Blogabilities – Week of 04-10-11

* I’ve started doing a new thing, a simple thing, that I plan to make a new habit. When I get home, I go out into the back yard and sit down for about 5 minutes. Tony comes out and joins his hand in mine and we just sit there, quietly, together, and soak up the beauty of the plants, flowers, and the birds chirping. It’s a great way to decompress and gain some peace after a day at work and a stressful drive home in traffic.

* I really dislike it when cats purge themselves on my car. Ummm, cat barf, or stomach bile in general, is just not good for automobile paint. The really whacked out part of this is, you know that rule about how cats will go to great lengths to find the softest surface in the house, like a rug, carpet or couch, and avoid the 90% of the home that is hard, shiny surfaces like tile or hardwood floors when barfing? Yeah, that rule doesn’t apply to my car. Nope. Apparently, the rule about barfing on cars is to do it on the hard, painted surface, specifically, over the edge of the trunk so it gets into the crevices of the blinker cover and down the bumper, even into the gas tank filler area, avoiding the car cover completely. Egads.

* In the mornings while I take my shower, I put our little bird on her perch and turn the radio on for her. The entire time I’m showering, she sits there and chirps along to the beat. One chirp per beat. It really is one of the cutest things that happens in my mornings.

* I switched to Google Chrome on my computer that runs Windows Vista. I know, I know. I feel like I’ve crossed over to the dark side or something, but I’ve dealt with Firefox crashing and freezing for over a year when it encounters a YouTube video or Flash ads on websites. Downloaded updates that are supposed to fix it, all to no avail. I’m over it. Moving on. Google Chrome better do me right.

* Still loving that my hospital fish tank is empty.

* Keeping it generic here … I’ll just say that anxiety is hell; God is peace. I’m countering my anxiety about tomorrow by praying ceaselessly for it to go well. As always, my prayer warriors, please keep us in your prayers.




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20 responses to “Blogabilities – Week of 04-10-11

  1. Cat

    I now want a bird on a perch chirping to music while I shower. Seriously.

    I made the switch to Google Chrome a while back. I hate IE with a passion and I was getting so tired of all the problems I was having with Firefox. It took me a while to get used to Chrome’s look and feel but I have not looked back once since using it and have switched to Chrome on my work computer, too. I hope you start to enjoy it!

    If I don’t pass out from all the incense at tomorrow’s Palm Sunday mass (yay for Catholics going to church on Saturday evening ;)) I shall make sure you’re in my prayers whilst there. 😉 Otherwise you’re in them daily as well, sweetie.

    • Parrotlets are seriously adorable birds. Everything parrot-like in a bird the size of a parakeet. She makes me so happy!

      So far Google Chrome is doing good. It’s only crashed twice on me, compared to the 15 times that Firefox would have crashed.

      Oy, incense. We do so very much appreciate the prayers.

  2. Praying for you!

    I’m still using IE because Google Chrome somehow messes things up when I try to log on to my work computer from my laptop. So, I’m stuck with IE for now.

    What are those cats thinking?! My cat purges on the little rug next to Dan’s side of the bed … usually at night while we’re sleeping. It’s made for some interesting “first words” in the morning from Dan!

    • Prayers, thank you!

      IE does this weird thing with me that it types about 6 words behind where I’m at. Kind of annoying.

      Those cats are troublemakers. Ummm, yeah, a surprise on the rug just outside of the bed would definitely equal some explicit words. So glad I don’t let the cats in the bedroom.

  3. py

    Dear Jammie, praying for you. You will be fine.

  4. First, I just want to say I watched all of your scrolling pictures and LOVE the one of you under the waterfall. Makes me feel like a lecherous old man.

    Quiet time after work is very nice. Ellen needs “sit” time as well. Don’t feel bad about going to Chrome. I’m reading your blog and typing this through that browser now. It’s the fastest thing out there right now and has some neat options, like the ability to open multiple pages on different tabs when you open it. Pretty cool. Besides, Google is going to rule the world. Resistance is futile. Might as well jump in now.

    Praying for you guys every day!

    • LOL, you crack me up with your lecherous commentary.

      Oh, I love Google and I know they’re taking over the world. They are so good at what they do. Too good, almost. They’d be a fun place to work, I think. 🙂

      Appreciate the prayers.

  5. Grace

    Chrome makes my system crash. I stopped using it. I’m back to Firefox. Haven’t had any issues… *knock on wood* 🙂

    Yikes, cat barf!

    Love you!!! xoxoxox

    • Sure is weird how some browsers make systems crash… I run Firefox on my netbook and it’s just fine. I remember when the crashing started happening on Toshiba… it was after an update one night and it’s never been the same since. I wished I had never updated.

      Cat barf is disgusting.


  6. Lynne

    Praying has not ceased 🙂 (saw this new blog this morning). Don’t let the anxiety over-run the peace. Loving you from San Diego!

  7. tony

    LOVE YOU sweetie!!!! We are doing it. XXOXOXOXOX

  8. stacey

    i am reading this on friday. you are continually in my prayers. i am guessing, due to tony’s giddy post fest on facebook, that things went well. i hope and pray that i am right.

  9. Our birdy loves certain commercials, and rap music. She cracks me up. Bobs her little head with the beat and chirps away.

    That’s a great way to decompress after a long day at work.

    still praying! Thanks for the text this morning! I was mid test lol. again lol.

  10. Tracey

    We have used Google Chrome for 2 years now we just love it