Blogabilities – Week of 04-03-11

* Chivalry is still alive. When I was at Costco earlier this week, I purchased a large box of bottled water. Knowing that I’m not supposed to lift heavy things right now, I turned to two guys who were walking past me and said, “Can you do me a favor and help me put this in my car. I’m not supposed to lift…” The dude had the water in my car before I could even finish my sentence. Chivalry rocks!

* Got a call from my former bosses who are trying to recruit me to come work for their company. Not sure it will be a good fit for me, given all that’s going on right now, but I’m meeting with them tomorrow to find out more information. Under the heading of when it rains it pours, I also got two calls from a publicly traded company who wanted to conduct a phone interview. Their first call I kind of blew off, and was surprised as all heck that they actually called again. Turns out, the position isn’t a good fit for me (not enough money), but the conversation went really well. Since my attitude isn’t one of entitlement, I go to work every day with a grateful heart. That I’m getting calls for jobs I haven’t pursued, well, I’m feeling very complimented right now.

* It is so nice to have my mom back in the U.S. again. Even though she’s not near me, she’s not really all that far away either. That is pretty cool. Just knowing that my mom is on the same continent as me makes me so very happy.

* I figured out how to stop my phone from changing its lock screen wallpaper back to the default setting. I like MY picture, not Samsung’s picture. That was incredibly annoying. Also, this bullet point probably makes no sense to anyone but me.

* Easter is coming! Easter is coming!

* When I was driving to work this morning, a woman in a SUV merged into my lane and totally cut me off, without matching the speed of the lane I was in.  I flashed my high beams at her (rather than honking, she was just rude, not dangerous), and she gave me “a look” as I passed her after I changed lanes to get around her. A couple miles up on the freeway, a CHP got on and switched over 3 lanes and then started doing a traffic break right behind me… and that rude woman was behind him, so she had to come to a complete stop.  I was like, wow, karma!  I have no idea how long the traffic break lasted or what it was for.  There was a large tire tread on the freeway that someone in front of me flipped up causing me to swerve just before I exited.  Maybe it was for that?  But the timing of that traffic break totally made me laugh… and I was sooooo glad I was in front of that cop. Probably the first time anyone has ever said that!



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2 responses to “Blogabilities – Week of 04-03-11

  1. I would love to have people fighting over me right now to get hired. Don’t know how much longer I want to work at my current company.

    Chocolate covered peeps rule!

  2. Ahhh, now, if I could just get a raise out of my current employer… Hmmm. Not sure that’s going to happen.