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This weekend it will have been seven years since this occurred — CLICKY LINK. Can you believe that? Seven whole years. Itch, itch. JUST KIDDING! The only itch I have is when I sit on the lawn for too long. What is THAT all about anyway, the lawn itch. A grass allergy? Are there bugs that bite? I have NO idea, but seriously, itchy when I get up off of grass.

So, yeah, seven years of wedded bliss. Seven years of healing for me. Seven years of getting to know this wonderful, sensitive, kind and thoughtful man. Seven years of realizing that marrying him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Seven years of being thankful that I took a job that had a one hour commute each way to and from, because that’s where I met him. Being grateful that I no longer have that long commute (ha). Being grateful when I wake up each day that I get to spend that day being married to him.

Oh, and it’s also Tony’s birthday this Friday — happy birthday, Tony!

This week is also Dine in Your City week here, which like last year, many of the restaurants are having special deals. So last night we went to Pick Up Stix and I ordered Kung Pao Chicken. As the lady took my order, she glanced at William and he was grinning at her. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but William has a thing for Asian faces… he LOVES them. Anyway, so he was grinning away at her and she got all flustered. I got home and opened my order and I have NO idea what she ended up ordering for me, but there was no kung or pao in that chicken. The receipt says S&S Chick, so maybe Silly and Smiley Chicken?

Since I know you love seeing pictures of our Sweet & Smiley Chicken, and probably think we’re hiding him away and not sharing him as much as you would like and really, please, just stop talking about yourself and your relationship milestones and post more (and more) pictures of your kid, here are some of my most recent favorites of him.

I’ve waited a lifetime to have someone look at me from this angle like this:

At his doctor visit in July (before the shots):

8 months old on 08/08 (see there, I’m still a number dork):

Loving his new musical crib soother that he can turn off and on all by himself (the other one we had started acting like there was a lightning storm going on with flashing lights. It was a hand-me-down from our neighbor who, when giving it to us, told us that their son used it as a kick toy in his crib.)

Laughing at his father while we waited for drinks to be prepared at Starbucks. I got some gift cards at the Health Fair at work and decided a frappachino on a hot day was a treat well worth it. The hot day part is also why William is only sporting his diaper in a public place. Hey, it’s the only time in his life he can go out in public in his underwear and be considered cute!

Enjoying some pancakes made from breastmilk:

I call this his “I love you” face. Although really it’s his, “Waiting for the next joke” face.


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