Jump Rope

Saturday morning, I found two jump ropes in my hoarding closet that contains, like, 3,000 bottles of my favorite scent from Bath & Body Works. Folks, I may not hoard toilet paper, but I will unashamedly hoard Night Blooming Jasmine from B&B.

ANYWAY, I found 2 jump ropes, one my size (that I vaguely remember buying about 6 years ago) and a kid sized one that I suspect William bought at Awana Store last year.

I set them both on the living room table and started jumping with my rope. Good lord. I thought I was in shape from all the swimming I do, but there are things jiggling on my body that I don’t remember having. Now, every time I pass through the living room, I jump rope for a couple minutes.

William observed this new behavior for awhile… then Sunday night, I asked if he wanted to double jump with me. He did! We tried that and it went OK…

Then he picked up the kid rope and started trying… and getting discouraged, because the thing kept folding up, tying itself in loops, then wrapping around his shoulder. It’s obviously not been used, ever. I added a tiny plastic piece at the center bottom as a weight, which helped, but still… there is a lot of coordination involved with jumping rope. You have to move the rope over your head properly, time your jump just right, etc., etc. It’s something I just never gave a thought to.
But, then he woke up Monday morning and gave it another go. He excitedly showed me mid-morning that he could jump one time. Tonight, he is up to two times in a row and almost three.

Just sharing, because it’s amazing what a person can learn to do if you just keep trying. 

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