Love & Loathe – Week of 02/13


* Several things, but nothing I’m at liberty to share. Look at me, being all vague and ambiguous.

* Creating picture heavy blog posts. They’re a lot of work! *mops brow* (I came back to the top of this post to add this point, by the way.)


*Jack jammies. Tony bought me these crazy jammies for Valentine’s Day, and I just love them. Plus, i got a huge laugh yesterday morning when our little bird saw them for the first time. She totally freaked out and flew across the room. This morning she did better, but was still giving them the long neck with feathers down, and keeping a wary eye on them.
So excited to get them, I tried them on for the first time under my work dress!

Yoda giving them the long neck, wary eye treatment this morning. Hilarious!

* Homemade chocolate chocolate chip cookies, with dried cherries in them. Quite delicious, if I say so myself. I’d made the chocolate chocolate chip recipe before, and knew it was a good one. The dried cherries were an inspirational addition. These cookies are so good, I could easily eat about 10 of them and not feel ashamed at all. If you gave me a weird look, I’d hand you one and go, “You try just eating one…” I suppose the addition of cherries allows me to call them “Black Forest Cookies,” doesn’t it?

* Yawning pictures of cats… and seeing my boys back together again. I can’t believe it took a month before Tug accepted Snug back as his buddy. Next time, buddy, you’re going to the vet, too, even if it means I have to pay a day’s boarding fee.

* Facing a three day weekend. I plan on doing absolutely nothing for at least one of those days. Like, maybe even not taking a shower! Gosh, that sounds appealing to me.

* Going to IgLots! We didn’t find any Igloos, in case you were wondering.

* Everyone in our community is getting a new vinyl fence in their back yard, courtesy of the HOA. This is something we have desperately needed (due to termite damage) for the entire 5 1/2 years I’ve lived here. While it’s a big deal, because I had to move all my plants (again) and my back yard is in total disarray and chaos (again), I’m so grateful for this. So grateful, in fact, that I’m giving the fence vendors some of those delicious cookies I baked.
The old fence. Notice how it zig zags?

* I solved the 360° Rubik’s puzzle. Have you seen these? It’s a bit of a double entendre trying to describe how it’s solved. I’m brave. I’ll forge ahead with it and tell you that it involves many balls, sliding parts that go in circles to line up the holes to get the balls in their holder, and then to keep them there you have to slide another part to lock them in. Also, it involves much patience.

One Last Thing:

I wheeled into the parking lot at work last week and saw two ladies who work on the 1st floor of our building wielding saran wrap like a weapon in the parking lot. They were giggling and jabbering at each other like a pair of teenagers at a sleepover.

I smiled at them as I walked past, hoping they wouldn’t touch my car with that stuff, and hurried up to my home on the 2nd floor of the building. I settled in and a bit later went and peered out the window and gasped in surprise at what I saw.


My co-worker and I went outside a bit later and took some pictures. Several of the people from the 1st floor company were outside, too, and we were told that “a practical joke had been played on a practical joker.”

Later, the saran wrap was in a big wad in front of the car, and by the end of the day it was overflowing the trash can. Gotta say, that was quite the practical joke!



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12 responses to “Love & Loathe – Week of 02/13

  1. tony

    I’m first :mrgreen: those cookies are the best, I think sweetie is trying to make me fat again, nananana. The new fence will be great. Love you sweetie and I am glad you like the new jammies, hehehehe, you look very cute in them. I just want to snuggle you up. XXXOXXOXOXO

  2. Love the jammies! They’re so cool! The cookies sound good to. I really love cherries.

    That’s a great idea with the plastic wrap. Bet the car was nice and toasty. One time we filled someone’s cube with balloons (a cube with 6 foot walls no less) they put tape across the front to hold them in. It was classic.

  3. Sorry about my picture heavy posts, but that’s just what I like to share.

    • Oh dear, I’ve revised my post to clarify that I meant for me, to create them. They’re a lot of work. I love picture heavy posts on other people’s blogs. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the very kind and caring words about Betty, dear Jammie….These are hard times.

    Those cookies sound quite wonderful, though I am a ourest when it comes to Chocolate Chip Cookies….
    Very cute Jammies, my dear….
    The people who wrapped that car must have spent a fortune on the “wrap”…! Go figyre!
    Your Bird is so very pretty!

    • It’s important when going through tough times to not feel alone, to feel loved. And you ARE very loved. I know you will miss your friend. That’s OK. Process it however feels right to you. But know you’re not alone. xo

      Thanks — next time I come see you, I will have to remember to plan ahead and bring you some of these cookies. 🙂 I think you would love them.

  5. catching up on what you are up too … and enjoying every “green” leafy pic … i am “green” deprived these days – lots of snow out here … but Lord willing, i will be taking cactus pics very very soon! ya! i fly out thursday for 2 wks in AZ …

    leo would love your cat pics … poor guy is “cat deprived” … and soon to be wife deprived too!

    • You are going to enjoy your trip and travels so much, I feel it in my heart. You will also bring so many stories and pictures to Leo. Awww, I’m sorry he’s cat deprived.

  6. angi

    I love the saran wrap joke! I need to tell my kids that one!

    Yummy for freshly baked cookies! Gotta love them!
    My youngest loves to bake , he actually taught Oldest’s girlfriend how to bake cookies

    • I guess the saran wrap didn’t do any damage. I was worried for scratching in the paint… but I guess his car was clean enough.

      Baking is one of my greatest pleasures. 🙂