Fridge laugh

The child: Can I have a fridge?
Me: No.
The child: Please?
Me: No.
The child: I want a fridge!
Me: No.
The child: I want a fridge with an Alexa in it.
Me: No! That’s creepy! But I am curious, why do you want a fridge?
The child: I could put my spaghetti in it!
Me: Ha! You can get a fridge when you’re older.
The child: How much older?
Me: When you’re 21.
The child: But that’s so far away …
Me: Huh. No, it’s not.
The child: Can I have a fridge today?
Me: No.
The child: Daddy will buy it for me.

Two hours later…
The child: Daddy, can I have a fridge?
Husband: No.

Me: 😀

(By the way, he didn’t really want a fridge. He just wanted me to laugh… which I did. :D)


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