Love & Loathe — 12/02/10


* This headache that I’ve had since Monday night. It’s one of those lingering ones that hangs out at varying levels of intensity. I think it’s sinus related, because food, hydration, sleep or pain meds don’t cure it. Also, I have a weird mental reaction to headaches in that I convince myself it must be because of dehydration, so I overhydrate. which means that I do lots of peeing while having a headache. Aren’t you glad you know that about me?

* Everyone at work has a cold in various stages. What on earth did you people do? Spend Thanksgiving with a bunch of sick people? And how am I supposed to stay healthy when all of y’all are haawwwing all over my work space?


* Productivity, even while being off my feet. Christmas cards got written and held for mailing until the 1st of December (thankyouverymuch!). I got pictures downloaded off my SD card (but not uploaded to the Internet). I reformatted and reloaded my primary flash drive (had a corruption problem). Oh, and let’s not forget about reading the first 4 Harry Potter books.

* Weirdly uncrowded theater. We had a date afternoon on Sunday and went and saw the new Harry Potter movie. Initially we were gonna go to the 3:15pm showing, but opened the theater door and stared, horrified, at all the people wedged in there, elbow-to-elbow. Went to the 3:45pm showing instead, and there were maybe 20 people in there. So I stretched out across four seats and watched the movie as if I were at home in my living room.

* We had a fancy meeting yesterday at work. For the fancy meeting, fancy food was ordered. This concoction is a chocolate chip covered strawberry. Have you ever seen such a thing before?

One Last Thing:
Christmas decorations are showing up… I saw this one on top of a high-rise building when I was leaving work last night. It gave me a moment of happy. Obviously. Because I took this picture to share with you.

We’ll be digging our decorations out this weekend. I’m half excited and half terrified… I’m fairly certain the stuff multiplies during the year while it’s hiding under the stairs, because there’s always more stuff than what I remembered having.

Maybe someday, we’ll do scaled back Christmas decorating … when meeting neighbors for the first time (still happens, even after 5 years here) the first question is, “Which house do you live in?” And when I say, “The house that gets over-decorated for Christmas,” they always reply, “Oh, we love that house! That’s you??”

So, yeah, scaled back decorating? Ha. Right.



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20 responses to “Love & Loathe — 12/02/10

  1. stacey

    the snow is making me very happy right now πŸ™‚ nice touch. i just drove around with my boys to the local houses that are always well decorated. they loved it! i am just feeling all christmasy and it’s nice.

  2. grrrace

    when you’re done decorating, let me know so i can take mia to sightsee! πŸ˜› hehe.

    • We’re doing staggered decorating this year, putting a “new” decoration out each week… saves electricity and also keeps it fresh. That’s our theory anyway.

      Of course, you can come by any time, though, you’re always welcome. πŸ˜›

  3. Did you know that it’s snowing on your blog?

    That strawberry looks … good, but hard to eat. Kind of like a porcupine might be hard to eat, only different. Less painful. And better-tasting.

    I’m ashamed to admit, my house is the one with NO Christmas decorations. Someday I’ll find the time and inclination to decorate. Until then, I’ll just enjoy other people’s decorations, and their snowy blogs.

    Hope your headache is gone in time for the weekend!

    • Have you seen that commercial where the whole neighborhood is decorated, except for one house that opens the garage and has identical luxury cars with their headlights on? That’s what I thought of when reading your comment for some reason. πŸ˜€

      Ugh, nope, the headache is STILL lingering.

  4. Doesn’t overhydrating give you a headache?

    You have Christmas cards done? I hate you. I haven’t even thought about it. Although we have begun decorating. But no one ever accuses us of being “that” house so I’m sure I have less work to do than you.

    I hope to see the Harry Potter movie soon with the kids but haven’t had a free weekend yet!

    • Hmmm, no, I mean it CAN, but usually they say it causes confusion and other weird stuff. By overhydrate, I guess I should say that I meant “more water than I normally consume, until the pee is clear, but not medically unsafe…” but I was trying to be less descriptive and still get my point across. ha!

      Harry Potter was definitely entertaining, but seems to be getting more … dark? Is it just me?

  5. Cat

    There is SNOW on this blog!!! *happy dance*

    I am so happy I popped by!

    We always see movies a couple of weeks after release so we can get a less crowded theatre. I am always so overjoyed when we’re two of the only people there. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll get to HP before Christmas because we’re having serious money issues. I need the movie gift cards I’ll get at Christmas to pay for the trip. 😦 I hope HP is still playing then…

    • Next I want to see Tangled. It’s getting really good reviews by friends and stuff. Will go to Costco and buy discount tix. Discount tickets make me happy! πŸ™‚

      I’m sure HP will be playing after Christmas. Sure of it.

  6. Snow! In LA (OK, Orange County) Nice

    • Hey, it snowed in Riverside county (for reals) last year… πŸ™‚ I also remember the year it snowed in San Diego county. Now that was a tough one on all the tropical plants down there… do you remember that?

  7. py

    May you feel better soon. I pray for your good health.

  8. tony

    That’s right we do not scale back on Christmas decorations, hehehehe.
    love you sweetie pie. Love the holidays with you. :mrgreen:

  9. Just wanted to let you know you are on my mind, I love you and am praying for you!

  10. i’m hoping you and slasher are a 100% for Christmas … sheesh, i’ve been awol again and i’m sorry i wasn’t around to give you a (hug) and also to pray for you … that is one thing that we can do for each other across the miles … you’ve been on my mind lately … well i guess that is why i am here visiting now!
    hope the rest refreshes you and that the decorations once again thrill the neighbourhood!!!! *smile* … blessings on ya!

    • Slasher continues to do well. We’re still watching him. Always glad to “see” you and I think of you often. πŸ™‚

      Looking forward to a restful weekend this weekend in the mountains. We’re driving to the snow, since it doesn’t come to us. πŸ™‚