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Going to the Beach.

The thing I’m finding about being an older parent is that I’m more patient with William than I would be if I were the younger me. In day-to-day interactions, I weigh the importance of “issues” more, and give more consideration to the big picture, instead of reacting to the immediate situation.

On the other hand, I have less patience for the lack of time that I seem to have with him. There’s just so much we want to do with him, to share with him, that I fear he’ll never experience boredom. Isn’t being bored one of the greatest things a person can do? Because they learn how to fill their time with nondescript, mundaisical (mundane/lackadaisical) things? Honestly, it’s really not an intentional thing on our parts “to fill William’s days and evenings.” It really isn’t about William at all, but more that Tony and I enjoy doing things together, and William is along for the ride.

I constantly worry about cramming so much into the evenings, and then William doesn’t get to bed until late, and then that he’s not getting the sleep that he needs. But, there’s just so much in this world to see! And much of it is so close… and it seems a shame to fail to visit the places that are in your own back yard, just because you need to sleep.

Then, last week, I was looking for something on the Internet and came across a Yelp review of a park over in Laguna Beach… it was 3 blocks from the part of the ocean that I took William to for his first time when he was 11 months old. If only I had known it was so close, I would have just gone there instead! So, of course, we needed to go check it out, and a warm Thursday evening (no crowds!!), seemed just perfect for it.

Of course, I can always (for the next couple months) use the excuse that it’s summertime, right? The season of heat, warm breezes, late nights, sprinklers cooling the evenings, mists in the morning, sleeping in. Or i can just say that we like making memories with our little boy. Because when you have joy, sleep is just maintenance.

The ocean air, the waves, the sand, the dogs, the people all there to enjoy the beauty of nature at sunset… William wanted to be tossed in the air, and walk in the water, dig the sand, and run from the waves. I really think we should fit in going to the beach more often.


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Those Little Boys.

I saw them last week. It was evening, not morning, and I had been swimming laps for about 10 minutes when they entered the pool area. It was just their mom with them, and so I wasn’t actually sure it was them… the boys have grown so tall. Not yet at the gangly pre-teen stage, they moved with the grace of youth and their voices were still slightly shrill in their excitement as they threw a water football back and forth to each other.

Their ball got in my path 3 or 4 times, a missed pass here and there. I smilingly tossed it to them as I swam past it to let them know it was OK, but they still apologized to me.

They were high energy, as I remembered them to be. The younger one still seems to have that impish mischief that is inherent to him. Just moments before I got out of the pool to shower, their mom joined them in their game in the pool. I managed to get her attention when I was leaving the pool and confirmed that they were who I thought they were by inquiring if her husband has red hair. She gave me an odd half smile and paused before answering in the affirmative… her reaction gave me the feeling there was a “story” there, like maybe they’re not together anymore? I acted like I didn’t notice and just told her that, from one mom to another, I was impressed with her boys… that they played well together.

As most people are, she was reluctant to accept the compliment without a qualifier, and she said, “Oh, they’re not always this way.” I just smiled and said with a shrug, “They’re kids…” and left it at that.

I was surprised to realize that I actually enjoyed seeing them again. Knowing that they are OK. Growing up, as children do. I hope I gave their mom some encouragement. If nothing else, I know she had a smile on her face for that moment.


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Letter to our 2 year 6 month old

Dear William,

On June 8, 2014, you turned 2.5 years old. Thirty months. Two years six months. Wow. My big boy, but still my sweet baby. There’s a child’s book called Love You Forever. It talks about a mother and her son who she rocks and rocks throughout the years and stages of his life once he falls asleep, it’s really very sweet and I understand it completely now after having had you in my life. You will always be my baby. Although, I promise, when you’re older and married and have your own children, I won’t drive across town and sneak in your window to rock you… I’ll just ring your doorbell. ha

You are 39″ tall and 36.12 pounds. You’ve had a bit of a growth spurt this past month… someone commented to you about how you’ve grown so tall and wondered how that had happened. You explained, while raising your hand appropriately, “I growed and growed and growed!”

A growth spurt this month has led to you eating and nursing very well.
You have a new found love of cherries, particularly maraschino cherries.

Mispronuciations are rare these days. You will say something, stop, and repeat it until it’s correct. One of the charming things that you consistently mispronounce, though, is a very important word and that word is “dessert.” You say it like “bessert.”

You have started saying “Mmmmhmmmm” and “Yeah” in response to questions this month. I much prefer you to say “Yes” and so I am consistently trying to retrain you.

You’ve also started intermittently calling me “Mom.” Uhhh, child, I am mommy until such time as you are a teenager. My mom is mom, not me.
You had another good month of sleeping. Despite my worries of traveling, when we went to our family cabin over the weekend, you slept in your own bed all night long BOTH nights with no wake ups. You do have the best bed in the cabin, so I would expect no less, which is why when you don’t sleep well up there it is so maddening. HA!

Naps were a different story, and since I didn’t want you overtired, I basically “forced” naps by lying down with you or holding you for your naps. Although the getting you to “be quiet” part of settling down was not a pretty thing. On one of the days I forced a nap, it was totally dark in the room, I was lying next to you and I could feel the bed jerking.  I ran my hand down your back trying to figure out what you were dong without initiating a conversation… you know, being quiet? It kept happening, and I finally asked you what was going on. You replied, “My poopy maker’s jumping, I’m being a froggy!” The next day, you fell asleep while nursing on the couch and that was much easier to handle. Despite the hilarity, I savored those naps because I know it will be all too soon that you no longer take naps and maybe a shorter time that you won’t want me to hold you at all.




Monday and Wednesday – Library story time
Tuesdays – Music Class with Miss Cheryl
05/17 – lots of pool time
05/18 – Irvine Spectrum
05/24 – breakfast with your Great Aunt Marjorie and Great Uncle Jim
06/07 – weekend in the mountains


One morning, I was getting dressed, and standing next to me, you looked over and said, matter-of-factly, “You’re putting your black underwear on.” I confirmed, “Yes.” You pursued the observation with, “There’s no cars on them.”

That afternoon, you started talking about the airport, saying that you were going to go to the airport and watch planes take off and land. I texted my mom to ask her if she’d been talking to you about that. She replied, “No, but I think we’ve talked about it while you’re nursing him. He doesn’t miss a thing, that one.”

One evening after dinner at Outback Steakhouse, you were playing in the little field outside the restaurant. You saw a wild rabbit and said, “There’s Peter Rabbit!”

After a morning at the library, where there are several statues outside, you came home and, sitting on your potty, said, “I’m a sitting potty statue.”

You have willingly used public toilets on several occasions this month. This is progress! Over the weekend, you have started to request the “big potty” and you want to sit on it backwards. It doesn’t look comfortable to me AT ALL, but it’s the only way you want to go. Perhaps this is a step towards learning to pee standing up? One benefit for you, is that there is a “shelf” of the toilet tank that you put your trucks on.

You used the restroom at a restaurant this past month and did a big poop. When you were done, you looked into the toilet and asked, “Where did the poopy go?” I looked and the water was foggy, so I told you was down there hiding. Without any pause, you said, “BOO!”

On another day, you pooped and I was cleaning you up from it, but there wasn’t anything to clean up. Pleasantly surprised, I said, “My goodness, you did a ghost poop!” And you said, “I did a ghostlight poopy!” (You were referencing the short movie from the Cars DVD, I was referencing the guideline of types of poop.)

When I sing you Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star while we nurse to sleep at night, and when I sing the word “star” you bring both hands up and sign the word “star” and your eyes crinkle just a bit at the corners and I can tell you’re smiling at your cleverness. I love these interactive nursing sessions with you.


When we switch sides while nursing, you will say, “That side is dry.” I reply with, “No, mommy just needs to make more milk.”


At the library, there was a story about a dog who was ribbeting like a frog, neighing like a horse, etc., so the dog went to the doctor and the doctor pulled out a cat, all kid’s eyes got big. Then a frog came out, and you said, “What is THAT doing in there?” LOL

We were walking down the stairs and there were some balls that the cats play with in one of the cat beds. You took a look at it and said, “Look at that… Grumpy laid some eggs!” If that’s true, it could possibly explain why Grumpy (fka Snuggy) is so often out of sorts. This was followed by you telling me, “Mommy needs coffee to be happy.”

When we went to Walmart over the weekend, you spotted a cheaply made police car toy. I told you we already had one at home. You negotiated by saying, “I want this one, please?” I told you it wasn’t well made, that it doesn’t even make sounds. You looked at me and said, “WOOOOO WOOOO WOOOOO!” Touche!

Your toys constantly talk to each other, full on conversations, courtesy of you. You don’t mind if I join in and play the part of them, but it’s amazing to just listen as you create their conversations.

Sometimes, when we’re driving down the road, you say, “I want to say ‘AHHHHHH’!” and that means you want to do our Friday family yell! haha

We get to a restaurant and discuss what you want to eat, and you pick it out… and then you say, “It’s coming. Food is coming!” Uhh, we still have to place the order, little boy! Then, when we finally place the order, your eagle eyes follow the waiter around until he brings you your food.

When we were at a restaurant one evening, you overheard a lady telling the waiter that it was her birthday. When she returned to her table after paying the bill, you launched into a rendition of the happy birthday song, grinning the entire time. You sang it several times in a row. She was ready to leave, but didn’t want to because she told us it was the sweetest thing that had happened to her all day. As a thank you to you, she bought you a cupcake cup.


The singing is really out of control these days… grandma taught you an old gospel song called “Jesus is coming soon.” She rocks you vigorously to that tune in the rocking chair and you now go sit in that chair and rock yourself, all the while singing that song with much passion. I have the most hilarious video of you doing that completely naked. I’m thinking that will come in handy in about 16 years.

We went to Yogurtland one evening and you spotted a picture of yogurt on the wall. You told me you wanted that yogurt, and then proceeded to pretend eat the yogurt. You lifted your spoon in the air, perspectively picked some up on your spoon and pretended to eat it.

You are verbally linking cause and effect … you have been heard to say, “I’m thirsty, I need a drink of water!”

You now leave your sunglasses on and actually request them when the sun is bothering you. You will say, “The sun is in my eyes, I need my sunglasses, please?”

You also tell me, “Remember yesterday, mommy, when ____ happened?” Or, “I want to go to LegoLand? Oh, LegoLand is closed right now, we’ll have to go tomorrow.”

One night it was so hot in your room (a mini heat wave we were experiencing) and you were having trouble falling asleep. I went in to open and put a fan in your window. You were lying sideways in your bed, your feet propped up, looking for all the world like you were sitting in a recliner. I said, “There now… do you feel that cooler air coming in?” You grinned and replied, “Yes!” And started singing, “Because my body is amazing, amazing, AMAZING!” Complete with the signs for it. Thank you, Baby Signing Time for your late night precociousness.

You love going to our family’s mountain cabin, and as we were driving down the mountain, you said you wanted to go to the Christmas store, the one that has ice cream in it. I was confused and finally your father figured out you meant the candy store up there, that does indeed look like Christmas, and it does have ice cream in it.


One morning while we were in the mountains, your grandpa told you we were going to see Charlie. He asked if you knew what Charlie would make you. You replied, “A pancake!” We asked you what kind of pancake. You replied, “A blueberry pancake!” You were absolutely right!

This has also been a month full of leg hugs and I couldn’t be more thrilled. They are unbearably heart melting, especially because they are combined with an, “I love you, mommy!”




Over the weekend I was upset about something. You came up behind me and started pushing my shorts up. I asked you what was going on, you replied that you were trying to pick me up to give me a hug. It quickly degenerated into a game of me going to my tip toes every time you pushed upwards. Then the game expanded to you trying to pick up your father, and we were all laughing by the end of it.

Sometimes we’ll tell you we’re going to do something, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to do it too. You always reply emphatically and with much confidence, “I’m lucky.”

Truthfully?  It’s not luck at all, child.  Nope.  Not even a little, nothing in your life or about your life is a happenstance of chance.  We really should start using the word “blessed” … because that is really what everything about our life with you is about.

Blessed.  Ten times a William.



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Tustin Chili Cook Off

Over the weekend, we spontaneously decided to go to the Chili Cook Off.  I mean, we were right across the street having breakfast and one of our table mates mentioned it.  Tony and I looked at each other, shrugged and said, “You wanna go?”  The reply was, “Sure, why not?”  It’s something we’ve talked about attending the past few years but we never seem to be in town when it’s going on.

We meandered around at first, distracted by the old cars.  William kept saying “Hey, that’s Sheriff!  That’s Sheriff!”  (From the Cars movie?)  Yeah, except for the paint job, it IS Sheriff.




And then there was the “car that looks like Flo!”  Yes, yes, it did.  Something tells me this kid likes cars.



Then we got down to business and sampled several cups of chili that looked like this.


We all really liked the one made by the police department.  It was spicy but went down smooth.  If they sold that stuff in jars, I would definitely buy some.

William has a thing about Weinerschnitzel… THANKS MOM!  He now requests to go get “ice cream” every time we drive by it, which is  a lot, since it’s on the way to the grocery store, Walmart, Target, the gas station, the gym, and uh, the freeway.  Meaning, it’s on the way to everywhere we go.  So it was a no-brainer that he asked to have his picture taken with their Wagon that was at the cook off.


We were looking for somewhere to sit and there were some tables set up.  We meandered over and sat on the concrete wall around the sign, turns out the restaurant owner had set up the tables and were inviting people to sit there, whether they were patrons or not.  The owner was even sitting there and pointed at the sign above William, told us the pictures on there were of his parents.  Personally, I liked the way the guy organized his chili.  He said, with a wink, that he’s been doing this for a few years now.


IMG_0989Overall, for a spontaneous outing, it was fun and I wouldn’t mind going again next year, but I’ll definitely be bringing my cupcake pans… that idea is ingenious!  Plus, you know, people watching… IMG_0982




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