Mother and Son Date.

I made the decision to let my Disneyland pass expire this year… the end date is 2/9.  Most people agree that it’s just incredibly expensive.  There’s also the consideration that in a year or so, I think William will enjoy it more and I won’t have to rush home for his nap… so we’ll have a little more freedom with our time.  Plus, budgetwise, I do have that speeding ticket to pay to the tune of $292. Ugh.

As a last hurrah, we went last Sunday. Just me and William, as Tony let his pass lapse last year.  I decided that William would enjoy California Adventure Land more than the Disneyland side, because that’s where his buddies, Lightning and Mater live.  Also, the tractor ride!

As we left the park, I grabbed a chocolate filled croissant for myself.  I was nibbling on it on the drive home and William asked for some. The piece I gave him had the tiniest, minuscule bit of chocolate in it, and he said, “Mmmmm, that’s a little bit of chocolate right there!” And then proceeded to suck and savor that tiny bit of chocolate for about 5 minutes, leaving the croissant as a soggy mess all over his lips.  So intense!!

I raised an eyebrow at this… I have never given him chocolate before and normally avoid eating it in front of him.  So this begs the question of HOW DID HE KNOW???




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8 responses to “Mother and Son Date.

  1. Chris K.

    What great pictures and memories!! And about that chocolate, hmmm. “somebody” has been sharing. My philosophy is give them some, otherwise they find ways to get it/sneak it later. A little is not so bad 🙂
    William is adorable, like his momma!!

  2. My guess is that his love for chocolate is genetic

  3. grrrace77

    Such cute pics! You guys have the same face! Hehe.

    He is just so observant! 😀

    Our pass is expiring in May. That makes me sad. 😦

  4. Tony

    Mommy and Son date are always good. Love you both soooo much XXOXOXO