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Random Unedited Tuesday Thoughts.

I wonder how other people back up their photos and documents.  I currently back up stuff every Friday to an external hard drive.  But it’s tedious and time consuming and I wonder if there’s a better (but also free) way to do it.

I am starting to find it irksome when people constantly comment on who William looks more like.  I used to do it ALL THE TIME with my nephews, without even realizing I did it, and now I would like to offer a blanket apology to their parents. I am SO SORRY for being annoying or irritating about anything and everything that I might have been annoying and irritating about without realizing it.  I didn’t mean to be.  Your kids are adorable and it goes without saying that they inherited some traits and looks from both of their parents.  Because, duh, gene pools are cool.

Why do cities seem to repave their major streets in August and September?  And it seems as if they do this on a schedule of every four years.  Someone once told me that it was linked to election time, but that makes no sense to me, but I wonder if that’s true or coincidental?

The only thing I like about pumping is that I can get things done that I can’t get done otherwise.

I’ve stopped eating watermelon for the most part because I think it makes me bloat, and I have no idea why that would be, because it’s supposed to be a natural diuretic.

I wonder if getting a Mifi would be a good alternative to the hard wired ISP access I have at home.  We have 4-5 computers that we run at home, but I’m tired of paying $40 per month… some of the mifi’s I’ve seen offer support for up to 6 computers.  Hmmm.



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