Simple Resolutions.

Ever have one of those weeks where everything feels overwhelming, and you have to break it down into simple steps, one thing at a time, so that when you actually do something, it’s recognizable as progress?  I’ve been feeling that way lately.

I don’t know why I let myself get out of the habit of making lists… lists are the balm to the interior part of me that tends to get overwhelmed. The part that gets frustrated and feels like nothing is getting done. It’s the organization to the chaos.  And I really love being able to cross something off instead of taking a step (like making a phone call) and then having to add that back onto the list because someone didn’t return the call, or it didn’t get resolved.  Let this post remind myself, I LOVE LISTS!! LISTS!

Anyway, last night when we got home from the mountains, I turned on my Keurig machine.  I was unpacking and doing a bunch of different things, so when I went to make a cup of decaf later that night and found the machine off, I thought maybe I had just imagined myself turning it on.  So, I turned it on again, made my coffee and went to bed, leaving it on for my early morning cup of coffee.   This morning, I came downstairs, it was still dark outside, chilly in the house, and… it was off again.  I muttered to myself about adding that to my list — find out why my Keurig machine is turning off.

I got to work to realize I didn’t know what model the thing was and Keurig makes a whole bunch of models; even though it’s a very basic model with no programming, still … model is important.  I intentionally bought a simple model — cheap and uncomplicated.  So, I got home and went to look for the model, muttering to Tony that I didn’t understand why it was turning itself off, like it’s got an auto-off feature or something… and he’s muttering back to me that he didn’t touch it. He knows better.  I was reassuring him that I KNOW he knows not to touch my coffee machine.

Suddenly, it all made sense.  We do have a little person in the house.  He does have extended reach these days.  Yup.

And now I know my very basic Keurig machine has an auto-off button.  Beyond feeling silly about that, I have to say I’m glad I can just simply cross that off of my list.  The relief, people, it’s palpable!


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