Letter to our 4 Year 2 Month Old

Dear William,

On February 8, 2016, you turned 50 months old.  You are 44 3/4 inches tall, 48 pounds and wearing the same sizes as last month.

Things we Did:

1/23 – Friend Joseph’s birthday party (Pump It Up!)

–Monday, aerial acrobatics class
–Various days, Library Story Time and Craft; Special Lego building day
–Thursday, Awanas
–Friday, Ice Skating Class

Ice Skating Class Highlights:

Overall, this class appears to be going well.  You have progressed from holding onto the sides for dear life to moving with great confidence across the ice and are able to get up easily, even when you’re nowhere near the sides.   This is something you achieved after the first class, by the way.  So it was particularly exasperating when you were in the practice skate portion of your class and you intentionally sat down on the ice and then lured a couple of little girls to come help you up.  There they were, attempting to pull you to your feet (both on ice skates) and both of them fell.  You looked around for another “victim” and determined it was all up to you, so you put your knee up and got up like it was nothing.

A couple weeks ago during class the teacher showed the kids how to make snow, the idea being an incentive to learn how to move their blades. What did you do? You plopped down on the ice until someone came over to help you up and then you begged them to show you how to make snow.  The couple people who you lured into doing it had a perplexed look on their face as they did your request, and then you smiled, thanked them and grabbed the “snow”, made a snowball, got up and skated off.

When we go to Taco Tuesday at the local bar, there are televisions all around us. Several of them have ice hockey games that are going on, and you watch those games transfixed.  You have told me that you want to be an ice hockey player when you grow up.

Aerial Arts Class Highlights:

You love to tell Ms. Robin about everything.  After our weekend in Big Bear, your father told you to tell Ms. Robin about what you did that weekend.  So when Ms. Robin asked you where you went that weekend, you told her you’d gone to Europe.  Guess that’s what happens when you work on geography in the morning between the weekend and class time.  Your imagination really takes you places!

One of your classes Ms. Robin canceled this past month because she was sick. You did a makeup in the beginning aerial arts class (instead of the Kinder class), there were 6 other students that Ms. Robin was working with, leaving you to your own devices much of the time… miraculously, you did your skills with confidence and a great attitude.  More confidence than either Grandma D. or Ms. Robin had seen before.  Yet, when you went back to your Kinder Arts class the following week, you were flopping on the floor and crying.  I’m not sure where to go from here; sometimes parenting is confounding and confusing.  But what I know is that you like Ms. Robin; you enjoy the class; you can do these skills; and I didn’t want you to give up.  You weren’t acting out, you were imploding within yourself and your self-talk was full of “I can’t.”  So I threatened and pushed and encouraged you to finish the class,  (1) because I want you to know that “hard” things are doable, (2) choices have consequences and life doesn’t wait for you, (3) you only have try to do your best, learning takes time, (4) tough days and classes happen,  (5) I wanted you to be able to say that, whatever else you did or didn’t do, you at least finished the class.  Because sometimes the only good thing about a bad day is the fact that it’s done.

Awanas Highlights:
The “new Hawanas” (as you call it) is going well.  You are thriving in the class and you don’t even miss me when we’re there. One of the nights this past month was Carnival night, and you were given “Awana Bucks” for learning your verses.  You were thrilled to pick out toys and spend your money, but mostly you were thrilled about the bouncy house that was there.  You also told the balloon artist that you wanted a sword, so he made you one… and as we walked away from him, you said, “That guy made me a sword, like a Philistine’s!”

You love snack time, even though the snacks are seriously ridiculously easy, like animal crackers and a cheese stick.  You don’t care, you’re just happy to get a snack.  Although, you get so involved in story time that you often miss the set up of the snacks and you’re the last one scrambling to find a seat.  It’s been good for you, because it’s teaching you to be flexible and to understand  that you don’t get the same seat every single time you go to the tables.  One night, I was across the room talking with the Leader, and after everyone had eaten their snacks, you said, “Uhh, excuse me, but my mommy needs a snack, too!”  Apparently you realized that everyone had eaten something but me, which was kind of funny because I really didn’t want a snack that evening.

