Jiu-Jitsu Moment

Sunday evening, I was organizing William’s bathroom.  I had purchased a new square basket (square!!! I love square things) to replace the oval one I had been using to store his bath art supplies.  Yes, he has bath art supplies.  Like bath crayons and paint.  Why didn’t we have this stuff when I was a child??

That inspired me to organize the other bath toys he has, like his 33 duckies and 7 squeezie trains and 4 plastic vehicles (from the Target $1 aisle!!) and his innumerable Disney character bath toys that I plugged their intake holes with aquarium sealant to keep out that nasty ass mold that seems to grow inside of them.

So, there I was, bent over the edge of the tub, organizing things in there.  As is the normal way with most projects, I start something small and all of a sudden it looks like Armageddon is going on.  There wasn’t a space for a foot, and everything was in the way of everything else.   My swimsuits are hanging in there, as well as William’s swim trunks, and various towels and flip-flops and the ornamental shower curtain (no one takes showers in there right now).

Then I decided to organize the things sitting on the counter, because what’s a disaster without making it a complete disaster?  Why leave something untouched?  So, I started moving things around on the counter.  I had two tubes of toothpaste and a toothbrush in my left hand.  I stood up and felt a tickle on my collarbone area.  I figured it was just my hair escaping from my hair clip, but for some reason I glanced in the mirror … and there was a huge spider sitting right there.  I thought about this for about a half a second and, of its own volition, my right hand came out of nowhere and slapped that spider dead.

I had a hand print on my collarbone for about a half hour after that.  I guess, even though my brain didn’t tell it to, my hand went into survival mode.  You’ll be glad to know that I used a square of toilet paper to dispose of that nasty thing.  No need to get my fingers dirty.


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    Lol! Gah!