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Blogabilities — Week of 07/10/2011

* It looks half dead, it should be half dead, my poor tomato plant. It has survived two years now hanging in this half disintegrated tomato hanger thing, and yet the poor thing has 5 tomatoes on it. I’ve been following these people’s blog for awhile now, and they posted about their tomato plants. I confess, I had Tomato Envy. Then reality struck and all I could think was, “How on earth do those people get the tomatoes from off the top of that thing?” Link
My poor tomato plant

* With the recent heat wave, the community pool has been loaded with kids. My response to that is that I’ve switched my schedule and now go swimming around 5:30am. I get in a good uninterrupted, solid 40 minutes of laps and 5 minutes of post-swimming stretches that way. I really enjoy swimming that early, although it does lend a certain sense of surreality to the start of my day. Or maybe it’s the weird marijuana smell over there that makes it surreal.  I hunted around for the source this morning, but couldn’t find it.  I thought it odd the first morning I noticed it this week that it never really went away the whole time I was swimming… so early in the morning. I also never saw the giveaway puff of smoke. Then again, this morning, when I went swimming even earlier, and there it was.  5am is kind of early to be smoking weed, isn’t it?  Maybe it’s some sort of weird plant that’s growing somewhere over there?  But I’ve never smelled it before… or maybe someone smokes it late at night and leaves their used doobies in their backyard?  I have no idea what’s going on. Surreal, yes indeed.

* This is why I’ll probably never use a new sun shade in my car until my current one disintegrates. I love having a gecko shadow on my dash.

* Tony discovered he had an issue this week with fraud on his debit card. We have no idea how, but someone fraudulently used his debit card at several merchant places — supposedly SWIPED it. We are baffled, because the thing has never left his possession. Fortunately, he’s not responsible for the charges, BUT his money is tied for 10 days. Money that he needs to use to pay bills. Even though the charges came from different merchants, I’m suspicious that it’s something like what happened with Michael’s Craft Store: LINK

* When our Parrotlet’s wings grow in, she becomes Miss Independent and sometimes cops an attitude. She did that to me last week and chomped into my lip. If anyone would have seen it, it was probably quite a sight to have a little green bird hanging off of my upper lip. I would have taken a picture for you, but (a) it hurt and (b) even I sometimes lack in dedication for photo documenting things. I pried her beak open and dropped her to the floor, except she didn’t drop. She flew all the way down to the first floor into the Den of Cats. It was harrowing, except the cats were more startled than she was… and Tony rescued her, and in the process pulled a calf muscle. I think there should be a recap here, except this paragraph is already way too long. Stop laughing! Suffice it to say, birdy’s wings got clipped this weekend and now she’s back to being the sweet, loving, funny little thing that she’s supposed to be.

* While we were getting birdy’s wings clipped, we talked to the pet store owner about our cats’ dietary needs. You may recall that we almost lost one of our cats last November due to urinary tract blockage. We would have lost him except for the quick diagnosis and dedication of our amazing vet. Anyway, so he and, because of him, all of our cats have been on a special urinary tract food. This has become prohibitively expensive for us, especially when you factor in that the manufacturer of this special food has a monopoly on the market of that type of food, so they keep raising their prices. Katie, the pet store owner, came up with a strategy for us to feed him a really good wet food morning and nights, and then she found a less expensive food with comparable ingredients to our special food that we’re hoping will work out for all the cats, including our “special” cat, in the event that he sneaks the food that our other cats are eating.

* We saw this sweet Bengal kitten at a pet store a couple weeks ago. I have never drooled over the way a cat looked more than I did this little girl. Isn’t she gorgeous?

* Ripe and ready figs from my tree in the back yard make me very happy. This one, I thought, was going to be terrible. It showed up so early on the tree. Turns out, it was one of the sweetest i’ve ever had.

* Our county fair opens this weekend — although we won’t go this weekend, I can’t wait to go!


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