Doing your craft at Awanas the week prior to Valentine’s day, there were a ton of cut out hearts you were supposed to affix to the paper with glue.  As usual, you were narrating your way through the craft and one of the things you said as you applied the twentieth heart was, “All these hearts remind me of Valentine’s Day.”

Then, later that night, instead of toy play time, one of the assistants came up with another craft.  Everyone sat down and you were gluing sparkly things to a paper.  You asked, confounded, “My goodness.  How many crafts do they have tonight, anyway?”

Morning Conversations:

“OK, I just want to talk. Ask me if I had a good dream…” “Yes, I dreamed of being a doctor and I fixed everyone. I dreamed of being Cubbie bear and growing and growing like a plant. I even dreamed of Spirit and I was riding him, and we JUMPED!!”

You told me the entire story about Jack and Jill and then ad libbed elaborate details into the story, about how they had friends to help them collect the bucket.

One morning after you woke up you said, “So I want a little cake.”… When I told you we didn’t have any little cakes, you replied, “Ok… so, how about some big cakes then?”

I told you one morning that my alarm clock had somehow been turned up really loud and it scared me when it went off that morning and that I was afraid it had awakened you.  You replied, “It was Tinkerbell.  She did it.  She turned up your alarm volume because she is *mis-cher-vous!”

*Phonetic mispronunciation.

William’s Prayers:

“Dear Lord, I do not thank you for this snot!”

“Dear Lord, please let there be more birthdays soon. Amen.”

“Dear Lord, please let me dream of Peter Pan and, Lord, let me be Tinkerbell in my dream. Thank you. Amen.”

“Dear Lord, I don’t thank you for this stuffy nose or for hail. Amen.”

“Dear Lord, please put a bubble around my bed and keep the bad dreams away. Amen.”

“Lord, please help tomorrow be a mommy & daddy day…. and if not, please put a bubble around my bed and keep the bad dreams away, and help me to dream of Tinkerbell or chalk drawing or mommy and daddy days tonight. Amen.”

Things I want to remember:

This past month I pulled out my Disney Story book that has 55 classic stories adapted from Disney movies. I read you one in the bath tub each night, as well as a mommy/son devotion. You love it and I love it. You ask for specific stories, and I always check the page count, some of them are quite long. But I’m thrilled that you love my Disney book.

Pretend play is a huge thing. You wait for Peter Pan in the mornings and say that you’re sure he’s hiding because I’m in your bedroom.  Any noise you hear is Peter Pan coming back to claim his shadow. When at the park, you run and put your arms out and say you’re flying to Neverland. You make up stories, and anyone who comes over gets to see a puppet show of an odd assortment of characters, while you stand in the hallway upstairs that looks over our living room.  Your current puppet choices are a Monster puppet, a pig and wolf.

You learned recently that I carry one of your flossing sticks in my purse.  Apparently, you’ve been getting stuff stuck in your teeth when you eat and then dealing with it.  But now that you made that discovery, you have no hesitation asking me to floss your teeth whenever or where ever we happen to be.

This month you have started running your fingers gently through my hair.  When I  look at you questioningly, you tell me, “I’m trying to brush your hair.”

I ordered a small, handheld, rechargeable vacuum cleaner to help keep the rogue cat fur tumbleweeds and the bird’s seed droppings under control.  When it got here, I told you it was your vacuum cleaner and that it is your job to clean up those things.  The $50 I spent on that vacuum cleaner has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  It has given you the freedom to clean when the mood strikes and even at the slightest mention of it, or if I claim the vacuum for a second, you come running to take over!

You take the health of Tug (our cat) VERY seriously and gives him regular check-ups with the doctor kit your father gave you for Christmas. From all appearances, Tug appears to be in good health.  You kindly informed your father that if any more of his cats die, that you’ll let him have one of your cats, either Tug or Bug.

We went to our mountain cabin this past month and it had snowed pretty heavily.  You told us on the way up that “I love Big Bear and I love sleeping!”  What went unsaid was that you love Big Bear because you get to sleep with mommy… and watch movies… and play in the snow.  We built a family of snow men  Even funnier, after our visit, we were halfway down the mountain, you said, “I’m going to tell you a really big joke.”  What’s that?, we asked.  You replied, “Let’s go back to Big Bear!!”  You saw a truck hauling a load of snow in the truck bed and you said, “Look!  That truck is carrying white!”  Whenever we ask you what you like best about Big Bear, you reply, “Fireworks!”  I guess last year’s 4th of July sojourn up there is stuck in your mind as a good memory.

Eating a snack in the car, “I need my water, please.”  I hand it to you, you drink, hand it back to me.  A few minutes later, “Water, please?”  I hand it to you saying, “Whaaaat?”  You reply, “I want some water. It’s healthy!”  Then again, you say, “I need my water, please?”  And then in a high-pitched, silly voice and a grin on your face, you answer yourself, “How many more times do you need to drink water anyway?”  There’s a slight pause and you answer yourself again, “Until I drink it all gone!”  And then you fake sneeze, “AIICCCHHHOOOOO” and it rains all over me and you burp, hugely, and add, “Say that’s not nice and you need to say excuse me!”  And I’m left wondering exactly how these manners we’re teaching you are being applied to your life.

You love birthday parties, and one of my friend’s son’s birthday was this past month.  You were excited for about a month beforehand, almost as if you thought it was your own party.  The day of the party, we went to the park and you were inviting every kid you were playing with at the park to the birthday party that was that evening.  As if they passed the fun factor, so they get to go to the party with you.  Then, at the party, you were so surprised that you were given a goody bag, and all the way home you were telling us, “Joseph gave me a goody bag because I was so good at the party!”

You have started the silly arguments of, I’ll say “You did, too!”  And you’ll reply, “Didn’t, didn’t, didn’t, didn’t!!”  Meanwhile, I’m interjecting, “Did, too… Did, too…Did, too!”

Mid-January a traveling horse show started setting up enormous white tents off the I-405 freeway.  They are huge and quite the vision.  One day I came home from work and was talking to Grandma D. about the show, and how ridiculous the ticket prices were.  You interjected into the conversation, “I could see the tents from the show from the awesome park today.”  The next time we were at the awesome park, I looked that direction and, sure enough, there were those tents.

At the awesome park, I sat myself down at the bottom of one of the slides.  You were running around and you took the time to come over and assure me, “Just call if you need me and I’ll come right over. OK, mommy?”

At the park there is a black chain obstacle course, and you like to climb on it and say, “I’m a happy spider!”

We are always pretending that we’re going to nibble you and one evening, your father told you, “I will sneak in your bedroom and nibble you because you ate pancakes for dinner.”  You replied, “And I’ll wake up and say. Dude! Go away!”

Always learning:

I asked you, “Do you know what Easter is about? It’s about Jesus rising again!”  You replied, “Nope! it’s about eggs. In the bushes, on the ground…”

Grandma put  4 items on a tray. She took  one away, two away, etc. Now you do it with other things, like when she puts food back in fridge.  Then I came home and we were talking about eating imaginary cookies. I asked, “So, you have four cookies, you give one to me and one to daddy and one to grandma.  How many do you have?”  “One!”  You replied, looked at me and said, “I guess I don’t want Grandma to have a cookie, because I want two.  But you and daddy can have yours.”

Drawing in the bathtub, I asked you to draw a person and you said, “OK” and then drew it like it was no big deal and as if you didn’t refuse to do it just 6 months ago. And everything had to have a dress on, and a hat. And the police man was also a daddy.

