Love & Loathe — 050509


* Our Parrotlet. When we brought her home last August, we were told she was approximately three months old. We decided that her birthday should be Cinco de Mayo. So happy one year birthday little Yoda!

* That Monday is over and … bonus, Tuesday is done, too.

* We used my PF Chang’s gift certificate for dinner and saw a movie on Sunday — date nights with my husband rule.


* Headaches. I had one show up yesterday at 4:30 PM, nothing I did made it disappear, so I woke up with it this morning. It left this evening in the middle of my swim, around 7:30 PM.

* Yesterday just kind of sucked donkey balls all the way around.

One Last Thing:

As the crow flies, we’re about one, maybe one and half, miles away from a minimum security prison. I know this because I had to sign papers acknowledging the close proximity to that facility when I purchased my home.

About once a week, usually on Sunday nights, a helicopter circles a 2-3 mile radius around our home. It’s more than just a little annoying, particularly when they decide to thump the heck out of our air space at midnight.

If it’s earlier than that, after about 20 minutes of the thumping, we’ll go out in front of our home and join a few of our neighbors and we all discuss the helicopter above us. The last time we did that, the helicopter in mid-circle, up and left. We figured it was us — we have the power!

A few days ago, Tony said his theory is that every time a helicopter circles it means that someone has escaped from the prison down the road. It is minimum security, after all, he says.

I scoffed in response, because, what, someone escapes once a week, sometimes twice a week? I think not.

He argues that, yes, they plan it for Sundays. After all, he says, people in prison are entitled to practice their religion and so they go to church and then escape. This is what I call his Making Stuff Up to Practice Random Logic.

So riddle me this, why was there a helicopter circling tonight? Tuesday night services?



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8 responses to “Love & Loathe — 050509

  1. That’s funny about the bird. When we found Barney in the summer of 2007, we took him to the vet. They picked his birthday for May 5th. Because it was the middle of the summer, I didn’t think about that being Cinco de Mayo until just now.

    I missed your last post and just want to say: Awwwwww. That’s so sweet!

    When I was ages 15 to 17, Dad and I lived near a minimum security prison. I didn’t think much about it until the radio broadcast an alert one day and I was home alone. I think I took a book and a Pepsi and locked myself in the bathroom until Dad got home.

    Jammie J. replies:

    HA!! That’s funny about Barney, you never told me about that. πŸ™‚

    I’ll take your “awww”. πŸ™‚

    Rumor has it there’s only been one escape in all the years from the prison near me… and they caught the guy getting on the city bus.

  2. grrrace

    happy bday yoda πŸ™‚

    maybe they have to do a practice run on sunday nights and maybe tuesday night someone actually tried to escape! hehe.

    Jammie J. replies:
    You are not supposed to buy into HIS theory! *bonks you on the head* πŸ˜›

  3. Caryl

    I think they smelt the coffee from Hilo and came around again on Tuesday for a second whiff. So, it’s all Tony’s fault for being so nice. Love you, both,

    Jammie J. replies:
    I might agree with you on that, except they do this helicopter thing all the time. Even before I discovered the wonderful coconut coffee. πŸ™‚

  4. Okay, that makes it FIVE people who celebrated their birthday yesterday! Five people on the fifth day of the fifth month? Shouldn’t I be winning some money here?

    And J, you should know by now, there’s no use arguing with Making Stuff Up to Practice Random Logic. I should know, I make schtuff up all the time!

    Jammie J. replies:
    The only money you’ll be making here is the money you earn from your second job. *snaps whip*

    Oh, I wasn’t arguing. I don’t argue. He was arguing. I simply point out the facts… πŸ˜›

  5. charmed

    Do you know how cool it is to click on your site and fine the post RIGHT there? I love it!

    Jammie J. replies:
    Tell me again… how cool is it? πŸ˜›

  6. How long does a parrotlett live for, I like parrots, but I’m getting on a bit and know the big ones live a loing time…..

    Jammie J. replies:
    When we bought her, we were told she could easily live for 20+ years.

  7. tony

    Tuesday was Cinco De Mayo so the Guards were drunk and a prision told them it was Sunday and the guards let him out for church service and he escaped….how about that one….hehehehe

    Jammie J. replies:
    *snort* I think you’re funny. :mrgreen:

  8. It’s funny about Circling Helicopters—We have a lot of that here because there are always things happening in Hollywood—Some bad and some good….But what I find is—When I cannot stand the noise anymore and it has my curiosity up, I go out on my deck to see if I can see what the hell they are tracking—ALWAYS, without fail, they go away as I stand there looking at them…LOL! Do you think they actually see me like those helicopters see you and your neighbors?

    Jammie J. replies:
    Sure is strange and highly suspicious, I tell you!