Blogabilities – Week of 06/05/2011

* My right ear has been weirdly blocked for last couple of days. I mean, I can hear from it, I don’t have any pain, but when I chew anything — apples, gum, nuts — it sounds like I’m living in a drum. Even scratching my head makes it all echo-like in there. I’d say it’s like having water in my ear, but it’s not. *grunt* Very hard to describe and very weird. Hoping it goes away soon. I’m thinking it may be related to allergies, since my eyes have been really irritated lately, too.

* My boss is back in the office. The one who has the strange stuff happen to him when he travels. But not without a last hurrah of weirdness. So his travel day went well, his flights were even early. His flight landed and he was informed that the airport shut down minutes after his flight was on the ground, as well as all the freeways surrounding the airport (where my boss’ ride was), due to a suspicious unclaimed package. So, he sat on the tarmac for an hour, then they moved him and his fellow passengers, and everyone in the airport, into a quarantine area. For FIVE hours. The bomb squad finally blasted the package with high-powered water and then the package was deemed “harmless.” Apparently, some dude had forgotten to claim his harmless package and offered apologies. No arrests were made.

* My husband followed me home in his car from an outing this past weekend and told me that one of my brake lights was out. So he took that part of my car apart (and cleaned any remaining cat barf from the inside of my brake lens) and we headed off to Walmart to buy the appropriate replacement light. That little outing then turned into a spontaneous journey of getting paperwork from his doctor, then picking up a late lunch, eating that lunch at the local duck park, going to the grocery store to buy a cheap loaf of bread to feed the ducks at the duck park, and then back home again to fix my brake light. It was a beautiful day for spontaneous time spent with my husband… and ducks.

* While we were at the duck park we witnessed an inter-family fight. There was this whole family of people there, and two of the women and one of the men got into a physical fight. It was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. It consisted of a lot of hair pulling (so cliche) and jewelry pulling and clothing pulling with a couple of attempted slap swipes, a pathetic attempted choke hold by one of the women, and then everyone marched to the car, crying, got in together and the main woman who seemed to have started the fight was the driver, and she drove away all wild and swervily with all those people in her SUV. Maybe it’s because we’d just seen the new X-men movie, or because one of our neighbors is a recently retired UFC fighter whose fights I’ve watched (ouch!), but I kept saying to Tony, “Should I call the police? Is that really a fight?” Word of advice: It’s always best to talk things through like adults, but — really — if you feel the need to make a spectacle of yourself at the local family duck park, at least learn how to properly fight. Because you NEVER know. Someone like me could be sitting there eating my lunch and totally judging your fighting abilities. And then blogging about it later.

* One of my favorite performers, Shania Twain, is coming back to the stage in December 2012. I’m so excited! I’ve been watching her show, “Why not?” on OWN, and while much of it is frustrating and seemingly repetitive, I also know that’s the best way to work through the heavy emotional stuff. Especially if the heavy emotional stuff has never been worked through before.

* My new printer arrived a week or so ago. I finally took the time to install the software this past weekend and I’m building a relationship with it. So far, it’s meeting and exceeding my expectations, although there are still a few functions I need to test out. It’s definitely not a trial sized printer and it LOOKS like it means business. There were stickers on the side of its box pronouncing it to be a “team lift” project. Hopefully the UPS guy had a helper to lift it. ha

* When we go to the movies, sometimes I like to get a soft pretzel but I really dislike salt on it. I’m a mustard girl. After the movie, I was surprised to note that they had given me the salt packet separately. I know I’ve always been curious what’s in my pretzel salt, so I thought you might be, too. Let the mystery now be solved…



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27 responses to “Blogabilities – Week of 06/05/2011

  1. Chris

    whew! I was hoping that the salt was not imitation or full of something else!! Thanks for doing the research and posting the findings. Love ya!

    • Oh, I know! You just NEVER know these days. Artificial ingredients are rampant everywhere. Especially at the movie theaters! hehe

      Love you, too, you know.

  2. stacey

    i don’t know why but your story about the salt reminded of a christmas package we got once. it had crackers and dried fruit, etc. it also included something called “real imitation cheese food”. we all dared each other to try it, but no one would. unfortunately, it did not list the ingredients on the back…

    your ear sound like allergies. just clogged. very annoying, i get it sometimes too.

    • That cheese sounds like an off-shoot of Velveeta to me. Velveeta, the “cheese” that needs no refrigeration! ha

      I *think* my ear is unclogging. It’s really lovely when it squeals as I go down the hill to work and back up the hill to home.

  3. Love mustard on my soft pretzels! BTW, the chemist in me needs to mention that though the package states it contains salt, what KIND of salt is it? Salt is a generic category of comounds that could range from table salt (NaCl) to salt used to melt snow (usually KCl). Some salts are fine for human consumption, some are not. How do you know its not deadly salt? Just saying.

