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Love & Loathe – 08/12/10


* The kneading thing that cats do. I don’t care if they do it to a pillow, it’s even kind of cute then. But my stomach or upper thigh? Irritating… and painful. Tug is the biggest violator, and ends up either getting his claws trimmed or heavily smooshed when he tries it.

* That Wrigley discontinued their cinnamon flavored Extra gum. I know. What is my obsession with discontinued things? The thing is, they really did the cinnamon flavor right (strong, with a bit of a kick and the flavor lasted) and, yeah, other companies make cinnamon gum but it’s a pathetic, wimpy cinnamon flavor. Trident, I’m looking at you!

* None of our cats won the calendar contest. Not even as a runner up. Pssshaw! I mean, did you see the picture of all our cats lined up at the door? Who has a picture of 5 cats like that except us? That’s right — no one! The only logical conclusion then is that the contest was obviously rigged! Just like beauty pageants are… not that I’m bitter about that. Not at all. The beauty pageant was 20 years ago. Silly of you to think that I’d be bitter about something from 20 years ago. HA!

Moving on…


* You may recall that at the U2 concert last year, some dude stepped on my flip-flops and broke one of them. I finally decided it was time to replace them, and I found these at Target. They did require a bit of breaking in, and $15 a pair is a little expensive for my budget (buyer’s guilt), but I do have a job now (yay!) (justification!), and they’re now the most comfortable shoes I own. Sunday night when I took them off after the weekend, I morosely proclaimed, “Bye favorite shoes, I’ll see you next weekend!” Yes, I talk to inanimate objects and I love these flip flops!

* I got my annual GYN appointment out of the way this month. At some point I’ll write a post about why I changed GYN’s yet again this year, and why I had to change my GP, whom I loved, in order to change GYN’s. It’s a very convoluted tale, but I’m hoping (as I have the last two years) that I finally found a GYN I can trust. So, the annual is out of the way and next year, because of my age, I get to look forward to a rectal exam — isn’t that nice?

* The two isolated female fish appear to be getting better every day, nearing their D-Day of going back into the big tank. A couple weeks ago, that was a scary thing, but nowadays, things seem to be much, much calmer in the big tank. I attribute that 100% to the mirrors I attached to the side of the tank. The mirror trick apparently works for Tony, too.

* Garden salads. I simply love them.

One Last Thing:

Ummm, who wants some orange juice with their Oreos?



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