Love & Loathe – Week of 03/06


* I still have a lingering cough from the nasty cold I caught three four weeks ago. It’s a mild cough, just annoying as all get out to me, as I have high expectations of my lungs when swimming. Someday it will go away. I think.

* The gym’s pool. I’m just holding on to the light at the end of the tunnel — one more month until our community pool is heated and I can swim outside again. One more month. One more month.


* My life right now. It’s far from perfect, but I am so thankful for what we have.

* Do you know what this is?

Yes, yes, it’s a salad. But it’s not JUST a salad. It’s an enormous (the picture doesn’t do its size justice) FREE salad that I brought home from work after a meeting. Why people don’t eat salads is beyond me, but I’m not questioning it too deeply; since it wasn’t eaten, and I didn’t want it to go to waste, I brought it home. We will surely eat it.

* Last weekend, finally, I finished straightening my back yard. It’s been in messy chaos since December (thanks to painters and fencers) and I’m so glad it’s back the way it’s supposed to be, instead of all topsy-turvy.

One Last Thing:

I’m posting a day early because my mom lands in our life tomorrow for 2 1/2 weeks. Just thinking about seeing her makes me feel excited, apprehensive and tired (can I be tired in advance?). Marathon visiting, entertaining, transporting and feeding someone who’s not normally with you everyday takes energy!

I know the next couple weeks will go way too fast and before I know it, she’ll jet on to her next destination and we’ll go back to our routines. So, I intend to fully enjoy every moment I can wring out of the next couple weeks.

Hmmm, mother-daughter relationship — let’s just hope the wringing doesn’t reach our necks!



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14 responses to “Love & Loathe – Week of 03/06

  1. LOL, LOL…Indeed…the “wringing” could certainly be your necks, but hopefully your time together will be wonderful with a minimum of neck wringing….! Have a WONDERFUL time with your Mom, my dear Jammie…I know you always do! And I hope you do lots of fun and special things together.

    • Ha ha! So far, no wringing of necks have occurred. She went and visited a friend the last couple of days to give us a Mini Mommy break. She’s thoughtful that way… or is just maybe into self preservation!

  2. Have fun with your mom!

    I know what you mean about people not eating salads. At our office, no one eats raw veggies and dip, so I always end up taking a lot of it home with me. Yum!

  3. py

    Wishing you and your mother a lovely time sharing your love for each other, and making time for each other. 🙂

    May you get well soon. Salads are great!

    • Thank you — we’re enjoying each other.
      I’m feeling better, too, which is nice. Although, weather change alert == sunny today, rainy tomorrow, and my sinuses are predicting it with great accuracy!

  4. tinyhands

    Tattoo-girl and I both have that cough that won’t go away.

    • It is so annoying, isn’t it? Ugh. And now there’s a new thing going around at work that’s taking everyone down. My boss has been out 3 days now. Hoping I miss this one. *crosses fingers*

  5. It is indeed possible to be tired in advance. I feel that way every time I look at all the stuff that’s on my calendar and to do list at home.

    Enjoy the visit with mom! I’m sure you guys will have lots of fun.

    • I just need to sleep. Sleep would be nice, and would help with making things so much more tolerable and less overwhelming. (sigh)

      Mom visit has been great. 🙂

  6. Tell your adorable mom hello for me. I know you already know this, but she is a very special lady!

    Love salad, I eat them a few times a week, FREE salad is even better!

    • My mom is a lovely lady. I enjoy her. 🙂

      Salad is delicious… nothing like a huge plate of greens and a dab of Italian dressing to spice it up a little. 🙂

  7. tony

    It will be fun having mommy around. we can pick on her ..LOL and we can drop her off at my parents or my parents can pick her up. And we will do stuff with her too. Love you sweetie. XXOXOXOXOXO

    • I know, I can’t believe Mom’s been around here a week already. Although, technically not that long since she took a 2 day break from us. Ha ha!
      Love you… xoxo