Going to the Beach.

The thing I’m finding about being an older parent is that I’m more patient with William than I would be if I were the younger me. In day-to-day interactions, I weigh the importance of “issues” more, and give more consideration to the big picture, instead of reacting to the immediate situation.

On the other hand, I have less patience for the lack of time that I seem to have with him. There’s just so much we want to do with him, to share with him, that I fear he’ll never experience boredom. Isn’t being bored one of the greatest things a person can do? Because they learn how to fill their time with nondescript, mundaisical (mundane/lackadaisical) things? Honestly, it’s really not an intentional thing on our parts “to fill William’s days and evenings.” It really isn’t about William at all, but more that Tony and I enjoy doing things together, and William is along for the ride.

I constantly worry about cramming so much into the evenings, and then William doesn’t get to bed until late, and then that he’s not getting the sleep that he needs. But, there’s just so much in this world to see! And much of it is so close… and it seems a shame to fail to visit the places that are in your own back yard, just because you need to sleep.

Then, last week, I was looking for something on the Internet and came across a Yelp review of a park over in Laguna Beach… it was 3 blocks from the part of the ocean that I took William to for his first time when he was 11 months old. If only I had known it was so close, I would have just gone there instead! So, of course, we needed to go check it out, and a warm Thursday evening (no crowds!!), seemed just perfect for it.

Of course, I can always (for the next couple months) use the excuse that it’s summertime, right? The season of heat, warm breezes, late nights, sprinklers cooling the evenings, mists in the morning, sleeping in. Or i can just say that we like making memories with our little boy. Because when you have joy, sleep is just maintenance.

The ocean air, the waves, the sand, the dogs, the people all there to enjoy the beauty of nature at sunset… William wanted to be tossed in the air, and walk in the water, dig the sand, and run from the waves. I really think we should fit in going to the beach more often.



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5 responses to “Going to the Beach.

  1. tony

    He loves the beach with Mommy and Daddy. Love you both soooo much. XXOXOXOXOX :mrgreen:

  2. i know. so much to do, so little time! but what wonderful memories that little boy will have. 🙂

  3. Yes, Indeed! Making memories for him and you and Tony…..That is what it is all about, at least, that’s what I think….Have a wonderful time, every time you can, my dear…..