Big Bear Weekend

Despite a rough start yesterday, lots of traffic on the freeway as we drove up here and a tired child who didn’t sleep well the night before, we are managing to have a great Big Bear weekend.

When we arrived in town, they were decorating their Christmas tree!

To tell you how tired William was, I managed to get him down for an afternoon nap (first one in over a year), and his bedtime didn’t suffer for it last night.

Today, it was our usual mountain getaway routine; breakfast at our favorite place and a little bit of shopping in town and then back to the cabin.

Also, the snow that fell a week ago has stayed on the ground. That makes us all very happy!

Bonus? I found these today!!

– Jammie J. Mobile



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2 responses to “Big Bear Weekend

  1. grrrace77

    LOL. JAMMIES!!!!

  2. Tony

    Love you sweetie, had a great weekend. XOXOXOX :mrgreen:
    You didn’t show the shirt you had on in the inside of the jammies……