I believe that life, in all its forms, is a miracle.

My amaryllis finally bloomed…

This year, I’d like to refer you to Tresa’s post. I’ve read her blog for years and years and her post this year for Mother’s Day is, in my opinion, absolutely breathtaking.

Grace’s daughter, Mia, has been sick this week. It’s the only way I could have ever captured a picture of her feet…

My beautiful cat, Tug…

I’d like to say to every woman who has nurtured the life of another, whether it be human, critter or botanical…

Happy Mother’s Day.



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8 responses to “Nurturers.

  1. I’m sending you my best wishes and a big hug. You deserve all that you want. Happy Day to you too.

    Thanks… somehow you always manage to see past my words to what’s in my heart… your comment brought me to tears.
    ~Jammie J.

  2. Caryl

    Job 12:10 In whose hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.
    In listening to the performance of the fan-flutes yesterday, I was struck by how beautiful our breath can sound.
    Love you,

    Yes, breathing is beautiful. Without breath, there is no life.
    I love you, too. You’re the best mom ever.
    ~Jammie J.

  3. grrrace

    you got a pic of her feet and they weren’t blurry from her running away. hehe. congrats! that might be the only pic i’ve seen of her feet since she became mobile. 😀

    it was so wonderful to spend time with you. really and truly it was. *muwah*

    omg, tresa’s post made my eyes water. it was beautiful.

    I should send you those pics, I had the camera on the wrong setting, but they’re still sweet.
    I really needed time with you, too. I’m so glad we’re friends. We offer each other something intangible… it’s weird how we’re so different in some ways, but so alike in others. It’s good.
    Yeah, Tresa’s a pretty amazing person… as are you.
    ~Jammie J.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your brood Jeanette! 🙂

    Thanks… 🙂 I’d say “backatcha” but I’ll save it for next month… Father’s day, ya know. 🙂
    ~Jammie J.

  5. lovely pics … and sentiment …

    (hugs) backatcha!

    Thanks… I’d forgotten what color the amaryllis is and, now, I want to photograph every centimeter of it, it’s so lovely and fragile looking. But, wow, what a show!
    ~Jammie J.

  6. Brighton

    Beautiful! Happy Mother’s Day ; )

    Thanks, dear one. I hope your kids and husband treated you like a queen today. Because you are and you deserve it, especially this week with all you have going on! (hugs)
    ~Jammie J.

  7. tony

    That is a great picture of Tuggy, all he wants is some love and so do the rest of our kitties…hehehehe and birdie….nananana,
    love you sweetie

    It is a great picture of Tug, isn’t it? 🙂 He got love. Lots of snuggling, pushy kitty that he is.

    ~Jammie J.

  8. grrrace

    i know what you mean. 🙂 we are different, yet the same. hehe. i love that about our relationship. it never gets boring. 🙂



    ~Jammie J.