I’m sitting here painting my fingernails.  It’s Saturday night, the child is sleeping and the husband is upstairs with a messed up back trying to sleep.  He threw it out Thursday night picking up a basketball.  You know, you never mess up your back by doing a crazy, wild something or other.  It’s always the mundane thing, like picking up a basketball or getting a roll of toilet paper out from under the sink that does it.  If someone says they did hurt their back by doing something they shouldn’t, I’m not sure I’d believe them!  ha

My community is heating our pools again.  I think my favorite time of year is right now as a result.  Every April, it’s too early in the season for most people to go swimming, or maybe not everyone realizes the pools are heated.  Whatever the reason, it’s typically just me and the birds and planes overhead.  I get a little giddy feeling each time I head out on my bicycle for the pool, which is a nice change from forcing myself to go to the gym and trying to find something redeeming about swimming in a cesspool of germs blanketed by chlorine.

Another recent highlight — for the first time in a long time, maybe since I left the other company (so four years ago?), I was given something for Admin Professional Day.  Given by the newest boss I’ve taken on just a couple months ago.  I kind of think it’s one of the Hallmark holidays, but if someone wants to honor it, well, I won’t scoff at it, that’s for sure.  Plus, the card he gave me was really pretty.

Aaaand, my fingernails are nearly dry.  No clever ending here.




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  1. i’ve been here reading, and even tried to leave a comment last week, but I had issues with being recognized by wordpress!!! so hopefully this takes … 🙂 … I love to hear how things are going for you, dear one, how GOD continues to bless and be ever so gracious! big hugs to your men … hope tony’s back gets feeling better!!!!

    • Lovely Saija!! Your comment worked! So glad to see you around here! Tony is going to go see a back specialist. I’m not sure what to expect, and worry that if surgery is recommended that we’ll be facing something bigger. Not sure what the solution is… (sigh)

  2. grrrace77

    oh no! is tony’s back better? i’m with you… it’s always something totally ordinary. no exciting stories with throwing out your back. i think once i turned in my seat and messed up my neck. lol.

    what color did you paint your nails this time? i’m hooked on grays. 😀 and gold sparkles. not necessarily together. okay, sometimes together. 😀 xoxox