    So if it’s a duck pond, how come they let the geese in? Duck security needs to step it up if they’re goin got maintain the exclusivity of the park.

    • Mustard is simply the best. I would put mustard on EVERYTHING if I could. Mustard and onions, the perfect condiments in my world!

      Re: the salt, I know… if you read the ingredients on Morton’s salt, it says several different things. Also, aren’t the two ingredients for salt poisonous by themselves? But combined, they’re edible? How is that possible?

      The geese are bigger. They win.

  4. tony

    I had a great day fixing your brake light and then going to the duck park and feeding the ducks after feeding ourselves.Silly stupid people, they even fought in front of their kid. I love you sweetie pie, XXOXOXOXOX

  5. PY

    Sounds like a good day out with your husband! Yeah!

    Wishing you good health.

  6. tinyhands

    I count 2, maybe 3 ducks, plus 3 geese and a whole mess of pigeons. Definitely a park gone to the birds.

    Vince, you don’t like copper sulfate on your pretzels?

  7. Lynne

    So on a scale of 1-10, rate the fight? Was there any food throwing or dramatic clothing ripping? That at least makes for some amusement πŸ˜‰

    Your spontaneous day sounds delicious. In fact, I think I’ll try to imitate it very soon as we now live on a lake that is filled with fowl of all varieties, as well as fish and who knows what else! I imagine my little boy would take great delight in feeding the ducks πŸ™‚

    • The fight? I rate it about a 2, and that’s only because of the spectacle aspect of it. Not worth the tears she shed and she had all her jewelry in her hand. Idiots.

      The duck park is a great place to take kids. Minus the fight. ha

  8. Tinyhands: Not normally. I prefer my pretzels to taste like mustard, not water pipes.

  9. Pretzels have salt? Salt packets contain salt? Who knew? (That would actually be nice, to read that it has salt only, and not a bunch of other stuff.)

    I love your fight story! How weird!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Ahhh, if only life were always that simple that something was really what it represented itself to be, eh?

      Hoping your weekend is lovely, too, with little to no weirdness. πŸ™‚

  10. I kept thinking about the Ducks and how they reacted to the “family fight”…..One would think it might have scared them away….! Your Boss’es Travel Karma realkly really Stinks! Good Lord—it’s everyone’s worst nightmare, isn’t it? (lol)

    Your day with Tony sounds just perfect, except for the famil fighting part….

    Anbd I agree with you about the Jacaranda’s….They do seem to be lasting longer……It is a Joy, I agree!

    • The ducks (and birds) were on the other side of the park feeding from another family, thank goodness. Have to brag a bit and say after Tony and I fed them, they settled down (sat on their feet) about 5 feet from us and took little birdy naps… until the next feeders came along, that is.

      My boss. Oy. He traveled today and actually had a good day. I teased him, though, since the 91 freeway got shut down this evening (6/10) that since he flew over it, it was HIS fault. That got a laugh out of him. hehe

      Loving the flowers this year. So beautiful!

  11. Maybe your ears are trying to adjust to being in the pool again? Yeah, I’m reaching here. πŸ˜‰

    Wow, who would have thought there was salt in your pretzel salt…. I’m amazed. lol. That reminds me of the do not touch, wet paint sign… redundant, but you know you gotta touch it.

    Inter family fights are hilarious to watch, that one sounded more like one from Jerry Springer….

    • Nope. Not pool related at all. I give you props for trying, though. πŸ™‚

      The thing about the wet paint signs is, they always forget to take them down. So yeah, touching the paint is always a requirement.

      Yeah, Jerry Springer-ish, that’s totally what it was like.

  12. Grace

    I also like unsalted soft pretzels πŸ˜€

    I love spontaneous days like that. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I haven’t had one in a long time, though. Boo!

    Those bitches better learn how to fight! hehe.

    Speaking of fights, I almost got into a fight with a little girl who accidentally kicked Mia in the face. I don’t care if it was an accident! If she wasn’t being stupid, it wouldn’t have happened! Also, I don’t care that Mia didn’t get hurt. That little girl was a brat. hehe.

    • OMG, we have ANOTHER food thing in common. hehe

      Spontaneous days, or even spontaneous outings totally rock. hehe You’ll have them again, soon, I think. πŸ™‚

      You know, the thing about “accidental” anything is an apology from the other person totally defuses the situation. Yet these days, apologies are harder to find than an elephant in Orange County. I don’t understand what happened to common decency and manners.

  13. Shania will be in Vegas – on the rotating schedule at Caesar’s Palace with Celine, Elton and Rod Stewart. But not until next year

    • I know, I’m so excited!!!! December of 2012! That’s a year and a half away. Hopefully she works through her stage fright issues by then!