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Love & Loathe — 08/26/10


* People who, when driving, don’t thoroughly check their blind spots for little cars like me. I blew my horns at a guy the other day for so long (first 30 seconds was for safety, last 30 seconds was because he was a jerk about it!) that I blew the fuse on my horns. Yes, horns. I have air horns in my little car… you thought I had an engine under the hood?

* Things are getting tense at work. My boss wants accountable people who are willing to step up and make a difference. He’s getting a lot of lackadaisical and unwilling responses from his reports. Not this report, nope, not me. I’ve learned you can’t lose the fear. If you lose the fear, you lose your job. I’m not sure where all this is going to end up, but I’m his sounding board, so I hear a whole lotta stuff.

* This hot weather is frying people’s brains. Seriously. Have you ever noticed that people seem to get dumber when the heat index goes up? Has there been a study done on that, I wonder?

* Junk mail. There just has to be a better way than all this paper trash companies send out.


* The smell of Scotch tape. It makes me think of wrapping Christmas presents for some reason. Also, 4 months until Christmas.

* Tony said “Hey” to Kobe Bryant today, walked past him at an outdoor mall in The OC. Guess Kobe’s not any taller than my Tony, but a whole lot buffer (according to Tony). Tony’s assessment of him makes me laugh. Kobe was heading into a theater with this gaggle of girls, two of the little girls in the picture are his daughters — we think he was taking them to see the new Toy Story movie. Cute, huh?

* I moved the two females who were hospitalized for the last three weeks back into the big tank. I love that they’re back in there, and I think they were ready, but these fish always make me feel helpless and ignorant, so I always question myself.

* Flight trackers online. What did we do before the Internet? Phone calls? How quaint.

* Radishes fresh from the earth.

* We’re “borrowing” a small plot of land from Tony’s parents this year for a tiny garden. We planted seeds for pumpkins, cantaloupe and radishes… and some other stuff that didn’t work out so well. It’s fun to go visit our little garden and see how things are growing!

One Last Thing:
I have no idea what the deal was, but there’s a laminated piece of paper in the women’s restroom at work that reads, “Avoid Contamination. Wash your hands.” It’s usually stuck on the back of the door, so when you exit the restroom, that’s what you see (along with the restroom cleaning log).

Over the last week, that sign was taped in the middle of the mirror between the sinks, over the hand towels, on the front of one of the stall doors, way up high on the back of the bathroom door, and now it’s back to its original resting spot.

I guess someone wasn’t washing her hands?



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