The last few weeks, we have had a rough spell with William. His behavior was just very… difficult, for him, for us (his parents) and for his grandma. It *seemed* he was battling us on nearly every single thing. Through the counsel of a very dear friend, she helped me “hear” what he was saying, and we made some adjustments.

Yesterday, we took him to LegoLand and, unbeknownst to me, my former grade school teacher was there with her grandkids. I received an email from her this morning, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me on the heels of such a difficult month.

“My dear girl! My husband and I took two of our grandkids to Legoland today and I had a wonderful time observing you and your sweet family playing in the water. I didn’t want to disturb you so I just loved watching your family interact. Your little guy is adorable. Your husband is very sweet with him. I loved all the selfies you guys were taking. No, I’m not a creeper, I just wanted you to know that I think you’re special.~Love, Mrs. ***”

Some behaviors are phases, other behaviors are children using their actions to tell us something that they may not have the words for, or they may not even know themselves what the problem is, even as they get older. I mean, there are times as an adult when I have trouble discerning the root problem in my own issues. Suffice it to say, William is like a different kid this week. Sometimes, behavior is the only “communication” that children CAN give us.

I’m grateful for having such a wise friend. I’m grateful for having such a wonderful husband. I’m grateful for kind words from a former teacher. Now… if she had just come up to say hello, it might have evened out the score a bit from all the people who know Tony and not me.



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4 responses to “Sweetness.

  1. grrrace77

    Oh, so sweet. And he is such a sweetheart. Love you all.

  2. Tony

    It’s ok sweetie, I didn’t know you were keeping score,LOL. Love you XOXOXOXOX :mrgreen: