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Blogabilities – Week of 05/01/2011

* Loved discovering that my favorite vitamin, which I thought had been discontinued (the recurring theme of my life, it often seems) because I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE, was actually just re-branded/re-named, not discontinued.

* Love my goofy cat. I took a short nap Sunday afternoon (that’s what Sunday afternoons are for, right?). When I woke up, I went to uncurl myself and found that my cat had wedged himself but good between my bottom and the edge of the chair. Not being a cat, I can’t rightly figure what he was thinking, but to me it didn’t look like the most comfortable of places to wedge…

* It was forecast to be around 90° on Monday (as well as the rest of this week) and when I pulled into the parking lot at work that morning, I lucked out and got a parking spot under a huge tree. I smirked to myself when I pulled my little red car into that spot, because it also happened to be right next to the most enormous vehicle in the lot — a raised 4×4 truck with an extended cab. I took this picture at the end of the day (sadly, the guy lost his parking spot next to me when he left for lunch, but you can kind of get a picture of the actual size difference).

* I’m not too happy with this crazy weather (heat and winds) we’re having out here. I mean, come ON — it’s only MAY! The Summer Savings Program with my electricity company doesn’t start until June, so air conditioning at home is prohibitively expensive and the winds are totally jacking with my sinuses (say hello to sinus headaches)… and apparently, based on the glassy-eyed looks of everyone around me, their sinuses, too. Misery. Although, the optimist in me would like to point out how grateful I am that I don’t have the flu (with a fever) right now.

* Tony found a water pump on clearance a couple weeks ago and bought it. Now, instead of lugging multiple gallons of water from my cycle tanks to my fish tanks every week to do water changes, I simply hook a hose to the pump, drop it into the cycle tank, string the other end of the hose into the fish tank and sit down to watch the water magically transfer itself. It’s not really a beautiful thing to look at, per se, but to me it is. Less work = beauty.

* Over the weekend, we finally, after all these years, made it over to Fish Whisperer’s house to see his collection of fish. I completely fell in love with his pair of breeding Discus — they are such peaceful fish (especially when compared to my Cichlids). Discus babies obtain their nourishment by feeding off their parents’ slime coat (all fish have a protective coating on their scales called slime coat). As the one parent’s slime coat gets eaten off by the babies, the other parent will swim by and take the babies for awhile. It’s really a fascinating thing to watch. While I was at Fish Whisperer’s place, I pulled up a chair and watched the babies feed off their dad. Tony and Fish Whisperer came over to also watch, and in response, the mom swam in front of the dad and attempted to block him (and the babies) from our view, while alternately pushing him backwards… she was being protective! It was just incredible. I found this video (not my friend’s) on YouTube to give you an idea of what these fish look like.

* Loving my newest salad concoction of artichoke hearts, baby spinach and arugula with a bit of Italian dressing. It was inspired by my finding both the spinach and arugula on sale at the grocery store. Plus, ummm, not hot (see above). It’s quite delicious, with just the right amount of zing. Also, simple to make and healthy!

Those things, and just the daily grind of work, pretty much concludes what’s been on my mind this week so far…



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