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Catch Up & July’s Searches

The GYN Appointment — I had my annual GYN appointment this past week. With a different GYN from last year. I liked the GYN I saw last year, but there were a couple things that irritated me. The most insulting part was the nurse who came in to prep the room for the next patient before I was finished dressing after the exam. That just stuck in my craw. Second was, I had to pay for parking. As the year wore on and I tried to get prescriptions for the vitamins I was taking, it was a big hoopla because it took the doctor a week to approve the prescription (for a vitamin!!), then their office wouldn’t fax or call the prescription into the pharmacy, they wanted me to come pick it up… drive 40 minutes round trip AND PAY PARKING? I think not. I was pretty sure I was going to move on. Then it took them a month and a half to fax an authorization to my insurance company so I could be referred to a reproductive endocrinologist. My insurance company (!!) was even badgering them for it.

Then I worked with my RE’s office and I saw how gynecological care should be and I realized there really is no excuse for the shoddy treatment that so many women endure to get such an important annual exam. I asked so many of my female co-workers if they had a GYN they liked and would recommend, most of them just waved their hand and said, “Well, I guess he/she is OK, but I should probably search for a new one…” I think it’s kind of like if you’ve had blurry vision your whole life, you just deal with it. You know that corrective lenses could probably make things better, because you’ve heard about it, but you have no idea what crystal clear vision is like until you experience the difference for yourself.

Anyway, as someone who’s received stirrup-care of one sort or another 21 times (at best count) since June of last year (more times than some couples have sex in a year — giddy up!!), with a full-spectrum of paraphernalia & caregivers — some of the absolute worst and thee absolute best — I can honestly say that I am optimistic about the “new” GYN and his staff. His bedside manner is awesome. The exam part of it was quick (fastest I’ve ever had — a good thing in this instance) and second only to my RE for gentleness. The exam part of it was so fast, that I have no idea how he had time to note the things he told me afterward. In fact, I intentionally didn’t tell him a couple of things and he figured them out. He was good and he knew his shit. I was impressed. He also knew all the caregivers I’ve worked with over the years, and his opinions of them validated mine. I told Grace that it was as if I’d stopped by see an old friend that I’d forgotten I knew, which is really weird considering what I was there for. Oh, and parking was free. We’ll see how it goes over the next year.

The Wedding — On Friday night, we attended the wedding of some long-time friends. Well, one of them is a long-time friend, Tony’s known the guy since junior high (if not longer) and Tony was instrumental in getting his friend and the lady he married together. It was in 2006 that Tony and his buddy flew to Arizona. While at the airport, they met this lovely lady in line at security. They got to talking and his buddy flustered her so much that once she was through the line, she grabbed her shoes and left her purse and laptop on the conveyor belt. Tony urged him to go after her and get her phone number, he argued against it, not thinking she was interested, but at Tony’s insistence, he ultimately followed her, got her information… and the rest is history.

There’s this magnetic connection that I love to see in couples, the best way I can describe it is to say that it’s an unconscious body language thing. When one person in the relationship talks, the other leans in to hear. Or there’s always some sort of contact, whether it’s holding hands or knees resting against each other. Or there’s the eyes, when one is across the room the other is always seeking them. It’s a second-by-second intrinsic magnetic balancing act and the couples don’t even realize it’s taking place. It’s a mutual giving, adding to each other, rather than taking away. Tony’s parents have it with each other, Tony’s brothers have it with their wives, Tony and I have it, several of our friends have it in their relationships — and these two have it.

We’re so happy for them, and excited that they took this step together.

July’s Searches (listed in bold):

“my poor toe” — nooooo, MY poor toe. Funny thing you should mention that, yesterday I went to Walmart and pulled a deodorant off the rack to purchase. The spring loaded distributor shot the next deodorant in line off the shelf and torpedoed it with great force directly onto the toe I injured about a month ago. Man, that hurt so bad I stood there for a minute while my ears felt like they were going to explode and my eyes watered. Interesting about pain, huh, no matter where it is on the body, it always goes straight to the head. Then I ever so gently put the torpedo back on the shelf, along with the one I was going to buy and limped away.

club soda good for oily scalp?, shampoos for imflammed scalp, club soda or water after swimming? after swimming club soda hair treatment, no poo asian hair, is it okay to do an apple cider vinegar rinse after swimming? — OK, look. Here’s the deal, people, chlorine is probably one of the worst things you can do to your hair and scalp, aside from burning or frying it chemically, that is. So, yes, club soda, apple cider vinegar or just plain water is FINE. Shampoo is the second worst thing. I use a baking soda/water concoction. But if you must use shampoo, go with baby shampoo. Expect an adjustment period while your scalp figures out what the hell you just did (stopped irritating it) and expect any inflammation (or imflammation) to clear up within a couple weeks.

i got a hard black mole on my scalp — Are you sure you don’t got a tumor?

life’s oddities — well, thanks for that one, Google.

bad show mariah — her show wasn’t just bad, it was horrible. Save the cost of a concert ticket and just buy her CDs. You’ll actually get to listen to complete songs (instead of medleys) and she’ll likely even do some vocal acrobatics (instead of making your eyes water because her voice is so weak).

metrostyle model with the gap in her teeth — Look, if you’re trying to hire her, let me just tell you, Metrostyle lost sales from me because I got so distracted by her teeth. I’m not saying gapped teeth are bad, I know some very lovely people who have gapped teeth. What I’m saying is that if one chooses modeling as a profession and said model is displaying clothes, it might be a fine idea for the model to keep her gapped teeth concealed behind her lovely, closed lips.

“someday i’ll laugh” — Why wait?


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End to Endo.

Late Thursday night a couple weeks ago, as is my norm, I was reading blogs. Most people sleep late at night, I read blogs. During that particular reading session, I came across a link to a bioscience company who is conducting a study on women who have been surgically diagnosed with the disease of endometriosis.

One of the single things in my life that has impacted me the most, has been that disease. There has been nothing, absolutely nothing, that has left me feeling more helpless and more like a freak show, than endometriosis. It won’t kill me, but the unpredictable pain, hormonal swings and resulting depression, oftentimes made me wish I were dead.

I don’t say that lightly.

It is one of the few causes I support financially every year. I suppose like anyone who suffers from something for which there is no cure, it has become my passion to support companies who research possible cures. For that reason, I registered around midnight that night with that company to be considered as a participant in their study.

I didn’t expect to ever hear from them.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a voice mail left by a lady from their company late Friday night, less than 24 hours after I’d registered, requesting a return phone call. Imagine my continued surprise when I returned the call Saturday at noon AND SHE ANSWERED HER PHONE. Instead of introducing myself, I said, “My goodness, but you work a lot of hours!” To which she replied, “I guess you’re calling about the study… yes, the response has been absolutely overwhelming. Hundreds of women are coming forward to try and help. It’s not about compensation, we offer none. It’s about helping the younger generations that have this disease.” I told her that’s exactly why I was calling.

She asked several screening questions and then told me that she’d like to send out a packet, which requests my medical records concerning the diagnosis of and surgery for endometriosis. She said they also request some genealogical information, as they have learned that endometriosis can be passed down through the mother or the father. And, lastly, I would need to provide a sample of my saliva for DNA testing — they are looking for a commonality in all the DNA samples they are collecting. Something that they can eventually screen in DNA so that diagnosis of endometriosis can be made through a simple saliva test, rather than invasive surgery.

How cool would that be? A simple saliva test.

My endometriosis affects my intestinal system, so I spent a lot of time seeing gastroenterologists and having tests performed on my bowels. Today, knowing what the problem is, it’s quite apparent that the doctors spent a whole lot of time looking up the wrong hole.

Did you know that endometriosis has been found in little girls who’ve not even had their first period. Did you know that the average period of time, from the first complaint to actual diagnosis of endometriosis, is 10 years? Did you know that what women hear from their doctors until diagnosis is given, are things like, “it’s normal to have difficult periods”, or “that’s normal for some women, it’s just how you’re made,” or “it’s all stress related, you need to learn how to manage stress.”

I sent my packet off today.

The way I’ve got it figured, either I’ll be a tiny, tiny part (1 of 5,000) in helping future generations of girls and women suffer less, or they’ll be creating a clone of me from my DNA.

Probably the latter, because I’m just that cool.


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Love & Loathe — 011309


*Loreal’s Hip line of cosmetics. I am pretty rough on my eyeliner. I have allergies (equals teary eyes, rubbing them, etc.), I swim, sometimes I even cry. Normally eyeliner on me is just gone by the end of the day. These “crayon” type of eyeliners go on smooth and last all day.

Morning, just after applying vs. Evening, after work (with no touch-ups during the day).

* This fuzzy, soft sitting pillow. I’ve been looking for just the right one for over a year now and finally found this a couple days ago for $10 at a discount store. I know, it’s kind of … uncouth, but it’s absolutely hilarious to hear Tony yell about “THE SCARY MONSTER PILLOW!!”

* This month’s newsletter, so far, has required the least amount of writing work I’ve ever put into it since I started there. Here I thought it was going to turn into my worst nightmare. Shows what I know.

* I decided to start posting on my photo blog again. I missed doing that.

* Circle of Beauty’s Alluring Poppy lotion. I wore it for the first time in 3-4 years and got two random compliments that went like this: “*sniff, sniff* You smell really good!” Too bad it’s almost gone and I can’t find it ANYWHERE!

* These short fact books. They’re kind of Cliff Claven-ish in that it’s random bits of knowledge about random things. But I was laughing while reading them in the store today, which is saying something since I’m struggling with depression right now.


* Sweating. Umm, hello, weather? I put my summer jammies away last month. What’s the deal with the heat wave all of a sudden? We’re talking high 80’s here, people.

* Depression. It’s been nipping at my heels for a couple days now and really hit me hard today. I’ve been weepy and sad — dratted estrogen, I hate hormones.

* This one is huge to me. Hilo Hattie‘s has filed for bankruptcy and our local store at The Block has CLOSED! I can’t believe it. We were just there when we went to see Valkyrie. I am totally tragedized by this. It is, after all, where we got our wedding outfits. And my coffee, my delicious coconut coffee. 😥

Funny Moment:

How one can tell if there’s a baby visiting the office…


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