“I’m making bath crafts.” With your bath crayons, you drew people… and narrated, “That’s the son, the mommy and the police man.”  Turns out the police man is also the daddy and they wear dresses. “I like rainbows. God did something really special when they got out. He made a rainbow. Excuse me I need to draw the boat. Cuz the police man was in the ark right?”

Going on and on, you were giving details about toys that you wanted to go to Walmart and buy, “a bicycle with a bell and handlebars that go right and left.  A firetruck with a shiny ladder and a siren.”  I asked where you heard about all these toys, and you said, “From a book Grandma read me.”

I read you a book about various types of stones and you asked, “If you can have granite counters, can you have pomegranate counters?”

One Liners:

In a narrator voice, channeling Toy Story, “Welcome to Pizza Planet, with the new monitor and the T-Rex!”

When your father did something you didn’t expect, you said, “You’re fired, daddy.”  Aghast, your father asked, “Where’d you pick that one up?”  Deadpan, you replied, “At Walmart.”

After your iPod time with your Bible stories and favorite games, you informed me, “Playing candy games makes me want a treat!”

When it’s time for clean-up in the bath tub, I tell you, “Give me your feet!”  Laughing hysterically, you give me your hands.”  I then instruct you to “Give me your hands!”  You turn over and stick your butt in the air.

At lunch it took an inordinate amount of time for our order to come and you informed me sadly, “I’m over here waiting and waiting and no cheeseburger comes.”

We went shopping at TJ Maxx one Sunday, and after an inordinate amount of time in the soap and lotion area where you were twisting off lids and sniffing everything and then carefully twisting it back on, your father asked you hopefully, “Do you want to go see toys??”  As if you were doing your father a favor, you replied in a dismissive tone, “Oh, sure, daddy.”  SNIFF  “Just as soon as I finish smelling all my good smells…”

You had some real issues with hiccups this month, I think we’ve figured out that it is due to you swallowing air?  Your Grandma was quite concerned about you….  I’m not sure, but burping seems to help you.  We will continue to monitor you.

Text from Grandma one afternoon:  “William moved his trampoline over between the table & the kitchen. While jumping on it he realized his head was bopping up in the mirror & he is totally laughing at himself…peek a boo.”

We drove past an enormous furniture store one afternoon.  They were holding a tent sale in the parking lot to clear out inventory and they had various “rooms” set up under the tent as a display.  You asked what it was, and I explained the situation.  You replied, “This looks like a big house.”

You found a Pez dispenser that had Sally (from Cars movie) on it.  You informed me, “This is a Cars elevator.”

We have two bottles of Kid’s vitamins that you get to choose from each night.  One is Cars and the other is Frozen themed.  You’ve been getting these for about a year now, and I finally figured out that you intentionally alternate which one you get each day.  One day you choose Cars, the next day you choose Frozen.  I was astounded when I realized that was the crux of your problem some days when you take extra long to figure out which one you want, you’re trying to remember which one you had the day prior.  I think we solved the issue, though, because I came to the realization that you get to have two vitamins now because you’re 4 years old, so now you get one of each.  Your understanding of the resolution, in your own words, despite what I told you is, “I get two vitamins because I’m 2.”  I guess in your mind you’re forever 2 years old.

When anyone asks you how old you are, you immediately hold up 2 fingers and say with a huge smile, “I’m two.”  I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion, you know very well how old you are.  Personally, I think you believe it’s a great, big joke, because you like very much to make people laugh and, given your size, telling people that assures you a laugh and a conversation.


Love, Mommy and Daddy

(More pictures from this past month can be found here:  LINK)



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  1. I think my favorite line was about how he had a sword like a Philistine’s. LOL. That had me cracking up for a while.

  2. I cannot believe how the years have flown by, my dear…..It seems like William was just born!
    Great fun to read of his growth…..!

  3. Tony

    Love you little boy. xxoo. Always thinking of you both. :mrgreen: