Disney Fan.

I know it’s no surprise to any of you, My People, that we would be raising a Disney fan.  We are cautiously picking and choosing which Disney movies our little person gets to watch.  Meaning Tony asks with unbridled enthusiasm, “WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT STAR WARS?!?”  And I say, “How about Toy Story?”

So, yeah.  About Toy Story.  Is there any 3 year old who doesn’t jump off of furniture and yell, “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!”  Also, is there any 3 year old in the world who isn’t looking for new, inspired ways to play with his toys?  Which, let’s face it, Toy Story is fantastic for that.  And doesn’t Toy Story prove that “collections” are ridiculous and that a mish-mosh of toys are far better to play with?  For Collection Obsessed parents, like us, this is a good lesson.  Ha!

Then, I get this call at work, “Hi, sweetie, it’s me.”

“Well, hello there.” I drawl in reply.

“I’m on Amazon right now looking at Buzz Lightyear.  Do you think I should get him the 6″ or the 12″ for Easter?  The 12″ does everything Buzz does in the movie, the helmet flips open, his wings pop out, he talks… the 6″ only has the helmet flipping and the wings popping out.  He doesn’t talk.”

I ponder this for a moment and think about storage space, and William wanting to sleep with the new toy, and buttons that talk, possible wake ups from that… “How much are they?”  He replies with details.

Tony then points out that we also have an 8″ dinosaur (a hand-me-down toy from his cousins, I think), which would be “to size” if we were to get a 6″ Buzz.  I point out to Tony, who seems to be a little sad about not getting the Buzz with all the bells and whistles, the time we were at Walmart and William wanted a crappily made police car toy and I told him it didn’t even make sounds… I said, “Remember William looked right at me and started woo-wooing like a police car?  I think the smaller Buzz will be better for his imagination.”

For due diligence purposes, I ask, “Is there a 12 inch Woody?”  And then realize how that must sound to the guy in the cubicle next to me and start laughing.  Tony replies, “No, there’s only an 18″ Woody.”  I respond with, “An 18″ Woody?  Who needs an 18″ Woody?”

At this point, I can’t resist and I go to Amazon myself.  In my search of Woodys and Buzzes, I come across plush toys.  I blurt out, “Oh my.  You can get a Plush Woody!”  This sets off another round of giggles (mine only).

He pauses, and says, “I have a 6″ Woody at home, though.”

“WHAT??? You have a 6″ Woody?  I didn’t know you have a 6″ Woody.  Isn’t that something you think you should tell your wife about?  WHERE do you have your 6″ Woody.”  I’m gasping for air between giggles.

Tony pauses, and waits for me to find my maturity, which just isn’t happening, and says, “It’s in my closet.”


I needed that laugh this morning.



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  1. Cat


  2. Chris K.

    I am so laughing at this conversation!! Thanks for the entertainment!

  3. tony

    I am glad I can make you laugh at work about my 6″ woody….love you xxxoooxx :mrgreen: