LegoLand Visit.

Three weeks ago, maybe four, my swim plugs tore which allowed water to get in my ears, compounded by me shoving them deeper in the ear canal to compensate, I ended up with compacted ear wax and an ear infection. So, for all intents and purposes, I’ve been sick since June 1st. When I woke up with gurgling in my left ear on the 14th, and then resulting deafness, teach me to tough it out thinking it was just a cold. An ear infection is no laughing matter. A round of antibiotics and time, and some magic potion I’ve created, I’m *still* recovering from this and just yesterday regained a little bit of my hearing back.
P1460540 All that to say that my ear infection prevented us from going up the mountain this past weekend, so we decided to go to LegoLand instead.

At LegoLand, the entry line seemed to take forever, but turns out the lady in front of us was purchasing an annual pass, which they require a ton of details for that, so it DOES take forever. The wait gave me the opportunity to defend a poor little boy who wasn’t much older than William. He ran out into the area between the booths and the turnstiles when his parents weren’t paying attention and faceplanted. He was crying loudly, and no one came to claim him. I just started to head toward him when another family picked him up and dusted him off and, finally, a couple minutes later he was apparently missed and his dad came roaring out of the line, yelling at him for running away. Aghast, I went up to the guy and told him his little boy had faceplanted and he might be injured. But really? Way to overcompensate for your bad parenting, yell at your injured kid. I’m still kind of irked about that, in case you can’t tell.

Once inside, we headed over to Mini Land USA. One of our favorite parts of the park. We let William down to run around and burn off some steam, there’s lots of interactive buttons for little ones to push. Turns out, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were there with their boys (we learned later via the power of social media). We didn’t realize who the little guy was, but William was having a spontaneous playdate with their 5 year old, Zuma. Tony recognized them but thought they were just look-a-likes. I am the worst celebrity spotter EVER and I just felt sorry for the poor girl whose hair was so overprocessed that it had no swish to it as it stuck out from under her hat. Now we’re kicking ourselves for not taking more pictures. Gah.


Another of my favorite rides is the Storybook Boat Ride. It’s so peaceful and relaxing, a nice respite on a hot day. Turns out, William really likes it, too. At the end of the ride, he would passionately sign “more,” so we just got off and got right back on. We ended up riding it five times. Every single time around, we’d get to the Prince and his Sleeping Beauty, and William would say, “Nah nah!” He apparently believed the prince was preparing to nurse, as that’s his word for nursing. I do have to say, those Lego boobies were seriously firm and at attention. Definitely noticeable!


Tony and I greatly enjoyed LegoLand in the past when we’ve gone, and we really enjoyed our day there this time with our son. It was fun and we’ll definitely be going back.

More pictures: LINK



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6 responses to “LegoLand Visit.

  1. Tony

    I can’t wait to go again. I love going places with our son. Love you both soooo much. XXOXOOXOX

  2. It looks like such fun! love the pictures! And William sure has a fabulous time wherever he goes!

    • William is a good sport most of the time. When he was a newborn, I think he wondered why we were always going somewhere, but now he’s kind of used to it. 🙂

  3. grrrace77

    LOL. lego boobies.

    that ear infection sounds gnarly. 😦

    their kid’s name is zuma? oh my.

    the worst behavior from parents comes out at theme parks. i’m guilty of it myself. heh.

    • Those Lego boobies were hardcore, man! h aha

      Ear infection sucks. I spend a lot of time going, “HUH?” So frustrating.

      Hopefully you don’t let your kid run amok and then yell at her when she falls? DO YOU?????? hehe