Never Gonna Get It.

Once upon a time, the cats had the rule of the land.  They claimed corners and stairways, hallways and garages.  In fact, in 2008, Snug had his very own corner in the house.  See Exhibit A.  Sadly, he lost that corner to my file cabinet, but never completely gave up hope that it would come back… see Exhibit B.

Alas, I think it’s safe to say, Snug’s corner is no more.




Don’t worry.  Snug has found another corner, clear on the other side of the house, guarded by the obstacles of a gate, a table, a chair… and I’ll bet he even wishes he could wear ear plugs.




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5 responses to “Never Gonna Get It.

  1. Tony Haske

    Everything is Williams now…hehehehe…get out cats…hehehe…love you both sooooo much. :mrgreen:

  2. Tony Haske

    I was first in the Comment section…YES!!!!!

  3. grrrace77

    LOL. William is like a cat because he likes boxes, too! hehe 😀

  4. Cats will always find their “special” place, no matter what! lol!

  5. Pets have a tendancy to take a big back seat after kids enter the picture.