The Bug Killer

Me, to the universe: I wonder what that black spot is on the floor?

William: That spot there? *points*

Me: Yes.

William: That’s a spider.

Me: A spider? Are you sure? *stares at the spot, it doesn’t move*

William: Yes, I killed it. You can see it better if you…

He stands up and runs off to my desk like a whirlwind, comes back with my magnifying glass and squats down to peer through the glass at the spider.

I stare at him, slightly aghast. I wondered why on earth I would want to see it better with a magnifying glass and why (and how) does he know where my magnifying glass is? I wondered just how long ago he had killed the spider, why it was still on the floor, did his grandma not see it…. so many questions, but the only thing I say is, “I see. Well, when you’re done with your examination, can you put it in a tissue and put it in the trash so your father doesn’t have to?”

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  1. Chris

    So cute and so smart!