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It Made Sense Until it Didn’t.

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I wanted to document a hilarious conversation that happened (maybe only to us) this weekend… have you ever had a conversation with someone, where you were talking about two different things but you didn’t know it?  We had this very confusing conversation while driving home from the mountains.  What was so funny about it was that  without knowing the thoughts in my head it made perfect sense until the end.

Him:  “Look!  They’re widening the freeway.”
Me: “Yeah.  Cool.”
*Long Pause, driving along.*
Me: I notice that the sun is bothering me, as I position the sun visor, I mutter, “I wonder if that will make a difference…”
Him: “Yeah.  It’s, like, 10 years too late…”
Me: Thinking he’s being sarcastic about my delay in pulling the sun visor over, since I’d spent the last 10 minutes shading my eyes with my hand, “Well, it doesn’t really matter in my car.”
Him: “Huh?”
Me: “What?  My sun visor… in my car… it’s so small.”
Him: “I thought we were talking about the freeway being widened.”
Me:  “Oh.  I thought we were talking about sun visors.”
William:  TOES!


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