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Love & Loathe – 08/05/10


* That 2 of my cichlids are sick — an injury related illness compounded by a clogged filter. I isolated them in a hospital tank, fixed the problem in the big tank, but much of my time this week has been consumed with water changes for their tank and the goldfish tank. Oh, the goldfish? Yeah, them too. But theirs is related to not fully eradicating a parasite that they brought home with them 2 or 3 months ago when we bought them. My obsession, beyond my normal obsession with this, is that I simply don’t want any more loss of life this year, not if I can do something to stop it.

* Gossiping. I’m typically not much of a gossiper, but for some reason I find myself being tempted to be drawn into it at work a lot these days. I really, really loathe that, and am constantly tamping down the desire to participate. Most days I’m successful, but some days I fail and I feel dirty.


* Miatas. It makes me happy to see another one driving on the freeway or down the street. I know, that’s such a surprise to you.

* Going to the county fair.

* My tiny little cactus bloomed this week. Love this little guy.

* I do love red nail polish, but this is my absolute favorite polish of all time. Of course, it’s been discontinued, so I use it sparingly as a treat to myself. It looks plain and unassuming until the sunlight hits it, and then turns it into glittering rainbows. I share this so that if you see me at a stoplight staring at my fingertips, you’ll know it’s not a wart that I’m ogling from all angles!

* Sorry to my vegetarian friends (look away now!!), but I love a good deal on meat. Here we have our Fred Flintstone steak, nearly 4 pounds of London Broil for only $6.30. The thing was HUGE, delicious and fed both of us for 3 meals.

* The new purse I bought at the fair. Tony went to get my camera out of it this week and told me it was a very confusing purse. Maybe it was the way he said it, but for some reason, that made me laugh.

One Last Thing:

Litter Robot (also known as the Death Star cat box in our home) was having a photo contest for cats. On a whim, I decided to submit some pictures, because we clearly have some of the most adorable cats on the planet. Yes, cuter even than yours. Plus, we could really use a free Litter Robot — with 5 cats, of course we could. Well, the cats could, as for me and my butt, we will be using the toilet.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share a few of the pictures I submitted, because I know you have nothing better to do than look at MY adorable cats! Here’s hoping we win.
(Click image to view slideshow!)



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