran my hand down your back trying to figure out what you were dong without initiating a conversation… you know, being quiet? It kept happening, and I finally asked you what was going on. You replied, “My poopy maker’s jumping, I’m being a froggy!” The next day, you fell asleep while nursing on the couch and that was much easier to handle. Despite the hilarity, I savored those naps because I know it will be all too soon that you no longer take naps and maybe a shorter time that you won’t want me to hold you at all.




Monday and Wednesday – Library story time
Tuesdays – Music Class with Miss Cheryl
05/17 – lots of pool time
05/18 – Irvine Spectrum
05/24 – breakfast with your Great Aunt Marjorie and Great Uncle Jim
06/07 – weekend in the mountains


One morning, I was getting dressed, and standing next to me, you looked over and said, matter-of-factly, “You’re putting your black underwear on.” I confirmed, “Yes.” You pursued the observation with, “There’s no cars on them.”

That afternoon, you started talking about the airport, saying that you were going to go to the airport and watch planes take off and land. I texted my mom to ask her if she’d been talking to you about that. She replied, “No, but I think we’ve talked about it while you’re nursing him. He doesn’t miss a thing, that one.”

One evening after dinner at Outback Steakhouse, you were playing in the little field outside the restaurant. You saw a wild rabbit and said, “There’s Peter Rabbit!”

After a morning at the library, where there are several statues outside, you came home and, sitting on your potty, said, “I’m a sitting potty statue.”

You have willingly used public toilets on several occasions this month. This is progress! Over the weekend, you have started to request the “big potty” and you want to sit on it backwards. It doesn’t look comfortable to me AT ALL, but it’s the only way you want to go. Perhaps this is a step towards learning to pee standing up? One benefit for you, is that there is a “shelf” of the toilet tank that you put your trucks on.

You used the restroom at a restaurant this past month and did a big poop. When you were done, you looked into the toilet and asked, “Where did the poopy go?” I looked and the water was foggy, so I told you was down there hiding. Without any pause, you said, “BOO!”

On another day, you pooped and I was cleaning you up from it, but there wasn’t anything to clean up. Pleasantly surprised, I said, “My goodness, you did a ghost poop!” And you said, “I did a ghostlight poopy!” (You were referencing the short movie from the Cars DVD, I was referencing the guideline of types of poop.)

When I sing you Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star while we nurse to sleep at night, and when I sing the word “star” you bring both hands up and sign the word “star” and your eyes crinkle just a bit at the corners and I can tell you’re smiling at your cleverness. I love these interactive nursing sessions with you.


When we switch sides while nursing, you will say, “That side is dry.” I reply with, “No, mommy just needs to make more milk.”


At the library, there was a story about a dog who was ribbeting like a frog, neighing like a horse, etc., so the dog went to the doctor and the doctor pulled out a cat, all kid’s eyes got big. Then a frog came out, and you said, “What is THAT doing in there?” LOL

We were walking down the stairs and there were some balls that the cats play with in one of the cat beds. You took a look at it and said, “Look at that… Grumpy laid some eggs!” If that’s true, it could possibly explain why Grumpy (fka Snuggy) is so often out of sorts. This was followed by you telling me, “Mommy needs coffee to be happy.”

When we went to Walmart over the weekend, you spotted a cheaply made police car toy. I told you we already had one at home. You negotiated by saying, “I want this one, please?” I told you it wasn’t well made, that it doesn’t even make sounds. You looked at me and said, “WOOOOO WOOOO WOOOOO!” Touche!

Your toys constantly talk to each other, full on conversations, courtesy of you. You don’t mind if I join in and play the part of them, but it’s amazing to just listen as you create their conversations.

Sometimes, when we’re driving down the road, you say, “I want to say ‘AHHHHHH’!” and that means you want to do our Friday family yell! haha

We get to a restaurant and discuss what you want to eat, and you pick it out… and then you say, “It’s coming. Food is coming!” Uhh, we still have to place the order, little boy! Then, when we finally place the order, your eagle eyes follow the waiter around until he brings you your food.

When we were at a restaurant one evening, you overheard a lady telling the waiter that it was her birthday. When she returned to her table after paying the bill, you launched into a rendition of the happy birthday song, grinning the entire time. You sang it several times in a row. She was ready to leave, but didn’t want to because she told us it was the sweetest thing that had happened to her all day. As a thank you to you, she bought you a cupcake cup.


The singing is really out of control these days… grandma taught you an old gospel song called “Jesus is coming soon.” She rocks you vigorously to that tune in the rocking chair and you now go sit in that chair and rock yourself, all the while singing that song with much passion. I have the most hilarious video of you doing that completely naked. I’m thinking that will come in handy in about 16 years.

