One is Never Enough.

Tis the Season for Santa and, you know us, we like to overkill the whole season (decorating, Santa, snow, events), so we’re pretty much trying to find as many Santas as possible for picture opportunities. Kind of like when we were in Hawaii that one time and tried to swim in as many tropical waterfalls as possible. Yeah, just like that. ANYWAY, it used to be that William was afraid of Santa, the Chick-Fil-A cow, Disneyland characters (or any characters at all, really), so our strategy is to expose him to as many as possible.

We figure either the exposure will help him overcome his fear and he’ll be comfortable with them, or he’ll be seeking therapy when he’s in his 30’s. Probably both. Everyone pretty much needs therapy in their 30’s to deal with childhood traumas, right?

So we visited the Sea World Santa, the California Adventure Land Santa, Mater Santa and Walmart Santa. We’re keeping our eyes open for the homeless Santa, although the Walmart Santa is probably pretty close, don’t you think? And William thinks they’re all great… but only as long as they give him a candy cane.

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That’s all he wants for Christmas from Santa, is a candy cane.



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  2. Tony

    the simple things in life are always the best. love you guys.. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. that is sweet … a candy cane … and you have me smiling at my screen again! Happy New Year!!!