Turkey and Stuff

Our Thanksgiving this year was perfect, awesome really, and I enjoyed it immensely. I’m so grateful for Tony’s family who has embraced me in their hearts and accepted me, quirks and all. The four days off from work were really nice, too, and spending them in my mom’s company made it a double blessing for me.

My contribution to the Thanksgiving feast this year was my standard sweet potato souffle. It’s an easy enough recipe that either Tony or I can make it, depending on who has the time available. Last year, he did it, this year I did it. This year I also contributed a green bean casserole quiche. It is different enough from the standard green bean casserole (which my sister-in-law makes) that it didn’t feel like we had doubled up on green bean things. Of course, my favorite dish of all the food was the turkey, but then I’m all about the turkey even when it isn’t Thanksgiving! In fact, I used money that was given to me for my birthday to purchase a broiler oven (like this one) so that I can easily make turkeys all year round if I want!

The hours at work are long, some days I’m there before 7am and usually leave after 5pm. Once work is over, the evening workout at the gym is done and dinner is eaten, there seems to be just enough time to prepare for the next day and get ready for bed. Under the heading of “Actions speak louder than words” I know my contributions at work are appreciated, because my boss relocated and now travels to the corporate office here in California a few days each month. This week he was here for three days. He spent one of the evenings he was here baking his seasonal batch of pumpkin bread just because I requested it. Now THAT makes me feel pretty special!

I’m also grateful for having a trustworthy mechanic in my life. Especially since it seems like there’s always something knicky-knacky going on with my car these days. For example, one of the tires in my car picked up a screw (insert various screwed jokes here) and I simply dropped it off on my way home from work and went and got it after they had closed. That minimized the inconvenience of the whole thing for me and they patched it right up at no charge to me.

My outside swim days are over for the season and the gym’s pool is my new haunt. While I’m not thrilled about it, it does serve its purpose and I’m grateful for that. Although it does seem as if the chemical levels in that pool are consistently wrong — I notified them last night that the chlorine levels are too high given that I went home one night and my swimsuit faded from black to grey in 24 hours and then last night I got home and discovered that the reason my skin was burning like I’d just been sunburned was because of a first degree chlorine burn (informational link) on the lower half of my body. I went back to the gym later that evening and did a “show and tell” with one of their female employees of the affected areas. She was stunned and promised to notify the gym’s manager this morning, which is good because I was uncomfortable last night feeling like I was sunburned on my butt (and elsewhere). In the whole scheme of things, though, my health is something I never, ever take for granted and I’m grateful that I am able to swim and eat and feel fantastic, healthy and strong.

My husband has already started putting up Christmas decorations on the outside of our house this week. He plans to finish it this weekend and I plan to decorate the inside of our home (as always) this weekend. We’re looking forward to that!

It should be a great weekend ahead with popcorn, hot chocolate and Christmas music playing while we decorate!



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12 responses to “Turkey and Stuff

  1. Tony

    Yes, its Christmas time!!! :mrgreen:

  2. Gracie

    So many blessings to be thankful for in 2011, and an extra special, magical Christmas awaits! I too am all about the turkey and eat it with a regularity that stuns my husband! Gobble gobble, I say!

  3. It is almost impossible to believe that Christmas is almost here….This year seemed to fly by…
    So happy you had a GREAT Thanksgiving….That Broiler Oven looks terrific! I know someone who has one that looks just like that and they LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

    Those levels of Chlorine are really bad…! I hope they correct that situation, and quickly!

    Enjoy your weekend of decorating….And “Deck The Halls….”

  4. I know you used to read my blog, so thought I would let you know I’m posting again.

  5. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! We’ve begun decorating as well, though mostly outside. Perhaps this weekend we’ll start decorating the tree. Good to hear that your well and feeling appreciated at work. Those two things will definately keep your mood positive!

  6. stacey

    It is December! Yippee! A very good month to first enter the world 🙂

  7. so glad you are doing well! Sorry about the butt burn… that has to stink! I love the snow on your page! So festive!!! And if you have a minute and want to share a recipe for green bean souffle, you know where I am 😉 LOL

  8. I just put up our Christmas tree and got our living room decorated! I’ve been sick so I’m a couple weeks later than normal for me.

    I would definitely complain about the chlorine, that is pretty high level if you got a burn from a public pool… on the other hand at least you know its sanitary!

    When I get my voice back I plan on calling to catch up! I just have to get my voice back first…. one of these days….

  9. stacey

    i put up all our decorations this weekend too. i had the music playing and tried to keep the kids interested. they just wanted to get to the part where we drink hot chocolate with candy canes.

  10. Can’t wait to see the pictures of your decorated home! Don’t you just hate how fast time seems to fly this time of year? I just want it to slow down, I feel too rushed! I hope you’re enjoying the season!

    Did they fix the chlorine levels at the gym pool? I’d complain louder next time. 🙂

  11. PY

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend. It looks like you are well prepared for turkey all year round! Cheers.

  12. You doing okay? Quiet over here…