We went to Yogurtland one evening and you spotted a picture of yogurt on the wall. You told me you wanted that yogurt, and then proceeded to pretend eat the yogurt. You lifted your spoon in the air, perspectively picked some up on your spoon and pretended to eat it.

You are verbally linking cause and effect … you have been heard to say, “I’m thirsty, I need a drink of water!”

You now leave your sunglasses on and actually request them when the sun is bothering you. You will say, “The sun is in my eyes, I need my sunglasses, please?”

You also tell me, “Remember yesterday, mommy, when ____ happened?” Or, “I want to go to LegoLand? Oh, LegoLand is closed right now, we’ll have to go tomorrow.”

One night it was so hot in your room (a mini heat wave we were experiencing) and you were having trouble falling asleep. I went in to open and put a fan in your window. You were lying sideways in your bed, your feet propped up, looking for all the world like you were sitting in a recliner. I said, “There now… do you feel that cooler air coming in?” You grinned and replied, “Yes!” And started singing, “Because my body is amazing, amazing, AMAZING!” Complete with the signs for it. Thank you, Baby Signing Time for your late night precociousness.

You love going to our family’s mountain cabin, and as we were driving down the mountain, you said you wanted to go to the Christmas store, the one that has ice cream in it. I was confused and finally your father figured out you meant the candy store up there, that does indeed look like Christmas, and it does have ice cream in it.


One morning while we were in the mountains, your grandpa told you we were going to see Charlie. He asked if you knew what Charlie would make you. You replied, “A pancake!” We asked you what kind of pancake. You replied, “A blueberry pancake!” You were absolutely right!

This has also been a month full of leg hugs and I couldn’t be more thrilled. They are unbearably heart melting, especially because they are combined with an, “I love you, mommy!”




Over the weekend I was upset about something. You came up behind me and started pushing my shorts up. I asked you what was going on, you replied that you were trying to pick me up to give me a hug. It quickly degenerated into a game of me going to my tip toes every time you pushed upwards. Then the game expanded to you trying to pick up your father, and we were all laughing by the end of it.

Sometimes we’ll tell you we’re going to do something, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to do it too. You always reply emphatically and with much confidence, “I’m lucky.”

Truthfully?  It’s not luck at all, child.  Nope.  Not even a little, nothing in your life or about your life is a happenstance of chance.  We really should start using the word “blessed” … because that is really what everything about our life with you is about.

Blessed.  Ten times a William.



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Letter to our 2 Year 5 Month Old

Dear William,

Today, May 8, 2014, you turn 29 months old. You are 38 1/2 inches tall, maybe 38 3/4. It was hard to tell because amidst much laughter while I tried to measure you, you grabbed the yardstick I use to flatten your hair and were waving that around while you flexed your toes like a ballet dancer, up and down you went, and wouldn’t stand still. You weigh 36.1 pounds. You are in 3T bottoms, 4T shirts.

You continue to enjoy nursing, as do I. We now like to nurse in our Tula carrier, and at the end of the night when we’re headed upstairs for your bath, as we walk past the carrier hanging on its hook you cry, “Wanna nurse in the carrier? Wanna nurse in the carrier, PLEEEEASE!!” It makes me laugh every time and I know you don’t mean for it to be funny, but it is.

You eat well for a toddler. One of your favorite things is to munch on my mixed nut mix that I take with me to work for snacking. You like to hold each nut up for identification and repeat the name of the nut back to me. Even funnier, I call it “Mommy’s Snackies.” You call it “Mommy’s Makies.”

We were in Michael’s the other day, and they had a bunch of figurines in a wire rack for purchasing. You wanted to look at them, so we did. You pulled out a pig and held it up and said, “She’s nursing her babies.” I also love that whenever you hear a baby crying in the store, you say, “That baby’s hungry! She needs to nurse!”


Your sleep has been better this month than I can remember in a long time, if somewhat on the short end of things. We continue with our strict wake up from naps at 3:30pm, with a 6 hour wake time, that puts your bedtime at 9:30pm. Wake time is 6:30am and we try to get you down for your nap no later than 1pm. Despite the incredibly hot nights this past month, you’ve been sleeping well. If you do wake in the middle of the night, you usually go back to sleep on your own.

You’ve been waking regularly at 6:30am. Weekdays it works out well, because that’s when I normally go and get you. But on weekends, one of our favorite things we’ve started doing is to nurse and then snuggle and snooze in your bed until one of us wakes and says, “We should wake up and start the day!” Sometimes we doze until 8:15am! That late wake up time messes up your nap schedule for the day, but to me it’s totally worth it to have those snuggles with you.

