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I might be obsessed with this cat. ❤️ sweet Figaro.


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Sweet Figaro

This precious kitty. I have a pile of blankets and he buried himself in them and then poked his head out and went to sleep. I kept waking him up to pet him because he is too cute.

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Cat Car!

Yesterday morning, the Husband notified me that two of our cats had managed to crawl into my mom’s car parked in the garage through the window that had been left open just enough.

In my head, I’m imagining Sunset going first through the window, getting stuck because his belly is so big, and then Figaro booping him in as a favor. No good deed goes unpunished, of course, so Figaro would have fallen into the car after him. Haha. I really have no idea how they both decided it would be a good idea for both of them to go in there. But by the time I went out there, they were done with their imaginary ride.

Bless the Husband, though, for knowing I would like to get a video to memorialize their debacle!

Note: No cats were harmed and I let them out moments after the video ended.

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Figaro’s House

Figaro moved his house to the middle of the kitchen today. Made quite the ruckus doing it, too. After he was done, I went over to inspect his work. Then, he came out to inspect what I was doing. 🤣

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Figaro and his ball

Figaro has his own toy box, and he has a favorite toy. The favorite toy is a plastic ball that he has removed the bell out of it.

He carries it around with him, he’ll drop it and play “soccer” with it for upwards of 30 minutes at a time. When he tires, he’ll set the ball down near him and take a rest, while he keeps an eye on it. Today he brought it into the room where I was lounging while reading a book. He curled up behind my legs and placed it in front of his chest and then turned his head and started grooming himself.

Usually, he likes me to pick it up and toss it for him and he’ll run and get it and bring it back. So, I reached over and took it, and placed it in front of me, and waited for him to finish grooming. I thought he had seen me take it.

When he turned back around, he looked where he had placed his ball, and he immediately realized it was gone. He looked this way and that way and then back where it had been. He reached out a paw and patted down the blanket several times. Then he stood up and continued his searching… that’s when I started taking video.

He is truly fascinating.

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