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Major Decisions.

How much of the outcome is luck? How much of it is based on level of skill? How much is based on statistics? How much is superstition based? How much of all those things together impact my brain’s level of comfort and ability to rest in God’s hands?

My answer: A LOT!

Which, I suppose, is why the major decision I had trouble making was what underwear and what socks to wear yesterday. On a normal day, those two things are important to me (because you just NEVER KNOW!), but on an important day like yesterday? Overwhelming.

When Tony arrived home to drive us to the appointment, I grabbed his hand and explained my dilemma as I led him upstairs and pointed to the options I’d laid out on the bed. To his credit, he assisted in the decision without laughing or rolling his eyes at me. Which is good, because I was rolling my eyes at myself.

Ladybugs are a thing with us. Everywhere we’ve gone together, whether it be Italy, Ireland, Hawaii, Sea World, LegoLand, etc., a ladybug has always flown in and landed near us. So we chose to go with a ladybug theme yesterday. But, to keep the Irish theme I’ve had going all month, the ladybug socks had a fair amount of green worked into the pattern, and I added two temporary clover leaf tattoos to my inner-upper calf area.

If nothing else, the silliness of my dilemma served as a distraction and a point of laughter for us, setting the tone for the rest of the day.

The procedure went well. I’m now off my feet and resting for the rest of the week.



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