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Love & Loathe – 12/16/10 (late)

It was dinner with friends the night of the 16th that kept me from you, My People. I know you don’t begrudge me that enjoyment, but I wasn’t here and I know you missed me. I did think of you, and I’m here now. Does that make it better?

Let’s find out what’s going on in my life this week, shall we?


* The bank saga continued from last week with a climax of me memorizing the PIN to the ATM card, but then forgetting the ATM card in the ATM machine. Then I ordered a new ATM card, at the cost of $10 (which I can’t get them to waive). I think I’m just going to give up and go back to my online money control. All this hard cash stuff is apparently over my head.

* Our homeowners association determined that December would be a good month to have the homes in our community powerwashed and painted, and have roofing repairs done. So we came home one day to find that they had disconnected all my plants in my back yard from their irrigation lines, moved them away from the house, tromped all over our Christmas decorations on the ground (busting the blowers and stakes) and powerwashed a few of the decorations on our house (shorting one of them out). Put another mark on the Impotent Fury chalkboard.

* I’m really, really having a tough time finding the Christmas spirit this year. I’m angry with God for several reasons, and it’s admittedly tough to have the Christmas spirit when I have an “F/U” attitude toward the Reason for the Season. I’m working on processing this, and maybe someday I’ll share, but this whole vendor thing is just the cherry on top.


* Every Friday, my company has breakfast brought in for their employees. I don’t know what kind of bagel this is, and I’m not much of a bagel fan, but I love this bagel. They don’t always bring it in, but it’s the only kind I’ll eat.

* The rain. It’s raining now and I’m hoping it will rain nonstop for the next three weeks. That would keep those painters and roofers away from my plants and our Christmas decorations. I guess a gun would, too, but that might land me in jail.

* Tony found these in Walmart. I think they are just adorable and they have Santa hats with jingle bells! The soap inside of them is really nice, too.

* Kindle for PC for free. No one told me you don’t have to have a Kindle in order to read Kindle books! I am so thrilled! I downloaded the Kindle for PC app on my netbook, and now I can read any offered Kindle book in electronic format without having yet another electronic device to find a plug for its charger or lug along when I go places. Or pay shipping on ordered books and have to wait. Or pay exorbitant prices at the snooty bookstores around here. I love, love, love this!

One Last Thing:

While we were out on the 16th, our friend’s brother pulled out his wallet and told us that he had made it. Out of duct tape. Oh, I know, all duct tape jokes aside, look at this thing and the detail that went into it.

And think about how sticky duct tape is, and then imagine making pockets for credit cards, identification cards, cash, etc. He said it takes him about an hour to turn one out and he can customize them to whatever needs a person has.

Me? If I tried to make one of those, I’m thinking I’d be stuck to the ATM machine, along with my ATM card, crying until they took me away to a loony bin.


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