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Randomness in the Brain.

How often do you relax?  I mean, really, truly relax?  Like you’ve just gotten up from a massage table, disjointed bones, melting muscles kind of relax?   It’s been too long for me. I realized yesterday when Tony did a 10 second neck massage, and I resisted it for the first 5 seconds, that maybe relaxing is a learned thing.  I don’t do relaxing well, apparently.

I got another summons for jury duty.  At least it’s just one so far.  The last time before this I was called to show up the month William was due, so December of 2011.  I was getting summoned every 6 months at both my post office box and my street address. Kind of ridiculous.  I had my doctor write a note to excuse me, and while I was at it, I mentioned the address issue… I didn’t hear from them after that until now, 2 years later.  Someone at the jury office put it on their calendar, I’m thinking.  I can’t wait for the one that I just know is coming in the mail to the street address!  Either that, or they’re going through the employee list of my company, because my co-worker, our CFO and our Compliance Manager have all been called in the last month.  Talk about relaxing, huh?

In the same day’s mail I received a payout from a 401K account from my previous job from a contribution that came in after I rolled the account over?  From year 2009?  With taxes taken out of it?  I had no idea they could do this 5 years later… strangest thing ever.

And… a suspenseful ending to my weirdly random post:  I’ve been trying to paint my nails for the last week. I just started them now, let’s see if I can finish before William wakes up to go to the bathroom.



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