A Boy & His Apple

On Monday, I was home from work sick, so I spent the day with William.  Well, most of the day.  My mom took him for a couple hours in the morning so I could rest, and then he took a whopping 3 hour nap in the afternoon.  So let’s just say I spent what time I could with him.

After I woke him from his nap (yes, I woke him, it was getting to be 4pm!!), we nursed and then he decided he wanted an apple before we left for his music class.  Not only did he want an apple, he wanted to take his apple out to the back yard and eat it sitting in the chair at the patio table.  He had a very specific scene in mind, apparently.

In my mind, I was concerned about time.  I still needed to change his diaper before we left, but I realized that this moment in time was indeed sweet.  He was enjoying his time with me, and I needed to stop and enjoy the time with him instead of worrying about being late.  So we sat out there and enjoyed his apple together.

The sun flickering through the patio cover, the warm breeze stirring the plants and setting the pinwheels to spin, the cats in the cat run, my cup of water on the table, the dogs from the neighbors chiming in with barks… and it was beautiful.  And precious.  And I’m glad that I took the time to pause.
You know something?  I never regret pausing.

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6 responses to “A Boy & His Apple

  1. Tony Haske

    William enjoys just spending time with mommy and daddy. And we love spending time with him. Love you both soooooo much. XOXOXOXO :mrgreen:

  2. Indeed, Indeed…..a precious few moments in time that you will never get back if you missed them…!
    Such a sweet story.

  3. Awwww, cutest!!! 🙂