You are completely potty trained 24/7, there were no accidents this month. I am astounded by your bladder control, you hold your pee longer than anyone I’ve ever known. You are also able to hold it if we ask you to, when you’ve said you need to go.  Usually it’s enough time for us to find a safe place to pull over so you can use your portable potty.  You’ve even awakened from your sleep and requested to go to the restroom. I have to say, though, that I’ve been very meticulous about making sure you go potty before your bath and before your bed. I even make sure, every single night, to warn you that once I offer that last potty of the day, I clearly articulate, “there’s no more potty after this!” And, 90% of the time, you get in your room, turn around and run back and sit on your little toilet.


I also felt you were ready this month to work on your nighttime “falling asleep” routine. Primarily, because I don’t know how much longer you’ll be able to nurse to sleep. More often than not, you are able to, but there are some nights when you just cannot fall asleep. It’s those nights that I’ve worked with you and gently reminded you that, “We’ve nursed. I’ve told you goodnight. I’ve told you that I love you. I’ve told you to sleep tight. Mommy cannot stay in your bed with you.” I stay with you just a couple minutes, and then leave the room. You have enough of an understanding of the English language and the rhythm of our home that this has worked for you, combined with the work that Grandma D. has done with you for your naps, you’ve been able to roll over and peacefully fall asleep.

Library time on Mondays and Wednesdays
Music Class with Miss Cheryl on Tuesday mornings
04/18 – Kidseum at Bowers Museum
04/20 – Easter egg hunt at Grandma & Grandpa H.’s house
04/30 – introductory swim class at Water Works
05/01 – Toddler Time at Scooter’s Jungle







How you love to kiss my “beldy” and I love to tell you that’s where you used to live. One of the days we had a nap fail this past month, I thought maybe I could lie next to you and you would sleep. All got quiet and then you scooched down and said, “I kiss your beldy, momma. I kiss your beldy.” There was no way I could be upset with you after that. We just said, “No nap today.”

Nothing gets past you, and it’s sometimes shocking the things you pick up… from watching Peter Rabbit you learned about spanking, and walked around the house with a Hot Wheels track tapping the cat’s butts, saying, “I’m doing lots of spanking!” I think I forgot to mention, back in January, you were shown some Bible pictures depicting the Old Testament, and from that you learned about “killing” with a stick. Thank you, Cain & Abel!  Your father and I were sadly remiss on the pick-up of using those as an immediate learning opportunity, we were too busy giving each other the “What the heck” face… seriously? THAT is what you learned from seemingly benign stories?

You love to sing songs to me, “Jesus Loves Me” is a top favorite. You sing stanzas of various songs, The Mack Song, as you call it, you sing, “Dop is a hallway, I wanna ride it all night long.” It’s actually, “Life is a Highway, I wanna ride it all night long.” haha You also sing (what you call) the Tow Mater song, it’s actually called Behind the Clouds, but you know the first line and last line of the hook — “Behind the clouds the sun is shi-i-ning, there’s a big blue sky, waiting right behind the clouds.”

The way you love to smell things… if we go to Bath & Body Works, you’re just as bad as we are, you want to smell EVERYTHING in the store.

How when we brush your teeth at night, you like to pick the toothpaste. You’ll say, “I want toothpaste, daddy! Please!” And then when he arrives, you say, “I want Cars toothpaste, please? No, no, I want Tinkerbell toothpaste, instead!” We also have some toothpaste in a blue container that I stuck a Red (firetruck from Cars) sticker on. You call it Red’s blue toothpaste, and everytime it makes me laugh when you say that.




How when we went to the park a couple weeks ago, you were somewhat reluctant to slide down a big slide all by yourself.  Your father started tickling you and was able to pull you out of the starting point.  You got half way down, giggling the whole way, and said big and loud, “DADDY PUSHED ME!!”  Push, pull, same thing in a toddler’s mind, I guess.P1200830

You’ve been struggling a lot this month with separation sadness in the mornings when your daddy and I leave for work. It’s terribly sad, and there’s lots of tears and crying and sobbing and begging. As a last ditch effort, as I drive my car out of the garage, you’ve started saying, “I want to go to work?” And you point at your car seat in my car.

P1200840 copy1

There are a million and one things I could tell you, but instead what I do is I get out of my car and give you one last hug before I leave. You wrap your legs around my waist, like a tight rubber band (when did they get so long), and you wrap your arms around my neck, you lean your head on my shoulder where your tears seep into my shirt. You whisper, “I love you, mommy.” And I whisper back, “I love you, too, William.” And I think to myself, that’s really all you’re trying to say, every single time you reach for me, or you want to hold my hand, or you want me to lie down with you, or you want to show me something… I know, I will never be this loved again.

29 months old

I love you, too, William



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